How many Dutch people can still pay their bills during the corona crisis?

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If you follow the media, there is hardly a problem in the Netherlands except for the corona virus, which is still lurking like a ticking time bomb. Where is journalism when it comes to portraying personal suffering behind the front doors of many? It is not that difficult to analyze the RIVM figures and to highlight two sides. The mainstream media defend Rutte & Co's policy. and Jensen who says it is not so bad. It long term schedule is that there will be another revival after which the police state will be completed and everything and everyone who criticizes will be cleared up. But why does no one pay attention to personal and financial distress?

In practice, all those fantastic promised support packages will mainly be a question of counters, where you will be sent from counter A to counter B. In particular, the 433.000 freelancers will be the spool, because their TOZO support from 1 June will be tested against the income of the partner and then it is just over and over. And even if you do receive support, many (including non-self-employed persons) may find that a small fall in income can be disastrous for paying the rent. The government sees that this problem is lurking, so the plan was to set a temporary rental freeze, but that has been Kajsa Ollongren torpedoed.

This is how it goes in politics: the red line has long been established, but you do some acting about 'we are for it' or 'we are against it'. That is the illusion of democracy we live under. Ollongron says a rent stop is only for housing corporations, because they have less money to invest in new construction. “The cabinet prefers to give landlords the opportunity to provide custom solutions. For example, they can grant tenants deferment of payment, cancel part of the rent afterwards or reduce the rent, ”says Kasja. Ollongren also wants to make it easier to temporarily lower the rent. A new bill that will enter into force later also makes this possible.

Another law. The laws are flying around our ears, but in practice it remains for the housing corporations to reduce the rent. And they will probably do that very eagerly (not).

Of course, real problems are with the people who just can't afford anymore and may be one or two months behind. We don't know because no one is researching it. You want to keep the suffering in society under the carpet as a state. A rent reduction is nice, but what do you do against the unstoppable collection agencies and bailiffs who put gigantic amounts on top of overdue accounts? A month's rent arrears can quickly lead to hundreds of euros in extra costs, so that you will fall even further behind the next month.

Then there is a chain reaction to problems, where you get so financially stuck, that this can even lead to the youth care also come and take a look whether your children can not be better placed with a foster family, because you are no longer take care of them.

If the depreciation of money (due to the billions of euros) will have an effect on the prices in supermarkets and if in the long term taxes increase, because the aid packages have to be retrieved somewhere, even more people will get into trouble.

Of course there are also people who are doing well. These are the people who work for the system and who carry out all those monitoring and enforcement activities. You can probably get a great job as a RIVM inspector, where you will be sent out on the street to test people for corona or to see if people stick to the meter and a half. There are probably consultancy firms that are experiencing heyday, because they guide companies and advise them on how to organize their company on the one and a half meter society. The more people who work for the government, semi-government or for companies that provide services related to it, the more people will benefit from controlling and punishing that group that does not yet work for the system.

How long until the Dutch will discover that there niemand is she coming to rescue? How long can people who work for the system look themselves straight in the mirror without experiencing deep embarrassment? Well, as long as you belong to the majority, you can win your collective debt away with Meiland instead of fighting for a truly free country. When will people discover that we live in a sham democracy, in which politicians for many years only presented us with the illusion of choice, but secretly follow a major agenda that must trap the masses? The only way out of this situation is a real revolution, in which the people seize power.

This can be done through direct democracy. In direct democracy, ministers directly elected by the people report to the people. They determine by majority whether laws are passed, the main rule being that no law should undermine or eliminate basic rights in a constitution. Therefore, everything that violates privacy and on body and members cannot enter into force as a law (not even a law on compulsory vaccination). Direct democracy can be installed by the people by ignoring incumbent politics and building a new system themselves. Hundreds of thousands must show that they want to do this. That is why we really need to rebel and show that we want change. You cannot achieve a real revolution just by complaining about everything that goes wrong; you achieve that by doing.

Therefore, help to unleash the true revolution. Immerse yourself in direct democracy and share this website and its petition:

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The latest Facebook censorship: you still have followers, but you can no longer post.

    It seems that my Facebook page is over: I can't post anything anymore!

  2. Sun wrote:

    The scamdemic must and will be promoted by government / security services.
    On exposure of Their nonsense and illogical measures
    They are not waiting. The ordinary people are allowed
    do not know the facts and should not think. Human rights are violated, but who is therefore all grinding in government service and / or the rest anxious for their 'career' or their banal life.
    Fortunately we live in a 'free' country.

    People sign the petition now!

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    What most do not see is that this process is geared towards the total integration of the Netherlands as a province into the EUSSR. De facto, it is already under the supervision of the Politburo in Brussels, only this Corona cover ensures that the last puzzle pieces fall into place.

