How can you force governments to change while ignoring the masses?

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We have seen many protests in recent weeks and it is clear that many farmers, builders and many others are angry. If something like this happens, you will see that politicians and media are going to do damage control. Television programs such as those of Jeroen Pauw in particular are masters in this damage control and in controlling perception.

Youth care workers must be protected against the violence of angry parents instead of angry parents being protected against the abuses around the money-around-pump machine in which many earn their living, often without considering the personal suffering. Soldiers must be protected against politicians who believe that bombing is actually murder. If the farmers are angry, even propaganda newspaper number 1 is prepared to report that many people in the Netherlands believe that the state has broken into its green measures. If it all gets out of hand then you want to close the leak yourself. It seems that many Dutch people only wake up when it hits their own wallet or safe job. Humanity usually seems secondary to one's own job or career, but if one's own wallet or security is hit, it is best to revolt.

2019 In particular, it is the year in which all professional groups working directly or indirectly for the state appear to be threatened, attacked or killed. Not only lawyers, but now also curators, youth care staff and journalists must get state protection. Does that perhaps say something about how much horror is going on in society and therefore how much personal suffering is caused? Journalists are the victims of so-called criminal gangs, but that seems to be primarily aimed at allowing professional propagandists to continue to produce their unfounded fake news with impunity. Unfounded? Well, of course it is well founded, because thanks to the stories of these journalists and perception managers in recent years, we now have the anonymous crown witness or the anonymous source and literally everything can be made up and trial by media now provides public suspension.

If things get a bit out of hand, you always have organized opposition in the form of trade unions and political meetings. You probably remember how Wim Kok became a politician from trade union leader. Trade unions are there to have the resistance in society blow off steam in a controlled manner. The same applies to political parties and their front men. Every taste in society can be measured via big data systems or viewing figures and can be influenced via radio, TV and social media armies that steer the discussion. And if it threatens to go a bit wrong, you send a politician in his expensive ministerial limousine in suit and accompanied by many cameras to overwhelm the people with woolly talk, showing so-called understanding, but the message there one remains of "it is necessary and we must do so". Do you really think that Mark Rutte is even concerned about your wallet or your well-being? Do you really think that even one politician or one highly paid perception manager on the tube is concerned about your well-being? No.


So if we want to fundamentally change something in society, then we should not only grab the pitchforks if it hits ourselves, but then it is time to start looking fundamentally at what is wrong. For that you really need to look beyond the media and politics. Look beyond your nose. This mainly concerns fundamental changes in ourselves, how our perception of the world is and how easily we are played. If we start to see through all the ways in which we are played and manipulated, we can also change the matter at a fundamental level. That is not possible by putting tipp-ex on the screen. For this we must state the causes one by one. We must do the trick and deception all layers to see through programming and turn away from that trick and deception. Basically we are not only talking about politicians, media perception managers (such as Jeroen Pauw, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, etc.), but also about controlled opposition in politics, trade unions and in the form of infiltration into society.

In my new book I discuss all layers of deception and I also come up with a clearly formulated solution. It is time to really get into action and that really getting into action starts with seeing through all those layers of programming in reality as we think we perceive it. Do you really want to sell your book Vrijland? I have been writing 7 on this website voluntarily for years and that has cost me a lot. However, I cannot summarize those 7 years better than in a book, and that is why I have taken the trouble. Short and to the point, but glass clear and written down with love. I put a lot of energy into it, because in my opinion something really needs to change. It is time for a major social change and that can only come if the eyes open gloriously and in every way. I tried my best. Sit still or move. Are you in?


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  1. Sun wrote:

    I think the protests that have been there are actually minimal.
    What did the protests yield! Nada. If you protest you should actually continue until you have achieved something and then black on white. Otherwise the immigrant 'elite' will just make fun of you and they have already taken that minimal protest into account in their script that one day of protests.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In fact, they probably have their own pawns in the organization ..

      "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself"

      • Sun wrote:

        That's right, that's how it works, but as I said before, "luckily we live in a" rule of law. " Cough.
        Compare the current situation as a mix of the George Orwell scenario and the new brave world of Huxley. Nice mix, cocktail, is not to be missed. Cheers Guys continue to use your script.

  2. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    When I visited my parents I saw the following on television:

    It took a while before I understood why there was such a fierce and emotional (and in my opinion unprofessional) response to this topic by Renske Leijten. In the end it concerns a relatively small group of 8500 people for whom it is very annoying, but there are greater abuses in the government. Until at minute 22: 05 the present-day trendy mantra was repeated in reverse form by the presenter: "But how bad is this, this is really a government that turns against its citizens". What I mean by that is that a government should protect its citizens but failed to do so.

    Where did we come across such a minister who announced that loudly? "The government is there to protect its citizens and has seriously failed."

    Sometimes I almost admire how efficient the methods used are. My parents were completely in the "shame !!" mode. Sometimes I would like to explain to my parents how their attention is diverted from what is really going on by going so deeply into a relatively small but emotional subject.

    In the meantime I stopped those attempts. If the psycholance makes its appearance (accessible via telephone number 11-11, nice, twice the madness number, lache!) I am afraid that I will be called at an early stage ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The psycholance:

      “Appropriate transport is necessary because people who have not committed a criminal offense do not belong in a police car. In addition, an ambulance is often not necessary in this case. By using suitable transport, these people are transported professionally in a safe, pleasant, non-stigmatizing way. A subsidy has been awarded for a pilot suitable transport by ZonMW for the duration of one year. During this period, it will be monitored how often and when suitable transport is used. And also how this is experienced by the people being transported: the people with confused behavior and their loved ones. ”

      Come on in George Orwell ... did you mean this with a new speech?
      "Transported in a safe, pleasant, non-stigmatizing way, professionally"

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        The psycholance is an elaboration of the assignment that municipalities have been given by the government to realize a properly working approach for 1 October 2018 with regard to the People with Confused Behavior target group.

        • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

          Damn, I didn't know that such a thing was driving around! Fortunately I live in the west of the country!

          Quotation from the above article:
          “Nevertheless, the police must regularly supervise the psycholance. Then an agent drives along for the safety of the employees. In the second year that the psycholance runs, a small increase in aggression can be seen. "That is of course also because we drive more, but the police also know where to find us," explains Hendriks. "And just like in society, there is also an increase in aggressiveness with us."

          My previous neighbor has worked as an ambulance brother all his life. I asked if the aggression towards the ambulance personnel has increased over the years. His answer was clear: “No, it has remained about the same in all those years. The difference is that thanks to the smarthpone and social media, my colleagues are sometimes already informed before I am back at the barracks. ”

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