How NASA tries to enlarge the universe

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'How NASA tries to enlarge the universe' is a rather strange title, isn't it? The universe simply exists and NASA only looks at it. She does this with space telescopes such as Hubble. NASA can not enlarge the universe. The universe is an existing fact and you can only perceive it, however infinitely large it may seem. Our telescopes are just getting better. Period. If you start to see that we are living in a simulation, it becomes a completely different story. To be able to grasp that concept you will have to invest some time.

One of my readers recently pointed out to a physicist called Tom Campbell (see video below). This because I wrote several articles in which I claimed that we are living in a simulation. It turned out that this physicist exactly articulates what I had already come up with, even though I had not heard from him at all. My position is that matter only exists when it is being observed and that the first observer ensures that something comes out of superposition (from the source code). Quantum entanglement ensures that the observation for all players in the multiplayer game is the same. That is not a metaphor: it's a fact. Matter does not exist before it is being observed, so you are an observer in a multiplayer game. I explained the basis of this concept in this article. To get it really clear it is necessary to read the entire series of articles (here! en here!). While reading, always keep in mind that you are witnessing an unfolding process, in which I am learning to understand things myself.

I even go a step further than Tom Campbell by saying that we are living in a very specific simulation. I suggest that we are living in a Luciferian simulation. The observers in this multiplayer simulation are what we also call 'consciousness' or 'soul' (although both are spiritually and religiously contaminated words).

Researcher Wes Penre states in his work that our universe is a 4% copy of another universe. He calls this other universe the KHAA or the universe of the Mother Goddess. Under his penultimate video (video 81) I had a discussion with him in which he seemed to admit that this KHAA universe is also a simulation. For the sake of simplicity let us assume that his research is correct. The existence of a KHAA universe can not be justified at all, because he does not provide tangible evidence for everything. Hypothetically, however, I take it for granted. So let's therefore assume that, the Luciferian simulation runs in the KHAA simulation. So we have a simulation in a simulation and that is where the definition of dimension from my previous article is popping up again.

So, in this hypothesis, Lucifer developed into a simulation builder within this KHAA simulation and somewhere he found the observing souls willing to step into his multiplayer game. But Lucifer himself was already an avatar in the KHAA simulation. In fact, the ruling power in the KHAA simulation is nothing more than a puppet in the game. Just like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are only puppets in this Luciferian simulation.

The KHAA simulation is a simulation and a simulation requires a software engineer. Wes Penre now states that we intend to become simulation builders in the KHAA. When we die (when leaving our body) we should try to exit through a sort of grid in the matrix in order to escape to the KHAA (that's his idea). However, if the KHAA is a simulation, then you do not escape through a grid, but you only go one level up; back to the original simulation (in which the Luciferian simulation runs). Becoming a 'simulation builder' in the KHAA simulation would, however, be exactly the same as that which the singularity evangelists outline as a vision of the future.

Lucifer is in that concept one of the many simulation builders in the KHAA universe. In one way or another he probably tempted us to take part in his multiplayer game (which already runs in a multiplayer game, namely the KHAA). An avatar in the game develops a simulation in which the avatars of that first game can "upload" to become puppets in a new game. So the playstation dolls become so intelligent that one gets up and designs a new game within the game. Do you understand the concept?

If the KHAA is already a simulation and if within that simulation someone has got the freedom to build such a negative experience simulation as Lucifer did, then there must also be something wrong with that KHAA simulation. Wes Penre even speaks of wars in that KHAA universe. But because it is a much larger universe and because there supposed to be many more soul groups (some of which are favorable to us) we will then (in his view) suffer less. We may also build our own universes in that KHAA system. This thought is fun and interesting, but it is nothing more than what the singularity wants to offer us. And there it gets interesting!

Both systems are a simulation. Only the Luciferian simulation runs within the KHAA simulation. At that level, Lucifer is not much more than us. In fact, he is only a puppet in the game. But the same also applies to the power structure of the KHAA. That so-called mother Goddess of the KHAA is nothing more and nothing less than our soul outside that simulation. At the level where the soul was formed (outside of the simulations as we think to identify them) we are all equal. At least, let's assume that's our new hypothesis.

If the KHAA is a simulation, it is therefore a digital, software-based system. You could call it AI (artificial intelligence). It is a nice big complicated multiplayer game that has developed quite a bit. To the extent that Wes Penre claims that our universe is only a 4% copy of that universe. Where he retrieves this number from exactly, you have to read for yourself in his works. If our universe (the Luciferian simulation) is a simulation then that is also a sort of AI system. It is the code that we, as multiple players in the game, make materialize based on our choices. Just like the image on the TV screen materializes when you steer towards a certain direction with your Playstation controller.

