Ruinerwold Drenthe and his family, the next psychological operation (PsyOp) towards a more police state

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It is another such story that may have been rolled directly from the film script tube of Peter R. de Vries. But that is with his legs on a much too tight Transavia flight, so it can't have anything to do with it. John de Mol studios and Talpa also have no control, because John is only the sympathetic brother of that cheerful Linda, ex of that terribly sweet Willeke Alberti and father of the rebellious Johnny. The fact that he happens to be in possession of the ANP has nothing to do with fake news productions. No, this story is "really true"! At least, you have to believe that. You have to believe that!

A tough bartender (directly from theater training?) who finds a fled confused 25 year old son; a father who is not the father and the family has been hiding the family for 9 years when Anne Frank is hiding in the back of a farm in Ruinerwold. Oh yes, and the case is very similar to that in a case from Austria a few years ago. A new Fritzl case headed the Austrian newspaper. Tada! The next psychological operation (PsyOp)! How do they make it up! But rest assured; here too Goebbels' maxim will do its work again: If you repeat it often enough, everyone will believe it.

We don't believe it at all! What a cool story. And to give it a credibility boost (because the newspaper from awake Netherlands reads in the comments here and has already discovered that I don't believe it), it is reported today that some children are not registered with the civil position.

"The first care and attention goes out to those present in the home. The family is in a safe place. They need rest. ”The mayor complimented a cafe owner instead. He had found a young man in his pub, completely confused and wild. "If someone asks for help, it is important that it is given. The cafe owner deserves praise for having called in the police. "

"A number of children were not registered with the civil register. A number are, "the mayor said at the end of the press conference. Why the children who were registered apparently were not on the radar of compulsory education officials, he could not say. "That must all be sorted out."

Well, then you know! It is a PsyOp and the family does not exist. Underlying message: “blindly believe what we say and link always the police ”, because we are a police state country, so you must and will go to the police for everything. Of course we are going to see photos and video images! John de Mol can produce all of that for you (see here how it is) deepfake productions working) and Peter R. is on his well-deserved vacation after being allowed to do this. He must have flown back quickly (with his legs wedged between the seats of a far too tight Transavia flight) to give his serious-sounding opinion. We are of course very curious to see how many 'premium members' the Telegraaf is fishing in this time with the next PsyOp.

For a good PsyOp you always have a self-created Problems needed for the rule 'Problem, Reaction, Solution '. With that maxim you try to push through legislation that would normally never be accepted by the people. So you create a problem of great impact through fake news productions, and then, through the media and boldly paid perception managers such as Jeroen Pauw and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, to provoke outrage among the people: the Reaction. You do this by employing many experts, fake witnesses and politicians (professional actors). Mayors and politicians are by definition compromised as sworn members of the well-known societies. No problem, therefore, to enhance that reaction emotionally. Then the time is ripe for new police state legislation and the people will embrace it without struggling, because "Never again!" John de Mol another billion dollars richer; Peter R. from now on business class and Jeroen and Matthijs still earn a few tons above the Balkenende norm.

What is probably that then? Solution? How about a law that makes it possible to visit a civil servant once in a while who looks at who lives in a certain home. That is good for employment at the same time, because then we need an entire army of extraordinary investigators (BOAs) and the more people that work for the state, the fewer people complain about building such a police state. In a police state you want to be able to invade homes without any hindrance.

It is hoped that John will soon be able to use his right-hand net pawn Robert Jensen to capture the readers of Martin Vrijland again, because that Vrijland reveals a little too much and so we have to pull those readers towards a well-trained rebel pawn . read here how that game played is becoming.

Read here the follow-up article

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    But the son was on social media ... well ... very credible

    The 25-year-old boy - who, according to his own brothers and sisters, has been locked up for years in a farm in the outskirts of Ruinerwold - posted photos in recent days as he roamed around the village. In the dark, for example, he took a picture of Ruinerwold's place name sign, the Reformed church in the village, and a photo of him appeared in the pub where he was spotted.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      He would also work for the Creconat company. That company belongs to Native Creative Economy, a timber company in Meppel where the police invaded Monday according to a neighbor. That company is also in the name of B.

      In the pub in Ruinerwold the young man finally asked for help, after which the owner alerted the police. Jan said he didn't have an ID card and had never been to school. "He looked a bit wild and then we offered him a beer," local Jeffrey told this newspaper earlier.
      [/ end quote]

      But what about all the required official documents without an ID card? What is the situation with the tax authorities and so on ... that is not possible without an ID?

  2. AllesGaatKapot wrote:

    As soon as you receive emotional interviews from local residents an hour after the first report, you know that something is wrong. If this was 'real' news, then NO information had been released as part of the investigation. But now, 24 hours later, we already know the whole life story of that man.
    Fortunately there are more and more people around me who realize this.
    If these psyops actions ever fall through the basket, then I hope that those responsible are tortured to death. That must be a lot.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    What would have happened in that farm? (is the recurring sentence / question)
    What would happen to Mathijsje Nieuwkerk in his caravan?
    or in the mayor's house in Amsterdam? what would all happen?

    That experiment has even been embraced by everyone, reality TV, sequel "Big Brother"

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The great thing about this story is that actually nothing has happened yet. No murders were committed or anything of that nature.
      For the time being it seems only to be about abstaining from compulsory education.

  4. Riffian wrote:

    assume that the bill has been written and people are waiting for the right moment to be introduced. The 'people's representatives' in The Hague will of course be happy to agree with this 😀

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    "We don't know yet", "We are still investigating", "We have a whole team", "maybe it was a cult, but we don't know yet either" ... but will become a premium member of the Telegraaf you get even more from "we don't know yet" ..

    Well .. we make it a nice PsyOp ..

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