Homomanifest and signature SGP leader Van der Staaij under Nashville statement: disguised rainbow propaganda

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Equally unrelated to the question whether SGP leader Kees van der Staaij is not actually secretly of male love, is of course the entire riot around the Nashville statement disguised rainbow propaganda. That's how you do it: you create a problem yourself, give a lot of attention in the media by adorning a self-created riot, through the actors of the theater club The Hague, and then you induce the indignation and then introduce new regulations.

Again we see the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution in operation. Destroy a group to give them inviolability status is the underlying idea. Of course, homophilia has long since been accepted within the churches. The churches have become big with it. We all know how many boys in the large ecclesiastical institutions have been abused by homophile priests who are also pedos. Now, of course, we are talking about a different ecclesiastical current than the Catholic church, but just look at the blushing cheeks of Van der Staaij and you can potentially recognize the same predilection as that of priest (and boys lover) Antoine Bodar. These are of course observations that are no longer allowed nowadays, but I do not care about that for a moment.

If you read the Nashville statement, the word transgender occurs quite a few times (see here). It is no longer a matter of fact that people can not be themselves. It is also not that we are not all equal. It is also not that it is not allowed according to the Bible. It is about the victim role and the propaganda for transgenderism. That is a conclusion that of course can not be made hard, because I do not come with "leaked CIA documents" via Wikileaks, but we also gradually know that this is nothing more than controlled opposition. You must learn to use your common sense, or rather intuition. This is rock-hard propaganda.

Worldwide we see the push in the acceptance of transgenderism, involving George Orwell's 'newspeak'. That means that you have to use the inverse of the meaning. Freedom is freedom restriction, peace mission is war; are just a few examples of 'newspeak' according to the principles of George Orwell's book 1984. In that perspective acceptance is a sweet word for propaganda.

Transgenderism is clearly high on the agenda of the group that directs the world towards a Luciferian world government (and world religion). It is an agenda that started decades ago and is now becoming more and more visible. Transgenderism must become the new normal. Gender neutral or ambiguity (how you want to call it) will become the new normal under the next generation and that is why as much attention as possible is being asked for the subject through all sorts of variants of marketing. This consciously created riot around the Nashville statement is only a small part of that.

The symbol for Lucifer is the ambiguous hermaphrodite buck Baphomet. Actually the big start signal for the transgender propaganda was given via the pre-programmed profit of the Eurovision song contest in 2014, by Conchita Wurst (what's in the name?). He / she also had all the characteristics of the hermaphrodite goat. From that moment on the (successfully completed period of) gay propaganda in LGBTI transformed and the pink Gay Pride suddenly became the rainbow Pride.

Rainbows do so gradually to horizon pollution in the whole of Amsterdam. You will be deadly sick of how that rainbow is pushed through the throat everywhere. It looks as if money is being saved to save the rainbow on the retina. And that rainbow is of course the symbol of Noah's Ark, after the destruction of creation and the restart through the preserved DNA in that Ark. This time, however, the DNA will be modified and the children of the future will show less male and female traits. Thus the future generation becomes more and more Luciferian and hermaphrodite. The gender-neutral propaganda will no longer be unstoppable.

The provoked anger against SGP leader Van der Staaij has no use whatsoever. It is all acting to draw attention to the subject. Van der Staaij is nothing more than an actor, just like the rest in the political arena. They are there to feed the propaganda machine of the media with acting. So you can get angry at the lack of 'acceptance' of gays or transgenders, but that is precisely the effect that you want to achieve. We must see every form of resistance to this innovation towards gender neutral people. All legislation to modify the children of the future towards the hermaphrodite will be put in place in the short term.

It will be a beautiful rainbow future, with beautiful walking boards without breasts or pimps who buy their clothes at the Hema. Nothing wrong with that? A matter of taste. Do you still like Hema sausage?

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  1. guppy wrote:

    First everyone had to come out of the closet and now they have hunted everyone on the closet. Everyone is angry and for every group they make a nice story so there is always a group that thinks, yes we have to come up with this. Love goes above all, oh yes, the pedo really feels love. Does this mean the next step on the rainbow staircase?

    Straight is crooked and crooked is straight, the boundaries are gone.

    We only need a flood and then the story is complete again, or will man still have any form of development?

    Good to read that the people on this site are faint of the same song every time, it is high time for another sound.

    Just tuning in on another frequency because the old world is already crazy.

    Nice to leave that rainbow ark with all gender-neutral animals and gender-neutral people on board. Dead-end and listening no one does.

  2. Sun wrote:

    It is indeed continued Social Engineering by the Usual Suspects using thesis and antithesis. What a nasty people are that and the slaves participate. I saw that they are still demonstrating in France. What is everything censored in the Netherlands. But Van der Spaaij does get extreme exposures in the msm. Everything in the Netherlands is well-established, especially if it is promoted. How clear it must be slaves. Learn from France.

  3. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Fortunately there are people who resist, and oh yes, I am in love!


    • Wilfred Bakker wrote:

      Will also be checked again, I realize, yes.

      • Camera 2 wrote:

        too bad you realize that, that is just beautiful, it is not checked.
        But if your children want to be built from scratch at 10 age, and that
        even is not checked, but if the rule of today or the prevalence of then becomes an exception.

        I want to be part of it, so I take a tatoo
        I also want to be part of it so I listen to DWDD
        I also want to be part of it so I watch and listen to the News
        I also wanted to be part of it, so I watched the Fabeltjeskrant
        I have to be part of it so I need a smartphone
        The Future and the way to superslave, it has nothing to do with Gayos
        (the rainbow stands for something completely different)
        I also want to be part of it so I leave it in the middle if I am a boy or a girl

        thank you Hals uh maa


  4. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Wilfred. That is difficult. Now we have to guess. In love with Henrik Palmgren or his wife Lana Lokteff? I can hope the latter.
    I think she is really a very beautiful woman, and as cherry on the cream cake she also irresistibly irresistible!
    I listened to 2013 and watched all the red ice broadcasts. I learned a lot from it.
    Unfortunately, they fell through the basket as they actively promoted Kevin Barrett's "Exposing falsehoods and revealing truths" 911 disinformation while they were already familiar with the work of Dr. Judy Wood.
    And since Henrik and Lana are not stupid, (Lana is squint but not stupid) we can only draw 1 conclusion. (That red ice gave a lot of truth on other topics a stage is clear, that's why - and because of the large number of visitors - Dr Wood wanted to be there in the broadcast.)
    Google itself: "Red Ice Radio joins the 911 Disinformation Promotion Brigade."
    Many interesting links in the relevant article, such as this one.

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    Kiss you !!!

    Should be possible !!! nothing is coincidence in the Media (= Power)

    The new normal was abnormal !!!


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