False flag terrorist attacks London, Manchester, Paris, Barcelona and Rotterdam on 23 and 24 October? (UPDATE))

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Today I was given a video in which Ole Dammegard predicts false flag (English: false flag) terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, Paris, Barcelona and Rotterdam for 23 and 24 October (UPDATE at the bottom of article). I have described Ole Dammegard, a Danish alternative media frontman, as a controlled opposition pawn in earlier articles. This means that he may probably reveal truth to win credits and serve as a safety net for the ruling power. Controlled pawns may therefore sometimes reveal things. Of course I can be wrong, but my suspicion is that Dammegard is such a controlled pawn.

He defended in the past a former frontman from the alternative media named Zen Gardner. It turned out that this Zen Gardner (after having gained many years of prominence in the alternative media) could be associated with the Children of God sect. In this article en this article I explained how alternative media front men always gain support, and then sink the ship. The one suddenly turns out to be a member of a cult that glorifies pedophilia and the other commits suicide live in a radio broadcast (not to be alive again much later). Study those articles to discover how that game of controlled opposition is played.

Dammegard bases its information on impending terrorist attacks (as it says itself) on the tracking of certain information flows for years. I cannot help but get the impression that he is being given the information. As far as I am concerned, this means that we already have one here safety net frontman being launched, that after any attacks the truth seekers can capture all at once. After all, he is the hero who already predicted it all.

As far as I am concerned, we should therefore not be surprised that those (false flag) attacks will actually come. Then we will probably get a new 'truth community' online and that truth community will be completely in the pocket of the services, because they have launched their credible frontman (Ole Dammegard) early. This is how the game of controlled opposition has been played for decades, and this is how it will be this time.

Ole would base his information on data from a company called Crisis Solutions (crisis-solutions.com). My lower abdomen says that he gets his information from the same services that control the false flag operations.

Dammegard predicts tomorrow and the day after tomorrow 39 attacks in the five cities mentioned. The false flag operation (which was announced as a terror exercise) would even have been given a name. It would be about 'Sea Eagle'.

In addition, there would be an exercise related to a disaster at a nuclear power plant in northern Sweden, which Dammegard also suspects will be a false flag terrorist attack. See for yourself how Dammegard expresses it beautifully in the interview below as the guru of the alternative media. I do not trust the man, but I explained that under the two mentioned web links and what is mentioned above.

If it is indeed not only terror exercises, but actual (false flag) attacks will follow, then you could also get the opposite effect, namely that the services will say that channels like Ole Dammegard's and alternative media are guilty of it that terrorist organizations are aware of exercises and therefore use that exercise situation to carry out actual attacks on those days. In short: it is precisely those (controlled) alternative media that are blamed on the blackjack and that is a good reason to permanently remove everything that is not mainstream media from the internet. After all, the alternative media are the ones who, if necessary, had to bring out all kinds of exercises planned in the 'as secret as possible' way. Then it can be said that the alternative media helped "terrorist groups" with information so that they right were able to carry out attacks while everyone thought it was an exercise.

Police and army could even (in the case of a fake attack, of which it is assumed that it is real; false flag therefore) say that truth seekers with their cameras and sharing information (see Dammegard's call to film everything), the terrorist groups have helped even more, which hindered their work.

Wasn't such a large terror exercise the scenario of 911? Even then there were major exercises going on from the airspace security organization NORAD; who coordinate airspace in the event of terrorist attacks. It is therefore a plausible double bottom that the alternative media can be designated as jointly responsible in the event of a terror wave tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Then the alternative media with its early revelations about terror exercises is in fact made co-responsible.

Which scenario it will be; (1) Ole Dammegard becomes the new leader in the Truth movement as a safety net pawn of power of (2) he is partly responsible for the actual execution of acts of terrorism on the dates that he had to bring to light, if necessary, is coffee grounds. In any case, it remains to be seen whether the exercises or any (false flag) attacks will occur. It would, however, be in line with the expectation of the fake flag terror wave that has already been mentioned here on the site. Europe can use a kickstart for the planned big chaos. Certainly at the moment that the Brexit now finally seems to end up in a debacle. They want nothing more than chaos; for 'Ordo ab Chao'.

