Greta Thunberg 'critics are gender-reactionary morally bankrupt child-unfriendly cowards': the end of reason

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The Greta Thunberg story is becoming clearer and clearer a way of eliminating any kind of criticism on the basis of reason, but on the basis of gut feeling. This weekend I posted a message on my private Facebook timeline and was informed that my posting was far beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. And that was just the part of the response, which I received faster than the person who could have watched the video I posted at all. That video by David Icke, in which he explains very precisely that the climate figures appear to have been manipulated, was clearly not worth watching. And that is precisely the effect for which Greta Thunberg seems to have been used. The underlying message is "We no longer have time for discussion and critics are gender reactionary morally bankrupt child-unfriendly cowards'

The text I placed with Icke's video also relates to David himself, and that all seems to be part of the plan not to hear well-founded criticism anymore, but to burn it as 'right' and 'dangerous', without even having any content at all to listen. The "reason" and "substantiated criticism" have been stigmatized to "politically incorrect" and "dangerous." It can no longer be about reason and reason. From now on it's all about 'listen to what you are told'and the youth threatened with eradication through global warming, are setting the course from now on. Below is the text that I placed with David Icke's video:

You will be led by the climate change hoax. But of course you should not listen to it, because it is keen (English for: carefully constructed as a 'brand') to be linked to 'right-wing conspiracy idiots' who can be blamed for Brexit failure and economic decline due to trade wars ; people who believe that reptiles control the world. Unmasking lies is burned into something that is an occupation of complete idiots, so we no longer listen to that.

The global warming PsyOp revolves around the introduction of global governance and control of every aspect of your life by creating a global problem so that we embrace the solution that we would normally never accept. The focus is on the youngest generations, because they have no knowledge of propaganda techniques (just like most adults, by the way).

Skeptics about 'global warming' are linked to Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. If you then let the economy crash and put that in the shoes of those right-wing idiots, you have dealt with skeptics in 1x. By linking 'criticism' to the carefully constructed brand on the right (anti-globalists, anti-climate change, nationalists, female-unfriendly and conspiracy theorists) you can make everyone angry with this right-wing brand if you make the economy crash. That is the easiest and most effective way to break criticism in the long term. It is by design.

The reason that we are dealing with controlled opposition pawns that have attracted a lot of attention because they have been pushed by mainstream media attention (such as David Icke, Alex Jones and many others) is because these pawns had to be linked to that mark "right" ("right-wing" in English). And now we have reached the stage that this brand must be stigmatized 'right' to dangerous. Every form of argumentation is no longer relevant: "critics are dangerous". That is the programming that we are now witnessing live, with Greta Thunberg in the lead role.

The gender- and child-unfriendly stigma was additionally acted by controlled opposition pawn Robert Jensen, who says in the video below that he would prefer to throw Greta around with her braids above his head. Do you really think that this so-called rebel says it all spontaneously? No, he adheres to a well-considered and carefully determined demagogic script.

The role of all controlled opposition pawns from Icke to Jensen is that they can proclaim much truth. We have now reached the planned phase that that truth will never matter again. Greta Thunberg will deal with that already so dangerous monkey species with too much testosterone. The definitive end of the man as a species is in sight. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson were allowed to perform their acting in this script on the international political stage floor for the lenses of the propaganda cameras. This is the result of the carefully constructed brand on the right ('right-wing' in English): the truth is linked to the brand on the right and is therefore drained into the well of the social sink.

The man, usually a bit macho or unfriendly to women (see affairs Trump en Johnson), believe in conspiracies, are nationalist and "own country first" protectionists. They are anti-globalists and do not believe in man-made global warming. They are the cause of all economic misery because they have to be critical and stubbornly masculine if necessary. Being critical and skeptical is something for the dangerous species called 'man'. We should not listen to that in the future. We will start with the 'shame bashing'. From now on all those men will receive the Greta Thunberg gif (see photo with article) that says: “How Dare You!"

The end of the speech is in sight. We are witnessing a worldwide very carefully constructed propaganda campaign, in which the brand on the right was allowed to gain momentum in political power and to take the lead, and then finally settle it. That completely clears the way for the final sprint towards world government, where critics will never be heard again and disappear towards the gulag.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    What does it mean that you make things emotional, that's okay?

    There is nothing wrong if you emotionalize things, says the Global warming propagandist
    Ex ED Greenpeace International

  2. SandinG wrote:

    you have to give it to them, they have built it up nicely in phases. Everything goes according to script ...

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      idd it all happened according to the Delphi technique

      The Delphi (ne) Technique ”to steer citizens towards a collusion the elites have already decided upon. Mostly it would involve some new program or direction the government wants to go, but requires citizen buy-in. The technique is especially designed to tamp down and shut out opposition voices, usually by isolating the dissent and suggesting the dissenters are cruel, have no empathy, or are just stupid. Local governments usually hire a consulting firm whose personnel are trained in this technique or arriving at a conclusion already reached by the government in a way that causes citizens to begin thinking it was their idea, not the government's.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    View 21 answers

    Tim Butler
    3 days ago

    No clean conversation about 'global warming' can EVER take place WITHOUT FIRST talking about the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that is GEENGINEERING. It's NOT global warming, it's CLIMATE CONTROLLED. From ionospheric heaters, stratospheric aerosols (chemtrails), trillion watt lasers, bunker fuel from ships… etc, the weather is made and is no longer natural. that's the truth.

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