In a mutliplayer game, it is a requirement that we all observe the same thing. A mountain once observed by one player must be positioned in exactly the same place for the other players. This is regulated by the principle of quantum entanglement. Google's cloud platform for Augmented Reality applies the same principle in it's cloud anchoring technique. That is another indication that we are living in a simulation.

Now, if we now know that the first observation causes matter to materialize (for our perceptive soul-eye) then for all matter in general it applies that it materializes only at the first observation. The source code of the software determines what materializes. If I build a flight simulator, I create the landscape that the pilot looks at according to a basic set of rules. So if Wes Penre claims that our universe is only 4% of the KHAA universe, it is because the KHAA simulation has been running for much longer and the observing souls of that game have already allowed more matter to materialize from superposition.

The reason that NASA is looking into space with its telescopes, is to allow space to emerge from superposition from the software code and to further materialize the universe. Of course the code for the way in which this materializes is already recorded in the source code of this simulation, but the universe materializes as a result of the first observation.

In order to become just as big as the KHAA simulation we have to observe more and further.

The Luciferian simulated universe tries, so to say, to catch up with the size of the simulation in which its simulation runs (the KHAA). An additional advantage is that the observing souls in this simulation (you and I) can get the illusion that the universe is infinitely large and that there are many other life forms. You can also spin a story at a certain moment that it is inconvenient to travel large distances through space in a physical body. It is better, so to say, to travel through space in a digital form. Transhumanists present us anyway the sweet candy that we would be better off merging with the digital world, because AI might beat us. So we'd better join it. They outline this as the next necessary step in our evolution.

The reason that we have to merge with AI is not because within this simulation we can become creators of simulations ourselves. In my opinion, the reason is that you can only take over software with software. You can only infiltrate an AI system with another form of AI. You can only change digital code on a digital level. Thus, if Lucifer wants to take a hold of power in the KHAA simulation, it requires that humanity (avatars in its simulation) connect its observing souls to its AI system so that it can attack the AI ​​system of the KHAA. It is, so to say, a hyper hyve-mind system that wants to attack the software of the KHAA universe (hacking). That this is basically completely meaningless, because Lucifer himself is part of that simulation, the power-hungry may have been forgotten. That's what you get when you identify too much with a simulation.

Once infiltrated into the source code of the KHAA simulation, Lucifer thinks he might be able to work his way up, bottom up. So we are witnessing a virus system. In fact, the Luciferian simulation can therefore be compared to a virus system. In one way or another Lucifer has tempted our soul (who already played along in the KHAA simulation) to play the Luciferian game. By making us forget that we are observing players in a multiplayer simulation, he can use our creative soul power to strengthen his virus system.

An expanding universe (taking the code out of superposition by observation) may possibly require more space on the central computer system (on which the KHAA simulation also runs), thus providing more computational capacity for the Luciferian simulation. Lucifer may thus try to claim more computing capacity on the mainframe through his expanding universe simulation, thereby diminishing computational capacity from the KHAA simulation at the mainframe.

However, if we look at it from an helicopter point of view, the KHAA universe is still also a simulation. How beautiful and complex it may have developed itself. It doesn't matter. It's a simulation and a simulated universe can develop to the length of days and to the farthest corners. It still remains a simulation. And somewhere at the level of the developer, we are all at the same level (at soul level). In short: if we assume that we as souls aim to become simulation builders, then we probably already do that at the original soul level. At that level we are nothing more and nothing less than the builder of the KHAA universe; nothing less than the builder of the Luciferian universe.

The question you can ask yourself is whether the research of people like Wes Penre and the undersigned are correct. The question then is whether it is true that we live in a Luciferian simulation which itself runs inside the Mother Goddess KHAA simulation. If that is correct then there still must be an enginering level somewhere. In any case, there is an observing level, where we, so to say, are sitting there with the controller in our hands. The observing souls who are playing along in this game. A game inside an other game even. If that level exists, you might say that we are simulation builders at that level. Why would you then connect yourself to a virus system like the Luciferian, by merging into the AI ​​(first via the brain connection of Elon Musk and then going all the way, with body and all into AI)? Why would you choose, as Wes Penre states, to return to the KHAA system? That's also a simulation isn't it? To be able to become simulation builders in that simulation? But if that simulation allowed the Luciferian simulation to occur, then that is not a simulation in which you want to live, do you (observer)?

