"High school teacher infected with measles" more and more push towards compulsory vaccinations

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In the past you just had measles and other diseases with funny names, so you had a nice day off from school and went to the mother's house to get sick. Nowadays the syringe has to be inserted and everyone is given the virus in advance to build up resistance. Why do you suddenly survive, while you are already being given the virus early, is a mystery to me? That means that the body is in any case inclined to build up resistance to such a virus, you would say? You just got sick for a while and then your body recovered. No problem.

It seems that the media hype such disease outbreaks, because vaccinations should become mandatory. Today, therefore, the telegraaf headline "Teacher high school infected with measles". This is a teacher from the Oranje Nassau College, a secondary school in Zoetermeer. Terrible! Close windows and doors buy gas masks and protective suits and stock emergency rations for a month!

Nowadays we see a lot of social media discussion online about all sorts of things that would be in those vaccines that could cause autism, for example. You can smell that in order to be able to say later that this was all fake news and nonsense, and then pave the way for legislation that makes vaccination compulsory. Under the guise of 'that was all pseudoscience and fake news' you can say that there is nothing to stand in the way of obliging the vaccination syringe. That is the now known game that is being launched by the controlled opposition with the ultimate goal of making the bomb explode in the (deliberately built-in) double floor, so as to drive everyone back to the mainstream media and the state's scientific investigations.

Compulsory vaccinations are the wet dream for a totalitarian police state. Why? Well look like that. The CRISPR-CAS method, which is now well known by many, is a method for rewriting the human DNA. With this you can literally modify every piece of DNA in humans (or any other life form). This is why we see the important push towards the creation of DNA databases worldwide. We are talking here about a worldwide project, in which the DNA of every individual must be mapped. In the Netherlands, RIVM has already started collecting in 2000 DNA from heel pricks. Psychology issues such as those of Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen need to get the population to voluntarily withdraw their DNA.

Why do governments want the DNA of the population so badly? This is how it is: If you have a method to adjust the DNA of each individual (the CRISPR-CAS method) and you have the exact DNA of each individual at your disposal, you can modify each individual to measure. Vaccinations will play a major role in this, but nanobots will also play a role. If you provide the vaccines with nanobots that perform the CRISPR-CAS technique for you, you can adjust DNA at any time. Before those bots are there, you could already provide the vaccines with certain pre-programmed edits to the DNA, but those (via the internet-driven) bots will no doubt come; bots that can modify the DNA on demand. The high bandwidth of 5G and Musk's Skynet is very useful here. In 2017 published MIT news the following about this:

In a new study, MIT researchers have developed nanoparticles that can deliver the CRISPR genome-editing system and specifically modify genes in mice. The team used nanoparticles to carry the CRISPR components, eliminating the need for viruses for delivery.

If you later have the 5G network installed nationwide, you have sufficient bandwidth at your disposal to be able to realize the rewriting of the human genome online. Have a look at the presentation below to discover how this technique is really not a myth, but even outdated (a new, much simpler method is now available, see the video below). It is not a conspiracy idea. It is a tough scientific development. Of course, that can also be used positively, but if vaccinations become compulsory, it is only a matter of trust that governments do not put a carrier virus in here that makes it possible to read and write online using the CRISPR-CAS method. Nanobots are therefore actually no longer needed. The CRISP-CAS 12 method offers a simple solution. You just have to take the trouble to take the presentation below.

"Yes, but the government can be trusted". It is up to you to judge that.


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The Ebola outbreak as mentioned in the presentation was also a psyop to get the noses in the same direction (namely that of the push towards compulsory vaccination).

    see my explanation from 2014

  2. I wonder how man, as a hunter and collector, managed to survive until the modern conditioned wage slave that destroys the whole earth, while in the ancient times there was no fantastic and highly scientific medicine ... where fiat money was the main motive. Was there ever an ancient time?

    Vaccinated people spread the diseases against which they are vaccinated:

    The measles is also spread by vaccinated people:

    The Amish suffer little from modern welfare diseases and cannot be vaccinated:

    And Facebook naturally helps to spread good information (so no):

    Maybe we should live in caves again ...

  3. Sun wrote:

    Yes, vaccines, silent weapon for quiet weapons against the general population committed by a hostile immigrant elite. Who would that be now?

  4. Riffian wrote:

    Anxiety porn, under every stone and behind every tree is an enemy ... PRS

  5. guppy wrote:


    Just download the leaflet and draw your conclusions. Also clearly state that you can transmit the virus because you have been vaccinated!

    Babies do not yet have a separate bloodstream to the brain! Your common sense says that it is unwise to directly inject unnatural (auxiliary) substances into the bloodstream.

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