When the total coronavirus lockdown comes and what it looks like: test posts and army

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We can wait for a total lockdown in the Netherlands. The speeches by Rutte and King Willem Alexander are signs on the wall and mainly serve to appease the people and give the impression that everything will be all right. "It just might take a little longerThis is how they make it appear. I tell you: it is permanent.

We are witnessing the end of (sham) democracy and the beginning of a technocratic communism that will be brought as the saving solution, but that will make all the totalitarian measures of the lockdown final.

All-in this article I described what such a lockdown will look like. This time, I just want to make it even more visual to you than I do already did here.

Armored vehicles drive in the US state of Maryland (near Washington DC) already through the streets. There too it is reported that the population does not have to worry and that the state is protecting the people; just like in The Netherlands.

You can say that this will also happen in the Netherlands. In Spain the time has come and people are already being arrested in France. Of course that is being sold to you by politics and media stating that those people didn't follow the instructions, but come on people, is it really not clear what is unfolding before your eyes?

For what do you think tens of thousands of US troops in Vlissingen to be ready? They came for the Defender Europe 2020 exercise, but have only just taken the place. It is easy to guess what they are used for.

It is understandable if you have gotten into the holiday mood and believe that father is doing everything to suppress the terrible virus, but what if that 'everything' also literally means that there will be raids and people will be arrested ? After all, Mark Rutte and the King spoke to you so comfortingly! You rely on that.

Is there anyone who can check whether people actually have that horrible life-threatening all-killing virus when they end up at a checkpoint? Do you see evidence other than stories and images in the (eternally and always proven reliable) media? Is this perhaps just the rollout of the totalitarian police state I've always predicted here?

They are going to set up test posts just like in Maryland. Please see the report below. This will also happen in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. That is not a special prophetic prediction. That's just realism.

Politics and media are going to tell us that the virus is even more dangerous and extremely elusive than they once thought. The experts will then advise a total lockdown. A lockdown in which anyone who has the slightest indication of possibly having the virus should come along.

It will be sold to you as an urgent matter. It will be sold to you as very well-intentioned and for your own good. Locking everyone up is for your own good and safety.

It is likely to get much worse than you could have imagined in your worst dream. We move into zones like in the movie The Hunger Games and meanwhile the state will act as a helping savior by rattling the money bag and providing you with a basic income combined with a promise to absorb all your financial damage. Who is going to pay for that? (see here!)

We are moving to a total reset that now introduces you to the technocratic communist utopia that will continue to sell its totalitarian face as a savior against the invisible virus. And there are more viruses lurking and the climate crisis, and so on. And the army will say:

“We are here to protect you, we are here to help you, we are here for your own good. We are here to support the relief workers. We are here to relieve medical care. We have come to offer support against the elusive coronavirus. People come here only voluntarily and only go voluntarily. ”….”You must listen to the instructions!"

Support my work. Therefore read this book in which I explain the 'master script' and the final objectives; in which I predict a pandemic and talk about the all-encompassing virus system. It's time! You can to do something.

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  1. Harry freeze wrote:

    “The truth is in plain sight”
    The Luciferian Illuminati and Freemasonry always give “clues” in which you can see the truth, they do this through symbols, texts, or in films, music and everything one can think of.

    Rutte said in the telegraph a few days ago "I just feel like we're in a bad movie", this is one example of the truth in plain sight. This should be taken literally, but the people are completely blinded to these clues by conditioning and so on. We are literally in a movie where the script is written and in which we are all actors, the problem is that the script was written by them and we are the sheep to be slaughtered so to speak.

    In my view, it starts to look more and more like a horror movie.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Aside from the fact that Michael has been accused of pedophilia… but that may have been because of this. Unfortunately he thought that Rooseveld and Marten Luther King were the good guys ... but it is the refrain

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Pension funds in the Netherlands: 1560 billion. Is that the pot that will become available when all oldies “die of coronavirus”? The Netherlands as a financier of the communist state of peace? No dude .. “Conspiracy thinker!”…. ”Countrymen… keep calm: We - politicians who have always been reliable - come to your rescue!” .. ”You will receive free money 40-65 billion support in the next 3 months!”… Mark Rutte

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    In short: the free money to all those Dutch people .. if all those oldies die of coronavirus ... could that come from that pot?