It is much better to take off the VR glasses and return to the original position, to soul level. But how do you do that (if that soul level already exists)? The point is that once I have told you and as soon as you understand that you are an avatar (an observer) in a simulation, you will realize that he / she that you identify as being you, is only an avatar. You are your soul. So you do not have to worry about the time experience of your avatar. It's just a game. Your brain thinks you need to be released from this simulation. However, you are not in this simulation. You also do not have to return to the KHAA simulation. You also do not have to return to the basic position. Your realization that you are eternally and forever your soul and only perceive a simulation is enough. Your avatar brain can not process more than that. However, you are not your avatar. You are not your brain. You are not even here so to say. You are looking at "the screen". You only identified too much with the puppet on the screen.


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  1. hans coudyser wrote:

    Very interesting material and reasoning - which I still need some time for. That referred video from Wes Pern,, I also find pretty interesting. If I understand correctly, is Maitreya an avatar pioneer of Lucifer? Greetings. Hans.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Lucifer is not called "The Grand Architect" for free within freemasonry and other Saturnalia fraternities. What I do have questions about is the Penre theory with regard to the KHAA system. Does he refer to the MerKAbah system? merkabah "thing to ride in, cart" is derived from the consonantal root rkb with the general meaning "to ride".

    The ancient Egyptians also had a concept from Ka:
    The Ancient Egyptians believed the soul had three parts, the ka, the ba, and the akh.
    The ka and ba were spiritual entities that everyone possessed, but the akh was an entity reserved for only the selected few who were deserving or size kheru.
    "The ka was essentially a person's double," it was the life and death that it was separated from the body.

    Questions, questions and further questions ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Personally, I see no clear evidence to believe that such a KHAA system would exist.
      What we can see is that the Saturn worshipers have something to do with Lucifer and speak of a great architect.
      We only need to get the symbolism there.

      It seems that politicians and world leaders function as a kind of avatar inputs in the game, in order to send the game in a scripted direction. Because consciousness simply requires free will (because otherwise it can not be conscious, because where you can be aware if everything is deterministic) the game builder must therefore take into account the free will. If he wants to achieve a certain outcome, he must try to influence the game through inputs with his own avatars (players).

      So what I am proposing is: Whether this simulation is now running in KHAA (or any form of other simulation) is not so relevant. A simulation remains a simulation, even if someone gets up in the simulation to build a simulation again.
      The source of the simulation always remains the builder of that simulation.

      The big question is: who is the builder of the simulation and what is the purpose of the simulation? A simulation is usually meant to test situations.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I consider the concept of the KHAA system as another variant of the singularity. A kind of spiritual safety net. You can tell from the descriptions that it is not much more than a simulation in which the same promises are made as with the singularity.

      Wes Penre actually relies on anonymous sources.

      It seems, given his reactions under the video mentioned, that these sources are actually also a kind of avatar inputs, namely 'characters who have shown themselves to him and have given messages to him'. He seems to have made a kind of appointment with these characters that he will never mention them.

      In my opinion you can never trust such input 100% blind. The realization (based on the quantum physical evidence) that we are living in a simulation, should make you extremely suspicious about appearances that pass on your information. If you ever play a Playstation game, you also sometimes encounter characters in such a game that give you a message. These are inputs from the builder of the game. It would be extremely naïve to trust it, because usually they give input that belongs to the game.

      The great architect of this simulation is clearly recognizable for everyone who does the effort. We think we can identify it as Lucifer, because the elite worship that character. Wes Penre states that Lucifer should be the Annunaki But En.Ki would be nothing more than an avatar input in the game in the starting point of the simulation.

      There is clearly 1 architect of this simulation and it seems that this simulation has enticed consciousness fractions (what we call 'soul') through a good "promo film" to participate in a simulation that is not as beautiful in practice as outlined in advance.

      What is relevant is that if this (apparently) negative simulation does run in another simulation, it will probably extract calculation capacity from that original simulation. In this sense it seems that it is not entirely excluded that the KHAA (or such an overarching simulation) exists, because the Luciferian simulation seems to behave like a kind of virus system.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        Clear Martin, thanks for your explanation! What is so obvious to me is that the simulation ergo Lucifer / Nimrod / Iblis / Satan or whatever it may be called, derives its powers from the 'unconscious' actors in this simulation and there are quite a few ... ???? they are the catalyst that maintains all this and centralize / compact the energies so that the simulation or. safety net is maintained ... My last dilemma is the 'light' that we see / see at the end of this experience is the false light (recycle) or the portal to a higher dimension?

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    For everyone who wants to learn to understand the implications of the double slits experiment:

  4. mb. wrote:

    Nasa gets about USD 90 million per day. Nice to milk the people and create disinfo with that money. Not bad …

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