Peter M. (from that credible sister to Jeroen Pauw) has been arrested again

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You let a woman with the necessary acting qualities 10 minutes Jeroen Pauw at the table and the whole of the Netherlands is convinced that Peter M. due to lack of oxygen at birth has become so perilous that he wants to do everything to his mother without medication. Yet my sister visits Peter almost every week, because there is nothing further disrupted in her relationship with Peter after all those threats towards Mama. Doesn't sound logical to you? Well, when it comes down to introducing new rules that you would never accept without all this (probable) acting. Peter M. is therefore according to the media stopped again (at least that makes the story even more credible).

Suppose this lady and her "crazy brother" have received a pot of money for acting to contribute to the umpteenth stricter police state legislation, then that is not only quickly earned Judas money, but then the average Dutchman would also like to act for that. .

Brother Peter does not have to exist, because photos and video can simply be based on sister and created through deepfake software. However, the technology goes so far that even Peter's sister can be completely unknown to the rest of the Netherlands, because her face can also be realized in real-time at Jeroen Pauw's table via a face-swap overlay. It is TV and so you no longer know what you see (as explained in this article). From the 19e minute in the Peacock broadcast Pauw actually shows without glances or blush how they have all kinds of software in the studios there to make someone look older, for example. At that moment it is about the new state pension age and Jeroen quickly brings pictures of some table guests, which shows how they look around the state pension age.

TV studios, John de Mol and his ANP have all the software you can imagine and why would they not use it to fool the people? Do you think that is too negative? Then pay attention to which measures will be pushed back in the coming period. That the escape of Peter M. will ensure that leave arrangements are no longer an option and that the family will from now on be consulted in the decision to detain someone, was all hidden in this loss. And of course it had to confirm the Anne Faber story again. In addition, it is clear that from now on clinics simply have to be turned into prisons. Do you read here again how the various major murder cases (presumably psychological operations) should lead to new legislative changes and which exactly.

All of the major cases that are currently hyped by the media have a double bottom and one of those double bottoms is that we must become massively traitors to anyone who is reported missing (via the Sherlock app) to indicate. That these may also be young adolescents who are working on it strict regime many try to escape from youth care institutions and that it may also be people who in the near future will simply have to disappear as dissidents in the gulag, many will not be bothered. The betrayal thus becomes a kind of Pokémon hunting game. The people are brainwashed with media spectacles that give the impression that it all serves good business. Downloading that app also gives the state full-time right to use your camera, microphone and location data, so you will also be legally tapped, but that aside.

In the meantime, everyone who shares my articles on Facebook will be attacked by state scrolls claiming to be a friend, acquaintance, family member of the protagonist, to discourage those who share the articles and keep a grip on operations. Behind these social media profiles are usually Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter or you talk to an AIVD agent who is hiding behind a deepfake profile (linked to other deepfake profiles, so that such a profile must have a credible social network). The sharpness of the attacks is so fanatic that many people no longer dare to share or like articles. Don't garden in!

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  1. Sun wrote:

    Can ienand tell me why the alleged sister of Peter M. is voluntarily on TV? Normally everyone else would not want to come on TV if a family member asked keeps a low profile. Can anyone tell me why Peter M. who is so dangerous and cannot function without releasing medication? What is the name of the doctor treating him? Has he already been on TV with State Pauw to explain? Is such a doctor not fired or disciplinary investigated?
    What a corrupt, hypocritical country is this? Solution away with the guys from the script asap.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It is of course a completely unbelievable story. Someone who cannot function without medication who is given trial leave to re-socialize.
      It really doesn't make any sense at all.
      Ooh yes and then that story of that "atomic bomb" .. that of course he was himself.
      They come up with increasingly idiotic stories and the masses just get into it because someone is telling a story to poker face Jeroen Pauw and all table guests are also professional liars who validate the story.

  2. Sun wrote:

    Strange, unbelievable thing. I am not clear where exactly and how long Peter M. has stayed since the alleged escape. Or had they already shown him the way to go? What did he eat and drink? No hunger, thirst, toileting? Was this paid? Did he have the ankle strap? Why not? Etc.

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