How can people talk about 'awareness' and at the same time help maintain the system?

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You hear a lot of people talking about consciousness. Some seek a guru; others meditate or practice yoga; others go to church or engage in some form of religion or spirituality. The big mystery is how many people seem to be trying to clean their ship while still sailing on the river that leads to the abyss?

How can you talk about consciousness if you simultaneously help maintain the system? Which system? The system that is entirely based on undermining consciousness; the system that we also summarize with the term 'society'. How can you continue to participate in the rat race of that society; speak of consciousness and practice all sorts of variants of spirituality, while society undermines total consciousness? Isn't it time to put your ship ashore to really get through what is going on?

With this introduction you may think:Nothing's right! I am a believer or I am spiritual and I help to improve the world through that attitude to life". But you do get up in the morning to go to work in a system based on slavery and dependence on political leaders that you may also have voted for, hoping the new robber team will do a little better then the previous one. "But what do you want Vrijland to do? Anarchy? I am not going to stop paying taxes on my own and I am not going to quit my job on my own. Then I lose everything or I get punished with fines and bailiffs and I may be evicted from my house and I can no longer support my family"

The prison

I spoke to someone who spent about 5 years in a Texas prison as a result of a business dispute with a well-known printer manufacturer regarding patent infringement. Without explaining this in detail, his experience in this prison system is interesting to describe briefly here.

The man said that there was in fact a kind of anarchy in this prison (with a few thousand prisoners), in which the guards were more or less forced to comply with the unwritten rules between the prisoners themselves. If they wanted hot water, they could enforce this by depositing the work collectively. He also indicated that there was hardly any violence, because there was a kind of group code between different tribes and tribal elders (who had formed themselves in prison). This form of cohabitation, including its codes of conduct, persisted despite the coming and going of prisoners.

In fact, he described an anarchist society that operated independently of the rules of the prison system; despite the fact that it all took place within the walls of the prison. This anarchist form was not based on laws and rules, but on mutual respect, agreements and the resolving power of the different tribes. If someone in the group misbehaved, the group solved this by addressing the person. In fact, he compared how this worked with the ancient Indian tribes; the Indian tribes who were the original inhabitants of America and lived together peacefully without police, laws, schools and prisons (until the Columbus arrived).

In fact, such a prison is a micro model of total society, where we seem to live more and more in a prison without visible bars. Unfortunately, many do not yet recognize this, because they themselves are part of "the security team". Others work in education, for example, where the new generations of guards are trained. By 'guards' I mean: the new generation of managers, trainers, bailiffs, tax inspectors, police officers, soldiers, accountants, lawyers, and so on and so forth. Others work for the government, for private companies that are affiliated, provide services or products to governments or semi-governments. Many work counter-clockwise or clockwise in a position that contributes to the management of the prison dome that we tend to call "society." And the more people who work in the central tower of that dome, the more there is a sense of solidarity that we are doing pretty well. After all, at drinks parties, parties and parties, you are surrounded by people who also work for the system.

Unfortunately, the example of the Texan prison is therefore becoming less and less relevant, because the ratio of prisoners and guards there still differed significantly. Thousands of prisoners on a few dozen guards. In our society there are almost as many creators, implementers and controllers of rules and laws and those who have become loving the self-created system and their position in it (because they earn their living with it). An anarchist uprising that results in very well-functioning self-reliance (as described by the former prisoner I spoke to) thus seems almost an excluded option. Our society is more like what happened during the Stanford (Zimbardo) experiment (read here).


Yet you could also say that there is hope if all those people who are so engaged in religion, spirituality, yoga, gurus, and so on, take their neatly polished spiritual ship from the river (which flows towards the abyss). Or do you think that there will be no abyss? Do you think that the only way a society can function; is that way we see it unfold? Do you realize that we are moving more and more towards a police state, in which every form of freedom is increasingly restricted and everyone has to dance within the increasingly narrow alley of state laws and rules?

