If prophecies are fulfilled, is that proof that your beliefs are the truth?

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Many readers see the fulfillment of prophecies as a sign that their beliefs are right. For those who are not interested in religion, I want to say: think again, because the whole world politics is based on religious beliefs. If you don't see that, you simply didn't pay attention. Why was the state of Israel founded, why did many Jews go to Palestine, why did Trump declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel last year and why did he state that the Golan Heights belong to Israel? For religious reasons and nothing else. Religious motives are interwoven in all major political movements worldwide.

If something then forms the common thread in large processes, you are actually not really smart if you do not want to see that common thread or even deny it. Religion is something that we must pay serious attention to, because it is the guiding factor in world politics. It forms the aorta of all the political processes that we can observe around us every day. You may have decided yourself that you do not want to be religious or religious, but denying the importance of religion on the world stage is something like denying that 70% of the earth is covered with water.

So if you have taken your head off the sand regarding the important influence of religion on world politics, then we can see what that role is. If you really study it seriously, you may find that many of your colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances value prophecies; whatever beliefs they hold. This means that we can conclude that people are firmly convinced that these prophecies have already come true or will come true. So if billions of people believe in something like that, you might have to pay attention to it, because if you don't, you simply belong to the minority. Billions of people believe that there will be a messiah, that there will be an anti-Christ, and that there will be an end-time battle for Jerusalem. Just knowing that you can understand why, for example, Jerusalem is so important on the agenda of so many political movements. It is another matter if you do not take the time to delve into those matters because you prefer to engage in going out, working, paying bills, bread and games, and so on. In my opinion, it is worthwhile (or rather: essential) to delve into these things. Why? Because then you understand what is going on and where 'it is going'.

I have received many reactions from both the Christian and Islamic sides that certain events are evidence of the fulfillment of their prophecies. The question I would like to ask these people is the following: is the fact that there is a chicken walking around proof that the egg was first there? You may find that a strange question, but what I mean is that the fact that prophecies come true does not necessarily prove that your religion is the truth. Perhaps those readers should first ask themselves whether they are not looking for evidence of what they have been brought up with since childhood. I have also been raised with Christian dogmas, but if you really have the guts to think outside your box, you will not get stuck in your pre-created bubble. The fear of leaving your Christian bubble or the fear of going beyond your Islamic bubble is based on the fear of the punishment of hell and missing the grand prize in the afterlife. I apologize, but everyone who does not have the courage to ever think outside those basic frameworks is, in my opinion, a scare hare.

When prophecies come true, many see the evidence for their faith. For example, click this link to see how Jehovah's witnesses view certain events as prophecies have been fulfilled. below this link you will find a short summary of what the Christian vision is of the prophecies that will come true; noted that you again have a difference between all kinds of 'Christian movements'. The Evangelical or Baptist movement once again thinks differently about the timeline of events than Reformed Christians and so you can make a whole list of differences in views, based on the difference in Bible interpretations. We see the same on the Islamist side and so you actually see corresponding and conflicting views in all major world religions. Then there are many similarities between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I leave aside the other major world religions here, but in principle we see the same basic principles everywhere in a different way. However, the three mentioned are all Abrahamic belief systems. However, the Muslims believe that their faith corrects that of Christianity, and Christians believe that Islam represents the faith of the false prophet.

Very briefly, these are the essential differences between Islam and Christianity (where you can say that Christianity is strongly linked to Judaism, because it is as if the Jewish faith is part of Christ's end-time plan):

Islam believes on the basis of the Koran and the Sunnah (Hadith):
In the coming of the Mahdi ("the promised one", "the bringer of peace" or "the twelfth imam" or "the hidden imam".)
In the arrival of Isa (Isa is Arabic for 'Jesus'.)
In the arrival of the Dajjal. "the great deceiver who will come upon a mule."

Christians believe on the basis of the Bible:
In the arrival of the antichrist
In the coming of "the false prophet"
In the coming of Jesus Christ, who will establish a new world empire.

Both religions believe in the return of Jesus and also both believe in the coming of an anti-Christ; who is called Dajjal in Islam. Take a look for example this movie to get an idea of ​​this.

