How to deal with the coronavirus (lockdown) measures: practical tips

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The past few days I have been flooded with questions about the coronavirus outbreak. What should I do? How do I deal with all measures? What preparations do I make for everything to come? I have positive news. The positive news is that it is clear that more and more people understand that they are being played with mass hysteria. In my book I call this'the great virus that keeps us in a false reality'.

The reality as we perceive it is largely determined by the media and politics. More and more people are starting to see that.

Of course it seems almost impossible to fully stage a virus outbreak, but the script of it Event 201 coronavirus exercise was already there and the covid-19 outbreak was already shown in beautiful world maps before there was an official test on the market. It seems impossible to fake deaths or fake infections. Or is that possible? And if so, why the hell would they do that?

So let's just assume that the virus actually exists. We are not yet sure whether it originated naturally or perhaps designed in a lab and accidentally escaped or spread as a bio-weapon. Let's assume the option of a bio-weapon (just for the thought experiment). If there were a government or terror group that would have done this, you would never find out, because it cannot be traced back. All we know is that Bill Gates said back in 2017 that the next pandemic could just come from a computer screen (see here).


We see an incredibly small number of infections (just a few thousand out of many hundreds of millions), but the claim is that there is an exponential growth behind the coronavirus and that despite the low number of infections at the beginning, the matter is a few weeks later becomes uncontrollable. If that is always called, the Dutch approach to a controlled outbreak in which 60% of the population must become infected to form an immunity firewall is a bit strange. Mark Rutte called that group immunity.

So what you know at some point is reaching an uncontrollable explosion will allow you to delay the spread of the virus and not get the exponential factor? They also apply this method in the United Kingdom. Other countries are going for a total lockdown. It seems that this non-uniform approach will soon be a reason to come up with an unambiguous approach on a global scale. We have already seen this call for world government with regard to climate measures.

Anyone who has read my book may have discovered that when you have politics and media in your pocket and you also have a large network compromised employees in society (which gives you an income guarantee), it is best to stage it. In the former GDR, according to official figures, 1 in 50 people was such Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter. We cannot rule out the possibility that governments might be able to whip things up, using propaganda techniques in combination with media and people earning extra money. All we can conclude is that governments needed this crisis.

It was about to arrive. I wrote long before this crisis broke out this article in which I stated that capitalism was the smart roadmap towards communism. This is because central banks had printed such a huge mountain of money that the debt bubble (the 'everything bubble') became unsustainable. With that printed money, money was lent to interest-free multinationals at virtually zero interest. Subsequently, the central banks bought back those debt securities (bonds). Large companies were thus given large sums of money to buy up falling competitors and to boost their own share prices (by buying up their own shares).

Stock prices remained artificially high, which seemed to be going well economically. More important, however, was that these companies could get bigger and bigger, while the non-privileged companies fell over (because they didn't get free money). By crashing the economy, governments can now buy and nationalize those companies. And so you soon find yourself in what we call communism.

The last thing you want in a communist regime is independent entrepreneurs. You want everyone to have a basic income and dance neatly to the imposed state rules. What has the Dutch state (as an example) achieved in one fell swoop in recent days? Everyone is at home and fully dependent on the support of the state. Tens of billions are suddenly available to provide everyone with a basic income. Do you think of communism? That seems to be on the positive side of that communism. The communist idea is theoretically very beautiful.

The state can now realize all facets of communism within a few weeks as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Does that smell like planning?

I know. You will think that our dear Dutch ministers and our always cheerful Mark Rutte would never work on such a nefarious plan. Well then I ask you: How could I speak of a master's script that strives for such a totalitarian regime? How did I make correct predictions?

We also know the dark face of communism. We know this from the old Soviet Union, the GDR, China and North Korea. Did you know that you now see that same dark face during this coronavirus outbreak? We see a military coup on the people in several European countries and the US. We are put in a complete lockdown. Not yet in the Netherlands, because the Netherlands and the UK have to show that their approach is not working out well. In practice, this probably means that the total lockdown in the Netherlands and the UK will come and will be much harder than in France and Spain. We are going to see the dark face of communism and it is being sold to you as a necessity because you have come to believe in the virus outbreak.

I describe the real virus in my book: 'the great virus that keeps us in a false reality". I also predicted in that book that there would be another pandemic. The real virus is the total manipulation of the masses through media and politics.

What measures will we take in my estimation:

  1. Military and police posts
  2. Obligation to follow “directions and instructions” (follow orders)
  3. Communication espionage (for your own “safety”, under the pretext of detecting infected people or people who do not keep orders)
  4. Reporting obligation
  5. Money shortages and queues at the government counters that 'provide support'
  6. Prohibition on the use of cash and cash machines that no longer give money
  7. Safety zones
  8. Mandatory home quarantine
  9. Compulsory to come for external quarantine or imprisonment of non-conformists (people who don't listen to the “directions” or have no good reason to be on the street)
  10. Picking up people who from big data analysis show that they are potentially rebellious
  11. Mandatory health test
  12. Mandatory App to monitor you remotely
  13. Mandatory vaccination

In this article I described the background information and the consequences of such measures. Do you recognize certain things that we know from communism in the old Soviet Union, the GDR, North Korea and China? This time it is just one bone worse. I call that "technocratic communism." That is communism in which technology plays a very important role and everything can be monitored from central servers of the state. That is what we already know from China and that is now being rolled out in Europe and the US via the coronavirus hype.