If people are so concerned with consciousness, then there is an undercurrent somewhere that would like something different. However, many fall for the false hope of religion and do not realize that the same religion is precisely a conception of 'the system', intended to create duality (polarity) in society and meanwhile to hold the false hope of a savior as a sausage . That sausage ensures that people continue to hope for change, without activating their own consciousness. 'Activate' may not be the right word in this. 'Trading from' is perhaps a better description. It is high time to no longer just polish the cabin and deck of the ship (via spirituality, bikram yoga, meditation or prayer), but to take the helm and remove the ship from the river from the system . Perhaps it is stimulating if you discover that the river actually leads to the abyss.

Most spiritual currents only give you wipes for your ship's cabin or deck, but do not encourage you to take your ship off the currents and go ashore.

What is consciousness anyway?

It may be useful in that context to first make the definition of consciousness. Science and companies such as Google Alphabet spend a lot of manpower and money on mapping the human brain. Google's CEO Ray Kurzweil firmly believes that consciousness is a consequence of the number of neurons in our skull and that this is the reason why humans distinguish themselves from mammals. This would be because humans have a neo-cortex and thus have sufficient brain cells to have formed consciousness. For science and large tech companies, awareness is therefore a consequence of brain activity. My definition of consciousness is the reverse: Consciousness is that or that on the joystick that drives the human bio-avatar.

To understand that, you must first understand that we live in a multi-player simulation. That might sound like "completely detached from God'(crazy) in the ears, but not to worry; it is also convenient for transhumanists and scientists from the same large tech companies to tell you that we live in a simulation. People like Elon Musk like to do that (and for a reason). However, they do not state that we live in a very specific Luciferian simulation.

If you read my series of articles about the simulation, you can find out that quantum physics (if properly translated and understood) provides complete proof of the idea that we live in a simulation. I provide an important explanation of this this article. It is also useful in that context to go to the menu of this website and choose the menu item 'the simulation'.

"Living in" is actually not a good description. We do not 'live in' a simulation: we are observers and players. We are, as it were, those who sit on the couch with the controller (or 'joystick' for the older generation) and look at the screen on which we observe the player; the player / avatar who participates in the game on the screen. Our bodies including the brain are the avatars in this multi-player game. We do have AI (artificial intelligent) avatars with a bio-brain that thinks a lot, has emotion and can consider options, but the actual player is external. Our avatars, however, feel very lifelike and tangible, just like the world that 'materializes' around us.

Do you not find bizarre statements? Not if you understand the double slits experiment by physicist Niels Bohr, in which it is proven that matter only exists in observation; just like the image on your Playstation TV screen only exists if you move your controller and look at that part of the world and time in the game.

The definition of consciousness, based on this insight, is then: the external party that controls your body and brain and makes the choices that you think your brain takes. Awareness is coming the brain activity and every act. Consciousness is outside of this virtual reality. Awareness is who you are. You are consciousness; you are not your brain nor your body. Your body is only the avatar in this simulation.

Change from consciousness

The only way to change can therefore take place at the level of consciousness. That is why it is so important to get a good idea how to define our reality. Are you really going to understand that we live in a Luciferian multi-player simulation, then you will see that everything is done from consciousness and that you have a free choice to put your ship ashore and that change is also possible. Admittedly, it is tricky because it is precisely because of the fact that it seems that a builder of the game is clearly identifiable (Lucifer) that a clear script and of players (avatars) in the game who have to help complete that script. It is therefore necessary that several players stop playing the game according to that script.

There is probably a reason why we play this simulation. What that reason is, I tried to describe in this article, in which I have attempted to explain that this simulation is probably a virus system in the 'quantum field' or the all-encompassing stem cell of our existence (the stem cell or the information flow from which everything originated). Please read that article briefly.

I would like to give a quote from that article here:

You could also say that we don't have to worry about the problems in this simulation, were it not for the intention of a virus system: to overcome and repair it. Your body can also survive a virus attack. Your form of consciousness (soul or whatever you want to call it) can therefore also survive a virus attack. However, we think we should do that at Sims avatar level. Which think however, is itself a SIM level. It is part of that virus simulation. The victory of a virus system is done by attacking the virus cell. Not from the inside, but from the outside. The Lucifer form entity, whose task it was to test the other forms of consciousness for their strength and which built this virus simulation, must therefore be tackled at the entity level. So that happens at the level of consciousness.