What I am trying to do through my articles is to stimulate the reader to think about whether prophecies and how they come true are not a sign that there is a large script. The believers of the different religions also want to go along with that. However, they then make sure that the script is controlled by their god; either the god of the Bible or Allah (in the case of Islam). However, I try to encourage readers to consider whether the simple fact that we seem to be witnessing a script does not indicate that the entire program is pre-programmed and that we are living in a simulative reality (in a simulation). Could it be that the coming out of prophecies does not simply indicate that your specific god is the only true one, but especially that there must be a 'god'? Could it be that this god has consciously built the script in such a way that multiple religions are needed to create the plus and minus poles that are supposed to fulfill that end-time battle? Could it be that the script is built in such a way that in all aspects of society dualism is always needed to drive the current in the 1 direction (as with a direct current from a battery with a plus and minus pole)? Could it be that the religious burden of proof that you think you find for your belief system from your holy book is necessary to make you part of one of those opposites?

If quantum physics already shows that an observer is needed and if several quantum physics discoveries indicate that an observer is needed to create the material world, then that, together with those religious prophecies, is not an indication that we are actually in a simulation life? I wrote an extensive article series about this here) en here) finds. It is fine to explain that there is a god from the simulation model. That is namely the builder of this simulation. It is also good to explain that there are prophecies that have already come true and that will have to come true. That is the script or the source code of the simulation. If we assume that it is a multi-player simulation, then equivalent observation is required for all participants (Mount Everest must be in the same place for everyone). That is explained by the quantum entanglement from quantum physics and we also find that basic principle in this Google's cloud anchor technique on its platform for simulations (augmented reality). So there are many indications that we live in a matrix-like reality and that it is a multi-player game. So you can of come to the conclusion that you should continue to follow the script of your religion based on your beliefs of you can come to a much smarter conclusion.

The definition of god is: God is the builder of the simulation

What is that much smarter conclusion then? For that you really first have to read my article series about the simulation. If you really start to see that it is reasonably likely that we live in a simulation, then you can also understand that a simulation must always respect the free choice. You wouldthe law of free will'can call it, because without free will a program is not a simulation, but it is actually a kind of film whose outcome is already certain. The essence of a simulation, however, is that you offer the players a challenge and want to test how well they play the game. For example, you don't build a flight simulator to make the aircraft fly and land on the autopilot, you build it to test the pilot. In a multi-player simulation you want to study how the players behave individually and collectively and see which choices they will make individually and collectively. You can, however, place non-player characters in the simulation that follow a certain script and try to convince the players in the game to follow that script. Do we perhaps recognize the role of world political and religious leaders there? Yes, as far as I'm concerned.

What if the builder of the simulation hopes that the players voluntarily surrender to a certain end goal? Then he must put the non-player characters in the game in important positions and ensure that the players who do not play the script according to the rules of the non-player avatars (which he placed in the game) earn less points in the game. The builder of the simulation thus makes it unattractive not to play the game according to the rules. Could it be that he wants to achieve a certain outcome that is favorable to him without violating the law of free will? Suppose we are through a good one teaser movie have been tempted to this simulation, but only within the simulation come to the discovery that it is all less fun and enjoyable; that we can get sick, go to war, have to work, can continue and so on? We may have to play the game out, because we have signed a contract to play it out. However, if the builder of the simulation has structured us and still tructs us to voluntarily serve him within the simulation, then he still respects the free will, but we may have to be alert and wonder if he has no bad intentions has.

In my opinion, this simulation is controlled by (builder-operated, non-player character) avatars in a certain direction. They try to steer the script in a certain direction through religious and political processes based on duality (because duality gives a direct current in a desired direction). In my opinion, the ultimate goal is to surrender to the merger with the builder's AI system; in other words: deeper sinking in the simulation. In religions we find this in 'eternal life'. In transhumanism (see Google's CEO Ray Kurzweil) this is called the singularity. The arrival of an anti-Christ or messiah-like figure from the air (the cloud) is fairly easy to achieve. This way, a game builder can make an avatar appear in the game quite easily. If you start to see it all from that perspective, you will start to realize that it is really a kind of hyper-realistic Sony Playstation game, where matter, feeling, thoughts and everything you perceive is perceived by your soul (the observer / player) through your avatar in the game (your body). It is therefore essential that you do it 'double slits' experiment understands well.

So if you believe that you can win eternal life by surrendering to the god of your religion, you are making an essential mistake in 2. To start with, you live forever and you are only a player in a multiplayer simulation. And point two you are then at the service of putting the script that has the purpose to connect you even more definitively with the builder of this simulation. Now you can say:Yes, but my god only has good intentions!"Well, then all that murder and manslaughter, illness, working for money and slavery would not have been necessary. You surrender to a dualistic system with positive and negative aspects. The builder of this simulation clearly has bad intentions; namely those where we have to surrender and become increasingly dependent. He tries to achieve this through the script and the direction drivers of this script; the avatars placed by him in this simulation (controlled by him) in top positions. Anyone who puts himself at the service of these avatars through management positions and all grades below contributes to the fulfillment of the slavery script. So the only way not to give the script the result that the simulator builder wants is to stop working on the script. read continue here how you can do that.

