Facebook bans several large alternative news sites such as Infowars and others: this site was also notified

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source: rt.com

Facebook bans today several large alternative news sites as Infowars, Farrakhan and others. It even goes one step further: if you post articles from those sites on your timeline, you will also get a ban. Also on the Page of Martin Vrijland there has been a message for several days that all kinds of settings must be made by 2 in May. In the movies this article and (and below that in the responses) I show how I make multiple attempts to provide the required data from Facebook (although I actually find those requirements absurd), but the named setting buttons simply don't work.

I have been saying for several years that websites like Infowars are controlled opposition. Such sites have actually been launched and used to capture the growing group of critical thinkers. First you must be able to stick them on a clear stamp and position them in the right-hand corner. The fact that Facebook is now openly exercising this harsh censorship and banning pages means that the end of freedom of expression is a fact. Those websites can now handle the blows and also criticize that game in a controlled manner. From day 1, rulers control the entire force field on the internet.

Politics and media revolve around the interplay of being able to categorize society into sections. You actually want to be able to steer every citizen towards a certain way of thinking and link that to a political trend. You use the media to guide perception and offer people this palette of flavors and colors. If you have been able to convince everyone that it is good to belong to a certain taste or color, you can get the people to vote. Then you measure exactly how effectively your perception management has worked and how you succeeded in getting the sheep to run after men a, b or c. It's all about it keep a grip on people's vision of life. That is how it is called: perception management. However, you must offer the entire pallet. Of course you would prefer to see that you can convince everyone of one and the same opinion, but the human psyche works differently. One likes to drive Mercedes, the other Volkswagen or BMW. You also want to be able to capture all those different opinions and preferably send them. Those who pull the strings on the world stage (through their network of secret organizations such as freemasonry, all kinds of universities that form the training institutions for this group) and political and religious organizations, know better than anyone that you always flank the opposition yourself you must hold.

People's ideas can be characterized as colors and flavors. You want to be able to put people into categories as much as possible, so that you can link certain behavior or behavior formed by the media to that group. "You are right, because you have that and that opinion" You used to be Reformed, reformed or Catholic, nowadays politics plays the role of taste distribution and it is the media that anchor that image. Politics is the new church. And you have to belong to a certain church, otherwise you don't count. Just like you have to be for Ajax, PSV, or Feyenoord. So you are left, right, liberal, social democrat and so on. This is how you can link people to 'brands': to mark. There is a safety net for every opinion in society. The big data analyzes of all internet traffic, online conversations, tapped e-mails, telephone conversations, social media activities and all other input of location data (what do you depend on and who do you deal with) give the secret services clear insight into who's opinion adheres. Of course that does not happen officially and because being able to invalidate you have pawns like George van Houts who then allowed that story to sink in a controlled way.

The job of safety net strategists is give you the feeling that it will be arranged for you and catch you in the fishing net. A pawn of power, however, will at most be allowed to make some scratches on the chair legs of the power, but they never completely lost it. The current fuss about Facebook censorship and the possible surprise that may arise with it may be captured via the websites of the aforementioned controlled opposition channels. It is always the intention that the common man on the street is kept passive. He pushes a cup of coffee and assumes that others will arrange it for him. Infowars' Alex Jones or Robert Jensen will just be nice for you and so everyone remains passively in place and does nothing.

The media and the alternative media aim to guide the followers' perception and also to channel the action that follows from it. At most, you should be encouraged to participate in a controlled resistance, such as that of the yellow vests. That is for those who are too itchy. They can then deflate their frustration in a channeled way. In the meantime, the agenda of the totalitarian state is running at full speed.