    The GDR was a harbinger. experiment for what would be rolled out on the European continent. You can now also clearly see who controls this transition phase, as JFK pointed out, it is a machine that combines everything and operates in “Lock Step”.

    Stasi Merkel, Trilateral member Vestager, Von der Leyen, and Timmerfrans are watching with eyes and approvingly. The recruitment phase for the new Stasi (Eurogendfor) can start in the near future.

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      thanks Salmon! Very good interview,

      President France had a key audit that is clear.

      IT WAS DESIGNED (minute 6; 19 It has no Gulag it has no KGB “Yet”)

      Minute 4; 03 How Gigscard d'Estain knew

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        you're welcome Camera! It was also Macron who challenged Eurogendfor against the directed “yellow vests” movement. After all, it is test-test-test ...

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      future, focus and flexibility (fff = 666)

      For example, important steps have been taken in the collaboration between EUROGENDFOR and civilian CSDP missions, and a communication plan has been developed to enhance the visibility of EUROGENDFOR.

      This year, the key concepts of future, focus and flexibility will be reflected in the goals we set ourselves.
      One of these goals, and a vital one, is to define future EUROGENDFOR deployment scenarios.

      This means that we must look to regional collaboration and to collaboration with parties outside of EUROGENDFOR, such as civilian partners and local authorities.
      Working together allows us to learn from each other.

      This year, the Netherlands is also presiding over the International Association of Gendarmeries and Police Forces with Military Status (FIEP) and the European Union Police and Civilian Services Training Program (EUPCST).
      We will examine whether we can forge links between these organizations and assess how to support each other the best way.
      For that matter possibly a link with FRONTEX could also be established.

      These specialized teams must be flexible and ready to deploy quickly in crisis situations. They must include the specialist capabilities that are needed for EUROGENDFOR's future deployment scenarios.
      In this manner we can respond to transnational threats and challenges effectively.
      There will be ever more demand for this in future.

      Today, the key concepts of future, focus and flexibility (fff = 666) are more important than ever.

  4. SandinG wrote:

    Most have been lulled to sleep over the years and cooked to the brim with suds that I have a hard time thinking that an effective solution will be found in time for something that has been going on right in front of them for decades.

    It is best to focus on the generation that will be hardest hit by this plandemic. Namely generation Z, students with debt without perspective.

  5. Riffian wrote:

    Palantir picks up more COVID-19 contracts, this time with the VA

    Apple and Google launch exposure notification API, enabling public health authorities to release apps

  6. Sun wrote:

    Here are the 10 steps you should employ, if you want to turn an unthreatening virus into a global power grab

    1. Start with a poorly defined virus, add an inaccurate test for it, and encourage as many terminally or critically ill people as possible to be repeat tested until they test positive.
    2. Report your inevitably very high death rates and get vague about whether these people died OF the virus or simply WITH it.
    3. Create a 'response' to the 'crisis' that rolls out a vast network of authoritarian measures, some of which have been in planning for a long while, and only a minority of which have any possible application to pandemic-prevention. (Make sure to cancel elections until further notice and to hugely increase police powers of arrest and surveillance)
    4. Shut down your hospitals to all but 'covid cases'. Cancel elective surgeries, kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, normal GP consultations and all “non-emergency healthcare”. Thus inevitably increasing all-cause mortality.
    5. Change your laws in numerous ways to allow almost all of these new deaths to bypass normal checks and balances and be easily diagnosed as 'covid-19 related', either with the inaccurate test or simply by 'clinical presentation'.
    6. In case some attending medics are reluctant to go along with this, change the law to allow a single MD, who may never even have seen the patient in question, to diagnose covid19 at his / her own discretion.
    7. Report the startling numbers of 'new cases' you find as a result of these various manipulations, as evidence for how essential the new authoritarian measures are for 'saving lives'.
    8. With no sense of irony introduce mandatory Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) s for any demographic you consider useless eaters. (If challenged talk about human suffering, limited healthcare resources and ventilators)
    9. Don't forget to add any ensuing deaths to the covid19 totals.
    10. Make sure the media calls anyone who questions any part of this a 'conspiracy theorist'.

  7. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    Funny that you mention martien meiland in your article. I have been wondering for a while whether that name was consciously chosen / created. It has the same sound as your name. Would it go so far that this has been done on purpose to unconsciously link your name in people to the non-serious character Martien Meiland?

    Even crazier; meiland has two different eye colors, the chimeric effect in the picture ...

  8. Analyze wrote:

    The financial coup d'etat explained, allegorical for dummies:

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