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  1. danny wrote:

    As David Icke once described it:
    That people have a certain belief is in 99,9 percent of the cases because their parents and their environment / culture had that belief.
    Not because they had compared all religions and thus concluded which "the best" religion is.

    Furthermore, I also believe that because people believe that prophecies are being fulfilled, this also happens and is confirmed.
    Say a kind of law of attraction (thoughts / beliefs create reality).

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Insightful article, I have always said that this is a self-fulfilling script, a programming that is carried out by the faithful. Lucifer, though I don't have to do anything, I present choices and the souls come to the false light like flies ..


    (or an opinion or prediction) bound to be proven correct or to come true as a result of behavior caused by its being expressed.
    expecting something to be bad can turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy

    The only correct answer is not to play 🙂 #noncompliance

    • SandinG wrote:

      idd you do not need to feed the beast (fear), another example of how the usual suspects the representatives of the master script play the masses ..

  3. guppy wrote:

    That's how it is all Martin!

    If it had all been that easy then there would have been no point either.

    Also agree with Danny, you will be programmed for the first 7 year of your life. If you want to get rid of this, you have to reprogram yourself. This will not work if you stay in your trusted box.

    If people or groups all believe in the same script, then it will actually happen.

    I also believe in it myself, but I'm not going to stay on this planet for eternity.

    I go back to my original through the fear / death.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Reactions from readers who are popping up here for the first time and who show that they have not taken the trouble to read the underlying (linked) articles and who show that they do not want to look beyond the “trust in the Lord” and the faith ”(or rather easy to stay with the old familiar feeling) are not allowed.

    I spend a lot of time in my articles and don't respond to Febo snackers.

    • johnberrevoets wrote:

      That is a shame as responses from all sorts of people often give a better idea of ​​where people are in the article you wrote. They are as it were the mirror of your article. By merely passing on opinions that contain the entire article, the mirror is virtually covered. Moreover, FEBO has very good satay croquettes.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        All kinds of reactions on the internet no longer give a correct picture, because it is full of online guardians of the agenda; whether or not hidden behind a deepfake Facebook profile with a deepfakes social network.
        Can you leave comments under the Telegraaf propaganda articles? No.
        If people don't take the proper effort to read my articles properly and study the substantiation, I will not let such reactions pass through. Who manages this website? You or me?

  5. Sun wrote:

    Good article. I wonder if all readers understand what you mean. That is just the question.

  6. guppy wrote:

    That precisely explains the weakness of the religions in the current state. If you come up with a clear story, people switch over, come soon again savior and put it back outside themselves.

    You can also refer them to the xandernieuws faith forum 😉

  7. guppy wrote:

    Or was it bare, I have to keep working on my Dutch 😊

  8. Maasland wrote:

    OK, pretty burrowing statements. It is said that many are in their bubbles and cannot come out. However, some people are freed from their bubbles ... but then they do not automatically 'end up' with the vision as described by you (and in comments) (= actually a bubble? But a different type of bubble?).

    Call it religion, or call it "truth outside of ourselves" ... but
    - You do not have to do your best extra for a good hereafter destination; that stubborn is typical of religious denominations, and reinforces the thinking of power
    - There is no heaven or hell at all. No, there will be a renewed / restored Earth
    - View the visions behind the article, and then view as objectively as possible what you need more faith for and assumptions to make ... The Bible, or those visions mentioned?
    - There is a "Universal Truth" outside of ourselves, ultimately not driven by Lucifer-in-a-simulation.
    - There is a God who has made a Plan of Era.
    - Despite the many demonstrable errors in translations and compilation and minorities in one of the holy books you can know that we are now in the middle of 5 eras. The 2 eras below are for construction and repair !!
    - So you believe that for the current "angry eon", "invisible people" wrote and filled in the script? And if it were a simulation, there would have to be "human-type" like creatures in control of the control stick? How many "beliefs" are already in this scenario ...
    - No, says the intended God, good and evil both have their role in this eon ... and with a purpose.

    Studying everything, eliminating emotion and "finding", I come to the conclusion that, compared to the many "variants" mentioned (so also your starting points Martin), there is for the truth of One God's Being Who was completely alone before then a plan -of-ages conceived in which man and good and evil etc. have a place to subsequently (so this God) become from all-in-Himself to all-in-all through a build-up towards that through that time-planning ...., fewer assumptions or belief is necessary than all other variants that are not based on a Bible.
    So I turn the question around for you: Could it be that there is one Truth (a God) that directs people to implement His Plan / script? So a Truth (a Standard) that is timeless and outside of ourselves? A God Truth that will restore everything for the better in His Image?