What happens if you don't cooperate? Then you will probably be locked up and it will just be forced on you. All laws have been put in place in recent years to make this mandatory “care” possible. The compulsory mental health care act was activated on 1 January 2020. I warned about this for years and even made a petition that was signed more than 5000 times. It did not help. Under the current Rutte cabinet, the law was simply rushed through.

What can you still do? Would it be better to let it pass over you passively and then just live in that technocratic communist regime, hoping that things will get a bit more fun again? Finally, we like everything to be arranged for us. Finally, we also like to have a basic income. It is also nice to not have to work for the next few weeks.

History has taught that totalitarian regimes lead to total oppression. So the question is whether you choose convenience and bend for the short term or whether you consider the long-term effects.

In my book I explain exactly what the 'master script' is. That 'master script' was predicted long ago and everything comes out. I will also show you the essential choices you should make (the practical tips). The most essential choice can only be made if you see through the entire game from A to Z. I can't put that in 1 article, but put it in 134 pages. Soon also the English version. Take it to yourself and know what awaits you. My book ends with good news and the most important practical tip ever, but to summarize it in one line would be the essence. So you will find the only real practical tips in the book. You can read it in 1 day. Short but sweet. Read on here

your book

With the purchase of your book you also support my work so that I can continue. I would also like to call on you to become a member, because your support is permanent and very necessary. It is also important that you share the articles, so that we reach the critical mass. You may be part of the exponential effect of this anti-hysterics virus. You have the power at the touch of a button.


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    What did Willem Alexander know?

    10 March 2020

    His Majesty King Willem-Alexander opens the exhibition 'CONTAMINATED!' On Wednesday morning, April 15. at the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave in Leiden. The exhibition is about the outbreaks of infectious diseases such as plague and smallpox and how they can disrupt life.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And so it goes for the children .. totalitarian regime for the little ones.

    Follow the instructions: Befehl ist befehl!

    The 'Covid-19 schedule for students':

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      Point 1) First breakfast, then shower and then take off the pajamas, it may just be the case that the totally brainwashed youth and their parents will literally do this.

  3. Sun wrote:

    It is now after 19.00 pm and you can hear the church bells ringing. Do the churches still exist and are they still open at this time? At this hour? Is it the intention to bring people into fear fashion, keep it? I'm going to take a pulse, go out the door and speak to two ladies and they declare that for a few weeks, every other week, the bells will ring because of the corona virus !!!

    They go very far with their psyop trance hypnosis. They will probably believe in it themselves.
    Now or never for the “illuminati”. Stop now I say to the “illuminati” do normal.
    People it is not true what happens.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    People who monitor social media discussions as a homeworker on behalf of the state. Then you get software to say negative things about him and defend the state agenda wherever the name Martin Vrijland appears. Of course you get a small training for that. Could that be possible? Or does it not work that way? Oh no? That's another bizarre conspiracy ... yuck

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Ladies and gentlemen) well you shouldn't say that anymore) .. for clarity! This is NOT acted on. I repeat this is NOT acted. That cannot be acted on, because ministers do not act

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Interesting that you don't have to wear a face mask as a police officer. Are they resistant to the virus or do they know that the virus threat is nonsense?

  7. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    NOS news today .. "supermarkets want ban on cash payments" oh man it is so clear which script is rolling out ..

  8. Camera 2 wrote:

    Just wait for new elections and vote for the opposite party ha ha

    Forget it, there is no counterparty to actually vote that is included in the system.
    The opposing team has long consulted with Johan Cruiyff how the match went / will go hihihi, good foeballuher he 😉 Johan 😉 he knew and could therefore say: "you only see it when you realize it"
    yeay right!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The police are preparing for the scenario that in the Netherlands is chosen for a complete lockdown, a situation in which the entire society is locked and people have to stay at home. In that situation, the police should enforce such an emergency ordinance and, if necessary, “show the strong arm.”

  9. Sun wrote:

    If I understand correctly, 58 people have died, the majority of whom were old and already sick. And for this relatively low number, society is frightened and stirred up.

    People wake up. Civil servants think before you follow your superior's orders. Ask questions and be critical of your superior with your colleagues.

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      And count on this to happen, because you can wait for the panic if so-called 2000 new cases will be added in a day. Then the panic in the media etc is so radiated on the people that everyone panics. And then the lockdown in the Netherlands is introduced 10 times as strict as it is now in Spain and France. Then you can just get a situation where people try to flee from the Netherlands to North Korea.

  10. Ikkedusik wrote:

    Martin you are a hero. A man with a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately, there are still many sheep. People believe the media blindly. This will run out of the so-called “claws”. I'm afraid your theory will become a reality. Can't we just let this happen boy? Vaccination required. I don't think about it !!!!! Your book is on its way. I can't wait to read it. Get a bit of a gut feeling every now and then (from that whole so-called corona event)

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