Facebook robots on tilt: AI and bioterrorism threat to humanity?

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Yesterday we saw a report that Facebook would have the construction of smart, self-thinking robots at an early stage must break off. The artificial intelligence robots proved to have developed their own language illegally. Earlier we saw that Elon Musk (founder Tesla cars and SpaceX) warned that there must be regulation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), because AI could form an existential threat to humanity. Also Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned this year for something in the same category. He warned of the rise of bioterrorism. To understand the latter, we have to consider the technological state of affairs and know what Nanotechnology is. Terrorists, according to Gates, could design viruses from behind their PCs. This becomes possible because nanotechnology can build every atom and every cell; so also DNA. So viruses can happen in the near future by design designed from behind a computer screen. A small step further, after infiltration of nanobots in our body (and as a result gradually becoming transhuman of humanity, which is connected to the internet with brain and body), "computer viruses" can also directly affect the human brain or the human brain. DNA attacks. Bill Gates apparently looks far ahead and his warning seems to be mainly on one SciFi fantasy dangerBut it is remarkable that the big boys warn us of technological dangers that most people still think is 'something out of the movie'. It might have to shake up our stoning-era look at the technological state of affairs and lead to the insight that these gentlemen really know what's coming.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out the refined strategy hidden in all these notifications. "Oh no, there he comes again! Vrijland always sees monkeys and bears on the road. The vinegar pisser; the conspiracy thinker."No, I have learned that you are the chess game of the pharaohs who control and control the world on a totalitarian world regime (in which the androgynous android people have to come to the internet completely) must see through and can see through. You can discover how they think 10 is ahead. In my view, here in all 3, we have to deal with the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'.

Then what is the problem? ProblemsRobots and artificial intelligence (AI) can go their own way and that is a threat to humanity. In addition, bioterrorists can arise who want to infect humanity with design viruses. Two big dangers. Realistic dangers you would say; that is evident from the abandoned Facebook robot project. For a relevant reaction among the people, an (apparently) real disaster (a coordinated disaster) may first have to take place, with many victims. But the pawns are already being put in position. We are already psychologically prepared for the Problems phase. The Reaction must be strong enough to implement regulation. And usually it is already on the shelf. The goal (the Solution) can be clear beforehand. The goal, of course, is that the source code to which artificial intelligence (AI) will be allowed to develop in the future, to be strictly coded and demarcated and to comply with a worldwide standard. This in order to prevent bioterrorists from forming a threat to humanity. In short; there must be some kind of legislation; a boundary within which AI and nanotech (/ biotech) may develop. And that sounds good and positive. Who would not want to embrace it? After all, it is also a bitter necessity if we want to enter the AI ​​and biotech future with peace of mind. At the same time, it brings humanity into the situation that this 'source code' should probably be regulated through a world regime. This regulation will of course be developed and determined by the big players in the field. Probably there are names like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Elon Musk (with his company Neuralink) around the corner.

The future of humanity is almost irrevocable transhumanism. It is a logical consequence of the developments in the field of nanotechnology (or biotechnology, if you like) and artificial intelligence. Many large and wealthy technology companies are developing in this direction. Many universities in the world focus on this nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The logical next step in medical science in tackling illnesses and (eventually) stopping and reversing the aging process is also in this angle. Nanobots will thus infiltrate the human body in a desirable or unintended way. There are rumors that nano-bots are already in chemtrails or that vaccinations will be used to inject people worldwide with nano-bots. That does not seem very unlikely and it is for good reason that Bill Gates has an important role in this worldwide vaccination program. It is also possible that the alibi of viruses like Zika is used to complete areas with drones of planes to spray. In that context, you could ask who really are the real bio-terrorists. The warnings from the well-known names can perhaps best be compared with the warnings for terror. After some research these seem to be primarily intended to introduce measures that place more power with the state. The warnings from the sleeve of the big tech companies will therefore probably lead to regulation (governments in cooperation with these tech companies) and thus more centralized power. Compare it a bit with the Facebook censorship in the field of fake news. You first launch a few self-created fake news sites and then you make the general public afraid of this self-created problem, in order to be able to introduce censorship afterwards. Companies such as Facebook and Google and big names like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are likely to pull the regulatory cart. Regulation usually means more centralized power and less freedom. And because artificial intelligence (and the scientific developments in that area) are cross-border, this is an extra boost for the call for global regulation. This, in turn, contributes to the goal of a global regime. 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'.

It only becomes scary when you understand that the connectivity with the Internet in the near future will no longer only take place via your laptop, i-Pad or smartphone, but you will hang yourself with your brain and DNA on the internet. Only when you see that all developments are now translatable to 10 steps forward on the chessboard, you become aware that it is now time to take action. Then you will see, for example, that legislation that must contribute to one DNA database, 10 steps further on the chessboard has to do with the connectivity of your body the cloud. You will then see that privacy violating legislation and the hacking of your PC are recorded in the Drain Act, 10 steps further on the chessboard becomes interesting at the brain connection with the cloud (think of Elon Musk's new start-up Neuralink). You will also understand how useful it is CAS system from police 10 continue on the chessboard, take a look at your brain and know exactly what you think and do. You also suddenly understand why propaganda in the field of gender neutrality and transgenderism contribute to the conditioning of humanity towards transhumanism.

Although transhumanism (technologically speaking) seems almost inevitable and although we see the preparations being made in all facets of life, there is still a chance to call this a halt. You can do that by looking at it and thinking for yourself about what you can do to stop this process. Of course you must first recognize the danger of this. That danger lies in the dominance of governments and tech companies that (in the near future) have direct access to your android body and brain (and the 'game rules"determine). What action can you take? What passivity contributes precisely to the further thunder of this steam train that is descending on us? Start thinking about it seriously today. I'd love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Why do vaccinations worldwide have to be pushed so much? In the context of the article above perhaps?

    Is the rule 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' also applied here? You must of course be very scared to embrace the mandatory vaccinations.

    Today, francetime.org reports that
    an 16 birthday unvaccinated girl died from the measles. You can translate the French text into Dutch with a right mouse button.


  2. Brain wrote:

    The problem with these vaccinations is that we are not told what the contents of these vaccinations / vaccines are. What exactly is in it? If we buy bread in the supermarket, it also states what is in it. This omission of information about the content of these vaccines causes euphemistic anxiety in parents. Come Babylonian government tell us what exactly is in those vaccinations and how / where we can check this? For a second opinion, for example about the content.

  3. SandinG wrote:

    MUST SEE: General of the Pentagon admits that future wars in urbanized (urban)
    areas using robotics (AI). The entire press conference is a must-see ... mindset of the military industrial complex.


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