Is Martin Vrijland controlled opposition? No: Read here why that is not the case!

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Bart Nijman, deputy editor-in-chief of Geenstijl, received a blockade on Twitter yesterday. Reason? He called for Eurosceptic voting. He stated that he is normally always at home. Nonsense of course, because Geenstijl has never called for not to vote. We see more or less the same thing happening here as in the US with the blockade of the controlled opposition websites as on Facebook from last week. Let's investigate how that works.

It is difficult to see through the game of controlled opposition, because it looks so nice and defiant. In the meantime, Facebook is postponing the page blockade that I have announced. The message that I can no longer publish from 2 in May is still at the top of my page (see here). This, in turn, raises the question of whether Martin Vrijland himself is not just a controlled opposition. How does that really work? I would say: dig a little deep.

It would be useful to watch the film Surrogates (starring Bruce Willis) in this context. It shows how the creator of the surrogates (the robotic avatars in which most of society lives in that film) places an opposition leader among the old biological people who live in the suburbs. Those real people live in a kind of "human zoo". This film beautifully shows how you can control opposition by leading it yourself.


But what is the use of controlled opposition? Why would they ban them from Twitter or Facebook, for example? Do you see how much media attention that gets? You should actually get used to it. Just like Wikileaks (Julian Assange) was also a controlled opposition site that could leak information about how seriously you were spied (see here why). Even with a bit of murmuring and sulking you have gotten used to it (at an accelerated pace). It simply serves to speed up the habituation process. For the sake of appearance, some agreements are made and some media spectacle is set up, which makes you believe that all that espionage on the people is just useful and necessary. In the meantime, the steam locomotive is just booming. Controlled opposition also often simply serves as a safety net. read here how that safety net strategy works.

"But who tells me that you are not a controlled opposition Free Country". If you ask yourself that question, please take a good look at it and then also see which person is the only person in the Netherlands who addresses the game of controlled opposition in detail, specifically named and who also makes connections; such as that between FvD frontman Thierry Baudet and the Clingendael Institute and the between Alex Jones and Micha Kat with the Council for National Policy (CNP). You just have to take the trouble to study this thoroughly. I will also show you how I was the only free (spontaneously started in 2012) writer who was attacked by a pawn of power and his team. Someone who has since been converted into a woman and is now following a psychiatric nursing course. Do you read this article and the comments just fine. In fact, it is all crystal clear, provided you really examine it seriously.

The sham attacks that often take place, such as those on Micha Kat, serve to make it look like a normal phenomenon and to boost their credibility. But if you look a little deeper, you will see that these attacks are nothing more than sham and that such a Micha Kat hopes like a God in France from hotel to hotel; so-called "on the run" for the "Demmink squads" and the pedo-mafia. Who will pay for that? Once a story has been spun, it must continue to be spinned, otherwise the entire lie factory will fall apart. "Yes, but you are also being attacked, and why isn't that a sham?"Because I have been fundamentally and so attacked that it has literally cost me everything and I do not hop from hotel room to hotel room. There is a difference between sham attacks and fundamentally-harmful attacks. Someone like Kat was already exposed by me when I showed it a few years ago by whom he was paid; including a convicted extortionist who would have used sex recordings with young children to extort senior politicians (Jack Abramoff). And such a person would fight the political Demmink pedo-mafia? Appearances are deceiving.

"Yes, but gadverdamme, it's all so negative!" Unfortunately, the reality is less positive than the win of Liverpool on Barcelona or the reaching of the champions league final by Ajax. The media and alternative media are controlled behind the scenes by the power block that wants to direct the masses in a certain direction. If you shrug your shoulders and think "it will be my time" or "the flood after me", a more and more totalitarian regime will unfold more and more of which you will only experience the prison if it is experienced in your personal life. touches (or your children). Then it is unfortunately too late.

It is therefore important to make a positive contribution to the road to change instead of leaving it up to politicians and front men in the media or alternative media. Euro-skeptic voting is nothing else than contributing to nurturing the opposites in society. It does not work to run after (safety net) leaders. These Pied Piper of Hamelin are well trained and there are many. I recently wrote this article about what you can do yourself. Please read that again. It is 1 minute to twelve. What is the answer you are going to give if your children ask you later: "Mommy or Daddy, what did you do to prevent this?"


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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    The last question in the article or what is a positive contribution?

    Some people choose to give an ear to the population. I am talking about the megalomaniac media structure such as Telegraaf, NPO, basically all (alternative) media that can legally spread the propaganda of the law in our eyes, freedom of word ha ha, unless you refuse to co-write with them as MartinVrijland does, then you are out and you are denounced

    Another nice example:
    I recently saw someone replace the billboard posters.
    The public street frames, you know them, in which is announced: due to great success there is a performance of Soldier of Orange or posters of naked kissing men etc.

    I asked the person who was replacing the posters: "are you sometimes not standing! behind a billboard that you hang up? and that you know that all the passing public sees it?
    "He answered yes certainly! and then I asked, "what are you doing?" he says, nothing: I have to take a picture of the poster and show it to my boss.

    oh I say what kind of posters do you not want to hang? well naked women and men and propaganda from Wilders and such.

    But he says a colleague has refused that once and is Muslim and has been fired.
    But he says: "I have to pay my rent, so", well: I have to hang everything they ask me to hang in the street.
    So while knowingly doing something against his will, he does it ... for money

    I said for a moment if you refuse to hang it and the next one too, then there are no poster hangers anymore and then they might start thinking, yes, he said. I pass it on to my colleagues

    Good afternoon

  2. January wrote:

    No, you are certainly not Martin, I am convinced 100% of that. During the Occupy movement you brought the game very well forward. A controlled movement with Gijs, and how the intention was how the general public would interpret the movement. All those years I have never been able to catch you on a double agenda, which was the case with Oldenkamp and Kat, among others. Many false reports that the cat's public with an insane label are walking around, and the Oldenkamp public is walking around with an aliens label, so that people continue to keep their confidence in the regular media and politics. All external attacks that lead to conspiracy thinkers, alu hats, UFOs were never explained and defended by Oldenkamp or Kat. They have been playing the same game in the same way for years, which ultimately never leads to further awareness (The Infinity symbol Alfa / Omega).

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