    Or do you have 100,0% conclusive facts that in any case that can never be the case?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      That new heaven and earth is the new simulation (within this simulation) in which the builder of this simulation (Lucifer) wants to draw us.
      There is no theory. The quantum physics experiments show that we live in a simulation. That is also not a matter of interpretation or belief.
      But you just hold on to God and Jesus. Why? Because you are afraid that you will miss the new heaven and new earth? Well I would say: join Ray Kurzwel, Elon Musk and all the pawns that push us towards the singularity. That new heaven and that new nature are the singularity (the promise of "living in" a new simulation).

      • Maasland wrote:

        Thank you for your response Martin.
        If you do not want to detach yourself (just like me, as you indicate) from so-called "this simulation" then you move on to the next simulation, as you indicate (the new heaven and new Earth that was presented). Will the Luciferian administrators of that simulation never die once? Or do they have good successors? And "perseverers" like me do die one day, right? Or is dying another process?
        How endless is our current simulation?

        Yet again the same question: why are you, and the acceptors of your writing (see comments) still in it? Isn't that smart either?

        Is "your alternative" (when do you step in) eternal? Or what happens there? Will you die (when you get there) once? Or is dying not an issue there?

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          I don't think you understand what I mean.
          Dying within a simulation can be compared to the puppet on the screen of a Playstation game that dies. The soul is not dying.
          You seem to be stuck in a pre-programmed concept that there must be a good-natured god. The builder of the simulation that you and I now play can be identified as Lucifer (at least from our avatar position). That can simply be the Mark Zuckerberg of the upper layer (perhaps the original) layer.
          The question of who then built the original layer and whether this is a single deity or whether everything comes from a kind of all-inclusive data stream cannot be answered from the simulation / avatar position (inside the game). Then you do it with the books and information made available in the game (such as the Bible). Who says service info is correct?
          The only thing we can do are experiments that lead to an analysis of our situation. These quantum physics experiments prove that we live in a simulative reality (being observers / players). Again: that is not a theory, it is a step-by-step trial and error method to find out the essence of our existence here.

    • guppy wrote:

      Why does Jesus say in the Bible "do not build your house on this earth"? This simply means that this is a temporary place. In other words, do not lose your soul here on this earth. He also says 'it is finished' and not it is only finished when you have almost finished each other in the name of god. You are not on this site for nothing and you can still believe in Jesus. If you want Jesus to come back to earth, you must ensure that you become Jesus. Martin says the same as Jesus and unfortunately you are still being puked by most people.

      If you exchange the word Jesus in the Bible for Christ-consiousness, the unique consciousness within yourself then you are very far away.

      Jesus did not care what others said and told what information he received from within. That means you rise above this world and its laws. The world will hate you because it has no influence.

      Jesus went against the god of this dualistic world which means that Lucifer is the god of this world.

      Lucifer is the demigod who has separated himself, it is up to us whether we also separate.

      • Maasland wrote:

        Hi Guppy
        These are beautiful things that you mention; according to me our views differ less than you think.
        But as I also respond to Martin: you too are "sitting" here. Little non-smart right? Jesus or not, chris-consiousness or not .... In this time we are unable to go to the next phase (otherwise you will be quadratic sympathetic that you keep yourself in this tear to "evangelize" us ...).
        At the very least you can come to the conclusion that there is "a Leader" when we see "intelligent design" in creation. Well, it is therefore much more likely that this Leader will take us to that next phase (in steps of recovery).
        And what I mean for Guppy is that you are wondering: for which scenario do you need more faith and assumptions?
        Thank you for remaining in this simulation ... ... at least we can exchange ideas on these matters.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          If you had read my article correctly, playing in this simulation has nothing to do with sympathy if you have signed a contract to play this simulation. However, I do not want to be guided by the following simulation and fall for the avatars of the builder of this simulation (such as the avatar Jesus) and certainly not blindly rely on a few beautiful books (like the Bible) prepared by avatars of the builder of this simulation.
          The point is that you remember that you are not your avatar, but your soul. This is apparent from the quantum physics experiments.
          I understand that it is easy to sit and wait for Jesus and then hope for a new heaven and new earth. So what? And then? Living under the slavery of that same tyrant god? What do you want to do all this time on that new heaven and earth? How to weed your garden? Or rule with Jesus from the throne in Jerusalem in the millennial kingdom of peace? Rule over who? There is something elitary in it (like that ... "haha, I can nicely rule with Jesus over the rest of the mob").