  5. Rebel wrote:

    Yes, this is a Test… ..
    Because, this is a test, but it isn't a test by you and your cabal on us unwashed masses, to see what level of your lies we will buy this month. It is a test UPON YOU, one that you aren't even aware you are taking. All of life is a test, for everyone alive. We are all writing our own stories day by day, and the form those stories take determine the advancement of our spirits. So as the governors write these grand fictions, they aren't only trying to determine your response, for their greater profit and control, they are unwittingly writing their own life stories, where they have accepted the role of bad guy. They appear to think it all doesn't matter, since life is a stage anyway, where the bad guy is the best role — besides being the most profitable one. But in thinking this way they have trapped themselves in this lowest level of thought and existence, ignoring the level above that. This is a grave error, because the level above determines the value of everything at their level. Being trapped in this lowest level, they think value is determined by bank accounts or mundane authority, but it isn't. Value is determined by spiritual enrichment: has the story you have written about yourself made you a bigger, better person, or has it made you a smaller, nastier person?

  6. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Thanks jewel Martin,

    I fled to Zandvoort, rented a car and loaded all the prepper things.

    It is quiet here, very very quiet, everything is close to the super mark, this is what we have seen coming for many years, how is it possible that people close to me do not even bother to click on your website . You are just crazy I hear all the time, but I am happy with you Bro!

    Be Still and Know That The I am Within you is …… ..


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Thank you.
      Most attacks are from paid social media guards who can simply appear in your friends list; people who just seem to participate in society. Which army do you think is more important now? That with arms around the shoulder or that army that guards social media? How many social media soldiers does the Netherlands have? Those who just sit in civilian clothes at their PCs from home and come to show up at demonstrations when asked? "Volunteer work while maintaining a good benefit?" Influencers…

      Special software to follow all online discussions and be alerted where to aim their social media bullets ...

      • Harry freeze wrote:

        They are not only behind the PC, there are also large numbers of mobilized, who are located at points of sale (eg supermarkets) and pretend to shop, they are also in parks and forests, where people still have to go or go.

  7. Harry freeze wrote:

    You can now find the inoficial migrant worker everywhere in strategic places where people (still) have to / dare.
    For example, at the entrance of the Jumbo, a sink has been placed where people (only 25 people can be in the jumbo at a time) are obliged to wash hands. There are also all IMs around who also supposedly shop.

    Small example. I walked into the jumbo (I told the guard who has to monitor the hand washing that I had just washed my hands at home so I was allowed to go in without hand washing). And got into a conversation with a gentleman who also wanted to go shopping. I told him that I did not really believe in the measures, and that they had been collectively hysterized by politicians and the media, and that the corona virus was probably 100 or 1000 times less bad if we are predicted.

    The man immediately started to answer me: “No you see this completely wrong, the corona is indeed very very dangerous, and the measures are indeed completely necessary. A daughter of the sister of an acquaintance of our neighbor, has been very ill and spent 4 days in the ICU, she was only released yesterday from the ICU and is now in the ward again, but it has been a side job, so the corona is very dangerous to everyone. "

    I think it may be that there are 1 million IMs everywhere in the Netherlands now, especially in places where many people (still) have to come, especially because of doubts about the corona epidemic or people who do not see the usefulness of the measures in line. to get.

    Also yesterday at Nieuwsuur a great example of conditioning via actors:

    2 young actresses were interviewed who had been very ill because of the corona (both of course contracted during winter sports). It was very easy to see that they were actresses.
    At the same time, a gentleman at the hardware store (also an actor) was interviewed who had fetched wood because he wanted to place a fence. He zoomed in on the stock of wood he had bought for this (I think it was 6 boards), which indicated that he knew it was irresponsible that he was outside but thought it was a bit too wasted to lock himself up.

    One of the actresses was presented with the images of the actor on the hardware store and they looked at them with disdain, "they have to stay inside they do not understand how important that is".

    Fine the images here for people who have not watched news.


    • Camera 2 wrote:

      Harry vries, thank you very much for your report.
      All those guards (security guards) for the big money industry are partly to blame and are direct
      depriving their neighbor of their freedom, unconsciously or consciously.
      Indeed all actors and if you point it out to people they say that you are crazy, you are not crazy but conscious!

      And Rutte always speaks the truth, even in the second room when Rutte called the actors in Poelenburg Zaandam “the rig of the ledge” which, by the way, proved not to be a rig of the rigel but land-rangers of the ledge (dirtiest rig of the earth) in government service. With a measure that cameras can be hung everywhere and inappropriately and more agenda items,
      Thanks Harry, hope everyone becomes as aware as you, have a nice day


  8. Harry freeze wrote:

    Social media explodes: “Massive call, STAY AT HOME”.