You can, of course, believe that Facebook is a coincidental success of a smart guy named Mark Zückerberg, who was so brilliant to set up a social media site. It is time for you to puncture those 'American Dream' stories. Such organizations and front men have been launched by those in power. From day 1 Facebook has been set up as a spy tool, perception influencing tool and the portal to a totalitarian control system. It is a step-by-step plan and the final destination is becoming increasingly clear to those who still have a somewhat awake spirit.

source: thejournal.ie

The drama in which Facebook shared its data with Cambridge Analytica was just a cover-up to give the impression that this was a one-off exceptional event. Then Facebook had an alibi to let you sign for even more privacy violation, because otherwise you could no longer use certain services. And the attention of the deep-rooted espionage on the people was briefly distracted via the preconceived Cambridge Analytica drama, like an airplane firing flares of light to ward off a heat-seeking missile. Facebook is just a body set up by and for the group that directs the world towards a totalitarian police state. Social exclusion by linking people to a group that is banned from Facebook therefore simply belongs to the strategy of clearly stigmatizing to a certain group.

People who are therefore critical can thus always be clearly identified. "Oh, you are one of those from Infowars, Jensen or Forum voor Democracy. Oh, you are one of those who is also banned on Facebook."In this way, the people who are not controlled are also linked to the controlled group.

A very clever chess game is being played. It is not for nothing that the rulers of this world have access to supercomputers that can beat the best chess players or Go players in the world. They know how to play this strategically in such a way that they keep each individual in passive mode, can channel frustration and they know how to impose stigmas and link them to the group they control. Ultimately, the safety net ship of that controlled group will be sunk by linking it to certain deliberately built-in disinformation or to social unrest and economic chaos. Including in this article (and many others) I explain how I think that game works exactly.

And you look at it, pour in another cup of coffee and shrug your shoulders because you can't change anything about it. Your life will continue. In my opinion, that is not the right attitude. If you see that a prison is being built around your playing field and you do nothing to stop the builders, you are responsible. You can start a revolution yourself. A revolution that will bring real change. Not one of yellow vests or banners and demonstrations against a government. No, a revolution that starts with a different attitude to life and can bring real change. That starts with the reversal of the belief in 'the change comes from above' to 'the change comes from me". The real revolution begins with believing in the powerful influence of your soul and your (resulting) actions on this world. Call it 'the butterfly effect' or call it a 'drop on the glowing plate', the difference in power is in yourself. We are believing in it the influence of our will lost. We have forgotten who we really are at the soul level and we have forgotten what powerful influence each individual can have on his or her environment. That starts with a strong will decision.

Once we see that the soul is the driving force behind all our choices and all our actions, then we start to listen more to that soul and less to 'what is safe and sure'. We are going to make brave choices; dare to let go of short-term certainties and dare to trust in the change that these brave choices can bring about.

The big change does not come from above, nor from organized (controlled) resistance, nor from politicians or opposition pawns or new media sources. The big change starts with you. That starts with the choices you will make from now on. It starts with listening to your heart; the gate with your soul. Who is at the joystick of your life? Is that you yourself or is that (via the control line of fear and the loss of certainties) your bank, boss, political party, your career or whatever? You may just not believe that your choices have any influence on the world, because the steam locomotive is racing! Why do you think masses of people are being programmed from cradle to grave to keep pace and participate in the system? It is time for the revolution from your soul. And that starts with your choices. It starts with listening to your heart and to your conscience. Turn off your TV, turn off all news sources and try to disconnect yourself from the programming that bombardes you daily, so that you can hear your inner voice again. That inner voice is of course not a waterfall of speech that actually talks to you. It is your soul that makes you make pure and grotesque choices; that shows you that certainties are apparent and that being brave makes you stronger. Your soul that shows you that your change of great influence on the system and the script.

The changes in this world will not come if you remain passive and lean back. The change will not come if you fill in a ballot once every four years and hope that the next pawn of power will help you out this time. How blind do you have to be to still trust that? That is actually a form of laziness. The change will come when you take action yourself. No thoughts, no words, only deeds. Therefore make the change and drop everything that you see as supporting the totalitarian system or the structure of that system. Don't participate anymore. Go do it differently. You can easily think of that yourself, because I do that too and I am nothing more than an ordinary man on the street who quit 7 years ago and took concrete action. To do!