  9. guppy wrote:

    I think you reincarnated just as many times until you realize that this is an illusion. This is also the ideal time to find out with all the information that is available despite all the sensation.

    This is the final round for Martin and me and many others. If you want power and fame you can stay here (forever) but if you don't realize it's an illusion then it doesn't really have depth.

    You are here to open the seven seals, seven chakras, to rise above Lucifer. This is not going to save you with new age religions and yoga every week. You are going to save this by going out of the box and collecting information that matters. We have not succeeded in this in our past lives, which is why we are still here.

    We have all the time to learn, because time does not exist.

    In addition, we must realize that our ego (from our avatar) is so large that we really want to stay here.

    I think you can only go if you really want to let go.

    That is already a major challenge.

  10. Maasland wrote:

    Martin / Guppy, thanks for the various perspectives. I am going to park this for now.
    In my opinion, you have insufficient awareness of how many assumptions you must first make yourself and then maintain your vision; only the piece of "physics proof" is not enough to make the whole story correct.

    You can also say this about "the doctrine of recovery of all things."
    Although I do not have everything ready at the moment, I know that many things such as those I support can also be demonstrated empirically. In addition, you can demonstrate the main line in the Bible from very different angles (think of a pure form of gematria / script-with-script compare to independent sources / historiography of other peoples etc ..)

    It's great for you that this is your last round. I do not know how many rounds I will have before I will meet you. From my point of view we will certainly see each other "in the foreseeable future".
    Martin, your last reaction has fallen somewhat ... (hoeing / tyranny etc ...); At the very least, I conclude that there is still room for development in studying these issues.

    Have a good trip together !!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      No, I'm not going down. I refer to the biblical prophecy of the millennial kingdom of peace.
      It is the prophecy of the millennial kingdom of peace in which Jesus will rule with his bride (or all believers, his church, "the church", or whatever you want to call it).
      That means that Christians see themselves as chosen ones. Well now; I believe this will be fulfilled exactly if we continue to follow the script and end up in the transhumanistic phase where every Lucifer supporter (believer in the here Jesus, Lucifer's avatar) will get a new body (a nanotech-built avatar).
      However, that is just the beginning. The entire simulation will undergo a transformation (the new heaven and new earth prophecy).

      You don't have to let go of your faith from me, but I find it so cramped that you (and many others) are so attached to it. "The savior comes from above". It would be nice if you understood that your faith is part of the dualism needed to fulfill that same end-time script (and everything that follows - such as that kingdom of peace, etc.). You do have a very blind faith in that cruel god who, if necessary, had to see blood to forgive sins. It was nice that he would then sacrifice his own son (an avatar in the simulation); but come on..make it simple for yourself. How long do people continue to bump into that story?
      Which god wants to see blood? Don't be afraid to come out of your Christ bubble.

      The bad thing is that religious beliefs maintain the script. That is why I continue to insist on that.

      • Maasland wrote:

        Martin, I respect your analytical skills which lie behind your articles. But around Christianity you get no further than the knowledge as used by "95%" of Christians. But many "foundations" in the Bible are really different.

        Just a little bit about your vision: which Luciferianists always reincarnate with them? Do they remain in their role as rulers?
        And where do you end up after your 85e? And what is your daily spending there?

        • SandinG wrote:

          Otherwise start a website where we can read your interesting perspectives, you apparently have a lot of wisdom on lease and it would be a shame to see it lost. M curious…

        • guppy wrote:

          The questions you ask are not that strange, I asked myself. Getting answers is not that easy and I only received an answer when I learned to think outside the box.

          Why do you think all world leaders want to keep their assets in the family? In addition, they maintain the bloodline because their DNA is programmed to run this world as it does now.

          Our DNA must also be restored by separation from the original.

          This world is a copy and to answer your question what you do at a higher level: the same as creating worlds here through thought. But to have this responsible you will first have to descend to the lowest level. This is the only way not to lose yourself in selfishness like the god of this world has done. He says for a reason "There is only 1 god and you cannot love any other god except me."

          The leaders of this world have taken over these properties and truly believe that they are the only ones who can and may control this world.

  11. Christian van Offeren wrote:

    Hello Martin,
    Could you highlight (or refer) if you have already discussed it.
    How does the "oneness concept" fit into this? (which is often distributed in the spiritual community)

    So in the simulation theory, an "original" is spoken of
    In the unity concept it is assumed that everyone is a part of the "big source". And so there is actually no "original" ..? The all is one and the one is all? Is this the belief that is used in the script to get everyone under 1 hat.

    I'm curious how you would describe this.

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