Greta Thunberg UN speech is reminiscent of "babies thrown out of incubators" speech in Iraq war

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Anyone who still does not realize that Greta Thunberg is just a well-cast marketing actress, still lives a little too much with his or her head in the sand. I am amazed to see the messages on Facebook from people who are completely fans of the young woman and who are absolutely certain that it is an authentic activist who can travel all over the world and get everything done. Because they are fighting for more political decisiveness to save the climate. The emotional UN speech (in which Donald Trump would not be present, but suddenly showed up) is the cream on the acting dessert.

This beautiful propaganda revolves around only one thing and that is: Linking the carefully constructed right-wing brand to anti-globalization, conspiracy thinking, anti-global warming theory, nationalism, unfriendliness of women and self-market-first politics; to subsequently blow up the economy, so that the right-wing brand will be designated as the guilty party by the rest of the population in order to deal with any kind of criticism on a large-scale and definitive basis. Greta Thunberg is part of that propaganda game. She has to play with people on their gut feeling, so that they will hate those 'right-wing' bother (who don't want to stick to the 2015 Paris climate agreement)! The masses must hate critics.

The UN speech by Greta Thunberg immediately reminded us of a similar emotional play by the masses on 10 October 1990, when a young Iraqi girl came to the American Congress to tell the American Congress how the Saddam Hussein regime, babies slammed from incubators on the floor of hospital floors. If you want to touch the masses, it is best to do that through an emotional young lady who gives a testimony. Preferably an almost adult girl, because that appeals the most to the imagination. In this case, a few years later, this Nayirah was the daughter of the ambassador of Kuwait in the United States. In short: it was your purest acting. The entire propaganda act was set up by the marketing agency Hill & Knowlton.

No matter how many times lies are exposed (Yes, because the â € ˜weapons of mass destructionâ € ™ were also found to be â € “ proven- a lie), the masses continue to blindly follow the propaganda techniques of the media.


Take a look at the two ladies on the movies below. Both well cast. Both great acting. That is what we call: propaganda! The goal may be clear to you. I summarize it one more time for you. Donald Trump, the Brexit supporter and all right-wing populist parties (controlled pawns) had to build the 'right' brand ('right-wing' in English) into a large supporter. The economy will then be blown up and everyone will point their fingers at that large group of bother. That group that didn't want to do anything about the climate if necessary; despite such emotional calls from the young generation (which are, after all, much wiser than those old stubborn money wolves). That is a smartly chosen strategy. It is pure propaganda. It is the tactic to deal definitively with every form of criticism on the roadmap towards globalization.

Does that mean that those people on the right do not want to do anything for the climate? No, that anti-climate protection stigma is deliberately linked to the right-wing political movement through this kind of propaganda, so that you dislike that carefully constructed right-wing brand. Everyone who is critical is linked to that brand "right-wing" (right-wing). And that works great! The masses get angry! Just like then with those babies who were thrown out of the incubators in Iraq. The masses are starting to hate Trump and therefore the Trump supporters and therefore the brand on the right (â € ˜right-wingâ € ™). And that was exactly the intention. With that, the masses at the same time dislike all those ideas about anti-globalization, "that 911 was perhaps a conspiracy" and much more of that kind of criticism of the old established order. Your emotion is linked to the anger of the acting of Greta Thunberg. Smart propaganda!

Critical thinking is not â € ˜rightâ € ™ ("right-wing"). It has been branded into a brand by the media and politics (actors). It is pure marketing, with which everyone who critically thinks is linked to that brand. That's the big lie! Politicians and media are propaganda machines. It is time to finally get through it; never walk to the polls again and silence all newspapers, TV and radio. Cancel your cable TV, cancel your newspaper subscription. Prefer to support the fight against propaganda and fake news by becoming a member of this site.

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  1. Willem S wrote:

    This scary child is a Trekpop of the Left Fascist Elite.
    Everyone should see that that figure 100 is% Fake, she just got out of diapers.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. "As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment or liberty and almost any deprivation." - Adolf Hitler.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    by far the most perspective:

    Under the YT video
    "" Slartibartfast
    5 hours ago (edited)

    For goodness sake someone buy a pony or a puppy. ”

    Well you know, you also have parents who let their children perform in shows with Paul de Leeuw, call it beetje by name, purely child abuse.

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    I do not exclude that Greta, if it is a girl, has undergone a Monarch programming ...

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And then the following question from someone via the email from my Facebook page:

    â € œHello, why not an article about Greta Thunberg? It is easy to make a link with her and Svante Arrhenius and his work on the greenhouse effect or the Nobel Institute (Alfred Nobel) Or the name Carl Peter Thunberg, freemason? Hard to find anything about it.

    Or Luisa-Marie Neubauer and the One foundation funded by Bill Gates and George Soros

    The Climate marches on Fridays (Friday for Future) FFF 666 just like the â € œReichsparteitagâ €

    My answer:
    â € œBecause that would only be considered as another conspiracy theory. I explained the purpose of the launch of this lady (presumably suddenly boy) in my article.â €

    It should be clear that obvious hints are built into such PsyOp operations, intended to send the critics a clearly predetermined 'search direction'.

    We are therefore not participating for a moment. I stand by my point of view of the carefully and consciously built brand â € ˜right-rightâ € ™ (â € œright-wingâ €) and the role of marionette Thunberg to blame this group (and the meticulously constructed stigma).

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      And yes, you read that right: "Probably suddenly, boy."
      I say that because most PsyOp operations contain an extra layer. I suspect that Greta will again serve the transgender propaganda agenda.

  6. wrote:

    The demon or must I have a psychologically disturbed child has shown her true face full of hatred and displeasure because the world cannot be directly controlled. What she says about her lost childhood and puberty clearly shows that she is indoctrinated and trapped in her delusion. This situation is now so troubling that she can no longer think rationally. Allowing this child to perform in an arena without proper guidance kills her life with the firm belief that she will die. I hold all politicians, parents and the media responsible for this. Such hysterical predictions have been reviewed several times. The acid rain, Al Gore, etc. The club of Rome, one of the biggest gangster gangs, launches a new doom scenario every few years that politicians then diligently get to work in order to suck ordinary people out.

  7. SandinG wrote:

    another clown here, comes ff with a plane to talk about CO2 emissions in Amsterdam. Was video conferencing not a solution? What a hoot .. 😀

  8. Riffian wrote:

    look at her pupils the moment she woodpecker, as large as saucers does not seem that it is because of the lighting.

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Acting pays off dear people

    Greta Thunberg wins £ 83,000 'Alternative Nobel Prize' for 'inspiring political demands for urgent climate action'

  10. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    It is natural for a "normal" person to become despondent. The satanic army of clowns, actors, politicians and other servants of the Illumination is of course unstoppable. My motto is: Learn how to zigzag through this life that you have to undergo for some reason. Laugh at the idiots and warn your children!

  11. Sjon wrote:

    Disgusting how this child is used for climate propaganda. About 80 years ago we had a mustache neighbor who also used children for propaganda purposes ...

  12. SandinG wrote:

    The € 4 million yacht on which Greta sailed to the USA, was a yacht of the Rothschild family, who transferred it to German tycoon Gerhard Senft. Co-captaining the voyage was Pierre Casiraghi, grandson or Monaco's late Prince Rainier III and actress Grace Kelly.

  13. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    an old trick that still works

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