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  1. Sun wrote:

    To give some credibility to Infowars, etc., they must 'ban' those sites. This ensures that Jones and co can be sold as 'victims' of 'the establishment' while Infowars, etc., are purely controlled opposition. Jones will be fine, he is one of Hen and through a Hen lawyer he will be fine again. Jones etc are the rat catchers and the 'Americans' continue to fall for it, just as Trump also remains popular by directing 'bashen'. As always, they are the eternal tricks of Hen.

  2. None Underdone wrote:

    You may want to change what you want, but if you end up in a society with all heavily indoctrinated brainwashed people around you, you will not change that much and if you regularly make an attempt, you will get hostility and stupid reactions.
    And I also believe that it is already too late now, people had the chance to wake up by studying the many mistakes made at 9 / 11. Then maybe it was 2 for 12…. we are already around dinner time and people will get what they think I deserve, at least those dorks who still watch the NOS for the news and fill their ending life with good times, bad times and don't forget football !! they really know EVERYTHING about it ... but they have not eaten cheese about the world in which they live and the psychopaths who direct that world.

    I have the plan to leave Illuminati-Holland on time, before the European war starts and we will be halal slaughtered by the people with that peaceful religion, but where will it be safe ???
    There is of course no place in the world where the Rothchilds leave the people alone, I see my last days coming, fleeing war and misery and we owe that to all those cancer-stupid people around us so who do I hate the most, the elite or my fellow citizens? hmm ...

    • Loam wrote:

      No Undone, for you I post my reaction again from 1 in May, it is at least a start if all people would do the following, share it with as many people as possible.

      In my own simple words, I want to convey a message.

      For centuries the world has been ruled by people who have ever decided that they want to be in charge, want to have power over the population, and force people to do what they want.
      Population all over the world have been indoctrinated for centuries by those in power, they live with fear, afraid of being punished, being locked out, being locked up.
      The population, the people, cannot be who they want to be, they are not free and are obliged to obey all kinds of (stupid) laws and rules, laws and rules that hinder you in everything you would like in life.
      But what if every working person, in any sector whatsoever, but really everyone around the world, would put down their work 1 day, look what happened, 1 day, what is 1 day a lifetime.
      Let's not wait, Monday 3 June 2019 is a great day to do that.
      Take off your uniform, turn off your computer, close your store, name it, but do it.
      And truckers and farmers, you have a big role in this because without your empty shelves in the stores, no bread on the shelf, but 1 day can be overseen.
      And if that is not enough, we will do it again and maybe again.
      Those in power do not represent anything, they are dependent on the people they want to control, they need us and they have been doing their best for that for centuries.
      We are all free people and we do not have to accept it.
      I am not on Social Media myself, but a lot of other people are and I hope that they want to share this message as much as possible.
      We humans can do something about it, put your fear aside and do it.

  3. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    “And we owe that to all those (...) stupid people around us, so who do I hate the most, the elite or my fellow citizens? hmm ... "

    You give a nice representation of how sophisticated the system works. Once again it has succeeded in creating polarity by provoking emotion.

    What works best for me is trying to stay with myself in every situation and thereby counterbalancing all the craziness around me. If even one person takes an example from it, then I have certainly contributed to change.

    • Sun wrote:

      Can you give a concrete example of that? How do you know that the other person has taken you as an example? How big was that change, what was that change in concrete terms.
      I now get a new age feeling that I can't do anything with.

      • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

        That can sometimes be frustrating, I never know what it does for other people. I'm just trying to live my life in a way that feels comfortable to me. Treat other people the way I would like to be treated, stay with myself while everyone around me seems to be going crazy, prefer understanding rather than hating.

        Unfortunately, all kinds of religions and trends have taken a walk with such logical issues. Christianity, New Age, all logical issues of life have been hijacked by a religion, including science.

