Bond against Government Affairs Jordie Zwarts is angling in tons, but is not achieving anything

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You can get sucked into a financial whirlpool, as promoted by Robert Jensen in his last broadcast, but what happens to your money? I too was approached for support by the initiator of the Bond against Government Affairs, Jordy Zwarts (see photo), but with a similar action against 5G he has so far achieved nothing. He did, however, raise tens of thousands of euros (multiple sources) and the same can be expected in the lawsuits against the lockdown and one and a half meter measures from the state.

"Why is that a financial vortex and are you already saying that it will be nothing Vrijland? Now join forces! Café Weltschmertz supports him, Jensen supports him!“Because judges and lawyers swear allegiance to the throne (the royal house) and will never undermine what they swore allegiance by oath.

"Yes, but the coronavirus measures are unconstitutional! They really can achieve something!"The only thing Jordy Zwarts will achieve is that his bank account goes up and that Robert Jensen ("jensbaba33“) Benefits by promoting him. In the meantime, you wait and do nothing.

Of course you may really know that yourself, but I warned you. I think we really need to wake up to what's going on.

Through Robert Jensen and Jordy Zwarts (the Federal Government Affairs) you continue to put the initiative to others. You deposit € 29 and then hope that a lawyer will file a lawsuit, which may or may not be won. Do you really want to be naive and believe that a judge is going to judge the state? No of course not. They all swore allegiance to the crown.

We have no time to waste. It is 1 minute before 12. The government of today has shown that it can turn the whole society upside down within a few weeks. What could previously be considered unrealistic and unfeasible has been pushed through in a very short time. The entire economy and the whole way of living together has been turned upside down. That means that rapid change is apparently possible. So change can go very quickly.

It is not going to be expecting the change from a government or expecting the change from a Bond against Government Affairs. We have to do it ourselves! We should not turn our frustration into waiting for a union, we should turn our frustration into strength and concrete action. Self activation, do it yourself. read continue here ...


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    For the new readers: Freemason always let you know that they belong to the club. The number 33 is an important Masonic number.

    The said Jensen broadcast lasts 33 minutes and Jensen calls himself Jensbaba33.

    Get the picture? Controlled opposition.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Baba is a big strong African from one of the countries around the Gulf of Guinea. He was kidnapped by a slave trader and sold in the new world. For a long time he led a slave life on an American plantation, until he was liberated by the pirate Redbeard. Since then, he has been one of the confidants of the dreaded hijacker captain, alongside Tripod and Redbeard's adopted son Erik. His sister Aïcha was a slave in Algiers, who was killed after helping Erik flee the city.

      It is large, very strong and swims like a dolphin. He cannot pronounce the “r”, which does not mean that he is not smart, because he often has good ideas and a strong tactical insight. That is why Roodbaard and Erik regularly leave the organization of a land attack to Baba.

    • Rose wrote:

      Yes, a lot of b (l) ab (l) a…

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The reason Jensen is now focusing (and probably will again tomorrow) on the Bond against Government Affairs is because you cannot take part in a truly free civil initiative. You must remain in the controlled safety net and, above all, do not swim out and get started yourself.

    Time to do that anyway:

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    A reader's response. You can judge for yourself whether this man says the right things:


    I would like to thank you in this way for the warning you have posted to Bond against government affairs. I would also like to point out that the participants are entitled to compensation, not from the State, Minister or directors of telecom companies, but from the Bond and Zwarts.

    Any real lawyer or (other) lawyer who reads the 'liability statement' sent by the Bond to the Minister and some directors of telecom companies, immediately understands that Zwarts is an ignorant person, who may have opened a code at some point, but also that is doubtful.

    According to the Association, the basis of the personal liability of the Minister and directors is the UDHR. Regardless of the principle that - if there is an (un) lawful (government) act - the State and telecom companies will be liable and not the Minister and directors, a successful appeal to the UDHR is excluded. The UDHR is not a binding treaty or decision as referred to in art. 94 Constitution (Supreme Court 7 November 1984, NJ 1985/247). This is well known among real lawyers and (other) lawyers. For that reason alone, liability is clearly out of the question.

    In addition, an injured party can be expected to substantiate the extent of the damage. The Bond states that injured parties are entitled to compensation of € 2000,00 per day, but fail to substantiate that amount properly. There would be. Are from loss of income, but participants would usually have to earn around € 60.000,00 per participant per month and lose that income as a result of the rollout of 5G. Extremely unlikely and another reason why liability (in advance) is evidently without a chance.

    Then something very strange happens. On behalf of the participants, the Association withdraws the power of attorney (conditionally) granted to the Minister (conditional), since that power of attorney pursuant to art. 3:44 Civil Code would be void. First of all, the power to represent the (public) of the Minister does not (of course) derive from a legal act under private law, so that art. 3:44 Civil Code does not apply. Secondly, a legal act that has been performed under the influence of the art. 3:44 Civil Code not null and void, but destructible. If Black had bothered to read the article, he would have discovered it.

    It is therefore not so much the Minister and administrators, who can be liable to the participants, but rather the Bond and Zwarts themselves, by not defending their interests as a reasonably acting and reasonably competent legal aid provider would have (see, for example, Supreme Court 18 September 2015, NJ 2016/66). The damage suffered by the participants consists of the participation fee, since the Bond has not delivered a proper performance for that participation fee.

    I would like to advise Zwarts, who was previously a chef, to stick to his figurative last. As a lawyer, I'm not going to start a restaurant and cook for 500 people per night. I'm simply not trained for that.


    For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
    This email was sent from the contact form on

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