Take concrete steps

It goes against all our human (avatar) feeling (thinking) to make choices that will make us fall outside the system. It goes against any sense of security and safety to put the ship ashore. After all, we think that if we go with the flow, we can continue to pay our rent or mortgage. We think that when we stop working in the system we can no longer support our family and lose everything. We think we have to solve it with thinking.

Only when we give back the control of our avatar and the 'movements in the game' to those who are at the buttons, we will discover that they have a better overview of the game. Who do you think can make better decisions: the avatar in the Playstation game itself or the person who controls the avatar?

It is time to start listening to consciousness and only act from that consciousness. That may mean that you have to make the choice to change course and take your ship off the river. That means you have to stop your avatar brain and listen to your consciousness. Meditation or all sorts of other methods that silence you should cause you to take your ship from the current (leading towards the abyss). If that is not the case, then you have missed the essence of everything and you are only busy polishing your wheelhouse and ship deck. Your neat ship polished by meditation or yoga (etc.) will then continue to sail towards the abyss.


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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    How it is possible, that is simple to answer namely hypocrisy, have no moral backbone and choose the easiest way. Things that made madurodam big by staying small and if things look wrong at first glance, there is still a white giant to mask things with. Because the gardens, hedges and dikes are well maintained ..

    To know no harm from the Prince ..

  2. Sun wrote:

    People know consciously / unconsciously that they live in a disturbed society where it is promoted against natural causes. They displace that as much as possible through conditioning by the government and because it is safe to continue to participate in the herd. You can certainly consider this as hypocrisy. Sometimes the conditioning and the behavior as a herd are not sufficient. Then the discomfort / unrest breaks through. Fortunately, there are the gurus, meditation, etc., that actually do not change the situation in which we find ourselves. Gurus are not critical of the system, they are nice and vague, so everyone can give their interpretation to the grumble of the guru. Meditation is another way to displace the status quo and flee from it in your own interest. Does this all work out well for the guys from the script. They never become the subject and subject of investigation responsible for the natural status quo. They are so happy that there are gurus, meditation, etc. to distract the flock from them. And it is also good for the herd because their head does not get rid of it. After all, they keep walking quietly with the herd. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of 'gurus', meditation providers, etc. have boys from the script background.

  3. Christian van Offeren wrote:

    George Kavassilas talks about it this way: You have the natural order, the hologram of the gods, and a technological hologram (simulation theory among other things)
    So he tells people who are really fully into simulation theory that they are connected to this "technological hologram"
    However, the reality would be that these are overlays and that we can connect to the core of the real reality that exists at the same time.

    How I would say it is:
    You could say that there are multiple levels of simulation. In my opinion, the luciferian simulation is only 1 low in the event.
    The "negative luciferian layer" that plays on an earthly level, among other things, and the "positive luciferian layer" that is cosmic extends far beyond.

    Given that everything in the cosmic arena is imitated from the natural order .. structure / dimension, is there any reason why there is a core truth in the way this simulation works?
    Is it just an overlay that can only work with "reality"?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      If you understand the quantum-physical explanation really well you will also understand that the term "simulation" is not methaphorical and also understand that the concept of "holographic projection" is not correct (and can serve metaphorically at most).
      We can add all kinds of names ... from the Wingmakers to George huppelepup or you can just discover the pure logic yourself.
      You are now making it a hodgepodge again with a negative Luciferian layer and a cosmic one.
      That mixing of all kinds of ideas (simulation / hologram) is to make it complicated and spiritual. It creates a maze while it is actually quite easy to see through everything. You can read all your stuff about thick books or simply understand it in all simplicity.
      In several articles I have explained how you can create simulations in simulations. Sometimes it is good to read everything first before responding pf not to contribute to building a maze.

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