        This achieves exactly what Martin regularly describes here. Everyone can be pushed in immediately, polarity can be created and suddenly I am New Age.
        Just a month ago, according to a friend of mine, I was a supporter of Forum van Democracy. And this afternoon during a conversation with a strict religious Catholic who saw the signals from Armageddon everywhere, I was an apostate and I would burn forever in hell fire.

        If I don't stay with myself, then I think I'm going to have a huge identity crisis 😉

        Fortunately I sometimes receive some feedback that shows that I am not crazy: https://www.martinvrijland.nl/nieuws-analyses/landelijke-peiling-vertrouwen-in-de-media-wat-laat-dat-zien/#comment-23048

  4. Sun wrote:

    Yes, it is sad but where the slaves have mastered the commandments and prohibitions of the hostile immigrant 'elite'. The slaves have no idea that the ideas they have in their head are not their own ideas but are completely included as a sponge for that hostile immigrant 'elite'. And indeed it is the slaves who maintain the system of Hen and protect their hostile immigrant 'Masters', with their hands and teeth. Brainwashing through television, onternet have completed their work. In addition, the very low iq of the slaves and
    egoism, autism, internalized by fear and guilt and voiila the wet dream of Hen has come true. Masters about the slaves and the slaves don't even realize. Let them be slaves say They.

    • Riffian wrote:

      Idd we keep repeating here on the site, even Bernays and Goebbels had been watching the docile sheep with an open mouth ... well what do you want if the system is fine-tuned to the millimeter with the voluntary cooperation of the slaves

      Are they not beautiful in the meadow ... it is said that you can not shear a sheep more than twice well then they have not yet looked in Madurodam 😀

      "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

  5. guppy wrote:

    Money represents the energy that we put in somewhere. If you disagree with something, you must stop paying. Stopping first with the things that we can directly influence, such as newspapers, stopping buying big brands and buying as much as possible locally or rebuilding ourselves is even better. Do not take out a mortgage and try to find cheap housing with a group that are stronger together.

    It is true that if we stop paying taxes this will really have an impact. Unfortunately, the group is too small and one or two days does not make sense in the longer term.

    We still have a long way to go, but step by step we are going back to basics. It is good to think about it in advance because I am sure that we will eventually have to go back to basics.

    That road that the world has now taken is a dead end and will not go on forever. It is better if we already let go of ourselves in advance, then the blow will not come so hard.

  6. Sun wrote:

    It's not just about money. It is about members of a group who are above the law and that an exception to the law is always made for them in one way or another. And that these individuals keep each other's hands above their heads if they break the law or do not comply with it so that you cannot get rid of them. This also leads them to enjoy a competitive advantage over others, the normal population. That they always give preference to the Huns for key positions so that this system, regime, cannot be broken, also considering the behavior and iq of the slaves. In addition, in daily life they are so clever to hide from the ordinary population that they are part of a hostile immigrant 'elite'.

  7. Diewer wrote:

    "It is not for nothing that the rulers of this world have access to supercomputers who can beat the best chess players or Go players in the world." Who supervises the supercomputers? Who provides censorship? See all news items posted for years here:

    • Riffian wrote:

      fortunately Adam is not the only one who sees the overall picture, I say fortunately because the more people start to recognize the subversive agenda the better (exponentially) we are able to avert this malicious ideology + script, Redemption through Sin, and avert the postpone and eliminate climax (Armageddon). To my knowledge World War III is going on, see all the hot spots that are lit and all the puppets that are under the control of this group, I can tell you that at the top they work closely together and adjust everything meticulously to keep this machine on steam. Part I and II was not a failure, but the intention is that most people don't want to… unfortunately

      I hope that a majority will wake up in time and no longer allow themselves to be put in the cart of this so-called elite / elected person….

      In this context I can also recommend the work of Christopher Jon Bjerknes and of course the many written articles by Henry Makow ... the well-known Protocols + Red Symphony unfortunately form the blueprint of this luciferian plan

      This interview has been banned on Adam's channel for a reason, I would say download there is a lot of (unknown) source material mentioned ..

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