Dammegard could therefore lay the foundations for a definitive ban on an alternative website and on filming police, army and 'social workers'.

UPDATE 24-10-2019

For the time being there is no sign of an attack or terror exercises. Dammegard's role was therefore slightly smaller than I attributed to him, and they resorted to the same old tactics. He did not become the big hero, nor did he and his supporters become companions for helping terrorists by filming police and army. No, he became the man who could again undermine the credibility of the alternative media. I say again, because this has happened before with the unmasking of his great friend 'Zen Gardner' as a member and leader of the Children of God sect for years; a cult that stimulates sex with children. Ole Dammegard was already proven to be a shill and now proves that again. This is one of the safety net strategies of the services. They are launching their pawns that are being promoted everywhere through the alternative websites (which are also self-controlled). Then they blow things up with a big scandal. I have described this process in many previous articles. I remain my case.

Mind you, people like Ole Dammegard continue to proclaim half truths as conspiracy theories. They have to disgrace critical thinking by first gathering a lot of supporters and then putting things to shame. Zen Gardner is also simply kept under control. People like Willem Felderhof (Open Mind Conference) and Ole Dammegard are happy to participate, but also sites like Ella Ster. Staying away from those shills is my advice.

Publication date of original article: 22 October 2019 16: 47


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    "What can I do?" So do not follow the advice of Dammegard and especially avoid the hotspots and buy some canned food and drinking water for a few weeks.

    So don't think that you can achieve a major breakthrough by filming. That is a trap to realize a prohibition on that. So my advice: don't listen to this pawn of power Ole Dammegard.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Truth seekers will soon be (thanks to - pawn of the secret services - Ole Dammegard) the new terrorists. They helped the terrorist groups obtain information by bringing out the exercise dates and locations and they sent people on the road to film the police and the army (allowing the terrorists to respond to them again).

      Mark my words!

  2. frameworks wrote:

    Look at the logo in the upper right of the video of Ole. Why so much symbolism when you actually proclaim yourself a truth seeker. Is it then necessary to sow doubt?

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      Precisely marcos people underestimate symbolism, it is the core of the message in the beginning.

      But why, for example, did Ella ster or want to know not propagate a MartinVrijland film on their website from the Pegida demonstration hoax, but from that wolf in sheep's clothing Olle damnguard.

      Why were Martin Vrijland's declarations never taken seriously at the OM, why? because this blogger is NOT checked, therefore people.

      The Dammgard that talks and hits and has never but never supported anything with serious material. Everything is false flag while 80 is% hoax. People like Olle Dammgard are even of the worst kind, the traitors under the underground (resistance movement) to put it like that, the soldier with our uniform on you in the back shoot.
      Say the same as the controlled opposition WantToKnow, EllaStar, Niburu.co and several.

      It is a pawn like Icke that is not censored. If you make fierce statements about the CIA and more than you should expect setbacks, you would think, no, not Olle, Olle can just keep going and keep the newly awakened mob tame, a well-cast traitor you call people like Olle Dammguard , Peck with lots of feathers, not listening


      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        It will not be accepted by many that someone who apparently reveals the "deepstate" talks about PsyOps and "Problem, Reaction, Solution" could itself be a pawn of power.

        For that you have to see that the ruling power knows that you can only hold the opposition in its grip if you appoint a pawn as opposition leader yourself.

        Such a well-cast opposition pawn is like a chameleon that takes on the same color and taste as people who really think freely. That makes it very difficult for me, because someone like Dammegard, but also Robert Jensen try to copy exactly what I bring. Only my site is muted, censored everywhere and encapsulated. On the other hand, they receive full attention.

        A very sophisticated and smart strategy.

        • Camera 2 wrote:

          @ Martin

          Very refined, that mass psychology has been going on for decades, perhaps it works for the masses, but not just for everyone, and it is becoming more and more.


          • Camera 2 wrote:

            By the way, xandernieuws was forgotten, the semi-telegraph newspaper or the top-controlled opposition like there are more.

            It seems that all those websites must collectively communicate the news of Olle Dammegard. It is not too bad for us all that it did not end up in rain radar. Maybe that will come, "the radar attack", you have to become a member of Xandernieuws or Telegraaf or ellastar

            So an alarm bell must go off.
            Because suppose Ole is going to be right, then he is in the conspiracy, suppose he is not right then that is called incitement or scare, goodbye all alternative media, but Ole will go down
            and the rest continues because they are purely the messenger.

