Fake news checker Nu.nl runs with coronavirus stories and false headlines

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"Why Dutch conspiracy thinkers blame Bill Gates for corona," was the title of it nu.nl article in which they made a second attempt to contain the ever-growing awakened group. The fact that she places this shows that the awake Netherlands is beginning to pose a threat to power.

In the article they cleverly link my person to all kinds of controlled alternative media, which I expose. For a long time, the alternative media has completely ignored me, but now that my website is getting too big, they now and then post something and not much later Nu.nl comes with an article that puts me as a fake news distributor. You can see exactly that they work under a hat.

No, I don't blame Corona on Gates! That is a conspiracy theory in itself Nu.nl! In fact, that is a Nu.nl lie!

Here on the site, only the many investments Bill Gates makes in a variety of vaccine development and manufacturing companies have been highlighted. These are hard facts that can be checked by everyone and we do not need a 'Ministry of Nu.nl truth' for that.

Then they refer to an article in January - almost at the beginning of this corona crisis - in which I show a patent from the Pirbright Institute. In that article I explain that many coronavirus vaccines are patented and that Bill Gates appears to be the investor behind that institute.

Coronaviruses are (also) built in laboratories. That's a fact. Patents rest on that. They do that to build vaccines. That is not to say that the current coronavirus covid-19 is a laboratory-patented version. That's not to say the Pirbright Institute or Bill Gates is responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak. I have not said that and I cannot say it, because there is no evidence for that. You may wonder.

What I do do is ask critical questions. And you must. You have to keep asking yourself things.

An example of such a critical question is how covid-19 has developed. Is it a mutated natural virus, a mutated escaped lab virus or perhaps a virus by design? Another example of such a question is how it really enters the human body (see here).

Institutes such as Nu.nl want to form a kind of George Orwell 1984 'Ministry of Truth' that should suppress any thought and seem to strive to ensure that people can only adhere to one truth: the truth of the state and its “experts”. This means that you can no longer ask critical questions. You can only listen to the “state experts”. It goes that way.

In an article from 28 January I pointed out that Bill Gates said in 2017 that the next pandemic may well be designed on a computer screen.

If it is up to Nu.nl, we may no longer make connections. That is "conspiracy thinking". You just have to shut up and swallow whatever the media chews at you. Otherwise you have delusions or you are oppositionally rebellious (you have an EYE disorder). No, no, no Nu.nl! People have to keep that right! People have to keep asking critical questions. That is a sovereign fundamental right.

The moment we have lost the right to ask critical questions, we live under a totalitarian regime.

Nu.nl seems to want such a regime to be introduced, because every criticism is dismissed as "conspiracy theory". My criticism is linked to the controlled alternative media sites (which in the pocket of the state because they run out of ammunition to do things differently.

So it makes sense to talk about Bill Gates. Shouldn't you wonder why someone who became a billionaire and evades tax talks about population reduction through vaccines? Shouldn't you wonder why someone invests in all those vaccine companies; why someone has a patent application on crypto payments through your brain did? Are you not allowed to wonder if there is an agenda behind it?

It shouldn't get any crazier! So if I suddenly have a few billion on my account tomorrow, the whole media and politics are at my feet and critical questions are undesirable? Yes, that statement seems to be correct in the case of Bill Gates.

In a free country, we must continue to ask questions. In a free country, we must remain critical of the world's rich. In a free country, we should not be led by media that is in the pocket of those rich.

Nu.nl is a purchased lot in the pocket of big money. Any objection is removed and it stands social media army fills in the responses. Anyone who says something that invalidates their story is removed, such as my reaction on their article.

Shame on you Nu.nl!


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  1. Sun wrote:

    The Netherlands, the land of secrets, many secrets
    and where 'neat employees' can hide secrets well. Ideal for the quiet, subtle dictatorship.

  2. Harry freeze wrote:

    Read the comments under this NU.nl article, which are (as always with NU.nl) much more interesting than the article itself. If you read a number of reactions under that article, you can clearly see that (a very large part of) these reactions are posted by people who have been hired in and that people who have hired them (or the same people under a different account) then also post these reactions are responded to. It becomes really obvious if you do this for a long time with important 'conditioning' articles from such sites, you will soon see an obvious pattern emerge in the reactions (often approving and slightly more extensive in the matter).

    • Awake 36 wrote:

      Yes, that's correct, I also noticed that there are internet trolls active here and there. I also pick them out right away! One let himself be seduced by a video that they would win anyway and all plans will be pushed through. An ordinary citizen would never say that. Which plans?

      On instagram they invariably throw with conspiracy thinker or conspiracy geek.
      Sad for the MSM that they are apparently sooo desperate to work with trolls. Apparently they are still afraid that the truth will surface and apparently they have enough to hide otherwise they would not make such a struggle. It only strengthens us to continue to wake up the people!

      • Sun wrote:

        You could say the MSM is synonymous with the government! Sometimes the public is pretended to disagree with the government. This is for distraction, creating confusion and making money. Because that's what they love. There is very close cooperation with intelligence services by monitoring and guiding the behavior of the population through feedback, etc. This is done with a preconceived non-neutral plan. Let the boys slide, the slaves love Ze. In addition, the average slave has a very low iq, purely the basic survival iq.

  3. SandinG wrote:

    it is crazy anyway that we should listen to a figure without a medical background or knowledge. It is more important to find out who he represents.

  4. Future wrote:

    This is where the slow massage starts with the motherfuckers, no others for it. The digital payment method / currency.


  5. SandinG wrote:

    maybe nu.nl should do their journalistic homework, oh no, that is not their role at all

    The Dubious COVID Models

    Two major models are being used in the West since the alleged spread of coronavirus to Europe and USA to “predict” and respond to the spread of COVID-19 illness. One was developed at Imperial College of London. The second was developed, with emphasis on USA effects, by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle, near the home of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. What few know is that both groups owe their existence to generous funding by a tax exempt foundation that stands to make literally billions on purported vaccines and other drugs to treat coronavirus — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Neil Ferguson and his modeling group at Imperial College, in addition to being backed by WHO, receive millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ferguson heads the Vaccine Impact Modeling Consortium at Imperial College which lists as its funders the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gates-backed GAVI-the vaccine alliance. From 2006 through 2018 the Gates Foundation has invested an impressive $ 184,872,226.99 into Ferguson's Imperial College modeling operations.
    Notably, the Gates foundation began pouring millions into Ferguson's modeling operation well after his catastrophic lack of accuracy was known, leading some to suggest Ferguson is another “science for hire” operation.

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The usual suspects are now coming out en masse, are they starting to get too hot under their legs?


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