    It is not long before the number of infections is "supposedly out of the clutches", and it is decided that this half lockdown, which is actually already a semi-voluntary lockdown from above, will be imposed in NL and then it will be 5x stricter than in Spain and France.

    And that will of course be more or less permanent, will be relaxed a bit every now and then, but then you can easily implant a virus hoax again and then the lockdown can be increased again.

  9. Harry freeze wrote:

    Ask Martin.

    I have been reading the alt-market.com site for a number of years, and the articles by Brandon Smith (the main man of alt market) in particular have always kept me very well informed. I have (always) always had a lot of confidence in him and think (thought) that he is certainly not (was) a 'controlled opposition' because he always very well refers to the fake left-right paradigm, and reasonably always indicates that left and right work without exception for the same “breadmen” and are only intended to effectively capture all the opinions of all people. He has also very well named Trump as a perfect tool of the elite who is a real insider who serves as a pied piper as a captain of the “alt right” ship to sink that when the time comes.

    But at the moment he is also more or less in the camp of the sowers with regard to the covid-19 virus. He clearly explains that the covid virus is being used as and of the cover-ups to implode the “everything bubble” so that central banks are not blamed for the biggest crisis of all time, of which they themselves (deliberately) are the main cause .

    He indicates that this virus is much more dangerous and deadly than one might think, while I think and think (not based on the mobile phone but on what I notice myself) that this virus, like the flu, probably affects people who are already very vulnerable or were close to death, such as the sick and the elderly who would also be very vulnerable in a flu epidemic.

    So he indicates that governments are actually downplaying the danger of the virus, when in reality the virus is much more dangerous,

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Yes, that is certainly striking. A last line safety net pawn? Say it…

      • Harry freeze wrote:

        What strikes me most about his latest long articles that are all about the corona outbreak and the upcoming big brother one world to be rolled out in real time is that Brandon Smith indicates that the MSM CONSCIOUSLY DANGERS AND SERIOUSNESS OF THE CORONAVIRUS the beginning was ALWAYS DOWNPLAYING AND is still trying to downplay seriousness BECAUSE IT WILL PREVENT PEOPLE FROM PREPARING FOR TIME.

        He also argues more or less for quarantine, provided that this happens voluntarily, it is of course not very strange.

        This is very strange because I perceive the exact opposite in the MSM, whether it be the Dutch MSM or the MSM in other European countries, they are all totally hysterical and outside each other to talk to us about total armageddon. (at least that's what I see) They've been putting people in total fear and hysteria for weeks and they did well, given that half the Dutch population is in voluntary lockdown, for example.

        It also plays the elite (in my opinion) very much in the map that it brings the population in panic fear because a fearful population is by far the easiest to send in the direction (solutions) that you want, and so on.

        By the way, I have family in an African country and there too the population (who is used to a lot more disasters than the European population and is not easily scared of a virus) is brought into a total panic fear, people think there that half of Europe has now moved to the eternal hunting grounds and the rest is dying, so the average inhabitant of that country is also very panicked, although corona is almost not there yet, the population there also accepts very drastic hutching measures and all shops have been closed for days.

        I think the virus actually exists and is indeed dangerous and I myself think that it is certainly more dangerous than a flu virus, but not super much more dangerous, and you can also hear that from the reports (although you can't believe anything) because especially the elderly and the elderly and people who are not so healthy (at-risk groups) perish. This is also the case with flu and I think the symptoms are also related to flu.

        I don't know if he's checked or not, maybe it has to do with how the elite want to work (elite strategy). But it gives me a strange taste in the mouth.

  10. Harry freeze wrote:

    A call foran uprising may have a better perspective. In the hit countries, something like 1 in 5.000 inhabitants has this strong flu and the measures have been exaggerated around 1000x

  11. Riffian wrote:

    Before Event 201 took place there was an American exercise called Crimson Contagion [33], it was all staged. The day before yesterday, Pompeo spoke about a “Live Event” during a press conference:

    https:// int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/6824-2019-10-key-findings-and-after/05bd797500ea55be0724/optimized/full.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3Ju4VW9ivPwH-0XdMyu2C9-_jqTrQ6s2hTCOWrdTjzja2iN6tOIVWsJCE

  12. Analyze wrote:

    It happens exactly according to the script of the usual suspects

    Prime Minister Rutte: the next step is complete lockdown


    Lock Step. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18


    LOCK STEP - A world of tighter top-down
    government control and more authoritarian
    eadership, with limited innovation and
    growing citizen pushback

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