            Mass psychology for the waking mob

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Well .. De Telegraaf plays the mainstream PsyOp role and the controlled opposition websites play the role of safety nets.
            Safety nets that pick up the color of Vrijland like chameleons.
            The censorship of Facebook and other social media does the rest. The controlled alternative sites only push the safety net pawns and silence Vrijland to death.
            Except now at Xander ... because now the link with Geenstijl and Jensen must be made all of a sudden, because I always expose those 2 sites.

          • frameworks wrote:

            I understand and understand very well what you explain above. However, what still keeps me busy is the question why this site uses the familiar symbolism. The number of people who see through this symbolism is growing, so why this tactic. What is your idea behind this?

          • guppy wrote:

            I also noticed that Martin Vrijland is mentioned in the same breath as Jensen and no style. They really think that everyone is respectful not to get through it.

            It also strikes me that among the responses to, for example, xandernieuws, there are reactions that understand the actual situation. Now a small oil slick, but slowly getting bigger and bigger. They can catch what they want but it is already too late.

            The truth has already won.

  3. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    Would Ole read along on this website? At minute 14: 21 he says, "It's based on the old Problem, Reaction, Solution." And repeats this a few more times.

    We can start a poll here. Which scenario outlined by Martin will come true? 😉

    Personally, I think scenario 2 is most desired for the script. A larger group is put out of play in one go. Reference is increasingly being made to alternative media in politics and main stream media. It is a "beautiful" moment to turn those alternative media into his shirt.

    But if things don't go as planned, scenario 1 is of course a nice backup plan. For this, the predicted attacks do not even have to take place. If nothing happens, then Ole is automatically elevated to the all-knowing well-being.

  4. Shoe Lace wrote:

    Is it not smart to film everything and not to bring this out. Wait until all investigations have been completed and then put it online, so that perhaps the official story can be invalidated?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      No, because presumably the argument is used that the terrorists (if anything happens) had access to big data..or: the data that can be collected from telephones via the privacy permission (after installed Apps).
      In other words: most apps allow you to access your local storage and view that data, so the big data servers often also have your photos and videos.
      If "terrorists" can access that big data (hacking servers), they will have your photos and videos.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Ole is heavily attacked..aldus Ole. It is his job to normalize that. In short, the truth seekers are accustomed to being suppressed via Dammegard.
      Of course many will run after this safety net, but it is all too sophisticated for me.

      "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself"

      As a good chameleon, Ole Dammegard will now also use those texts.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Alfred Lambremont Webre ... another fantastic controlled opposition pawn

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Ole can travel around in an expensive motorhome and experience the most fantastic adventures.
      His role: get used to the oppression (and especially 'be afraid' .. because not everyone is of course such a hero as Ole).

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Hey Ole! Is it perhaps the intention that you already lay the foundation for new legislation that prohibits small meetings without a permit?

  5. ellie wrote:

    Assuming it is correct that Ole is a controlled opposition. Does he know that himself? Is he a conscious part of the deep state or is he himself a victim of manipulation?

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    More people who think Ole Dammegard is a CIA asset:


  7. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Well it was a fierce terror day Ole!
    So shill fell through the basket
    Get rid of it..serve..not bump back!

  8. 4 caroline wrote:

    Only the number 39 matches. (Ole)

  9. 4 caroline wrote:

    And in Pauw, of course, more control was immediately discussed yesterday .. following 39 bodies in a truck ..

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Awesome! We prevented it thanks to Ole!
      Keep it up Ole!
      Thanks to Ole, NATO has come together urgently to blow off the false flag!

      Wow WauW WauWW !!! Ole is just a hero man!
      Massive massive !!

      "Emergency meetings in Brussels!" My ass

    • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

      How far would the symbolism and / or NLP techniques go in such videos?

      I ask that because I notice that I am distracted by the scarf of Ole that reminds me of the skin of a snake. I also notice Ole's point of view in this video. He is more in close-up and looks downwards at the listeners.

  10. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Update above, 33.39 minutes here on the screen, fun people.


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