Mark Rutte and the heavy burden of the Ukrainian referendum

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mark-rutte-ukraine treatyPoor Mark Rutte! There he was yesterday; all alone among all those EU leaders who all just approved the Ukraine treaty on behalf of their people. At least, those countries have not held a referendum, so we do not know whether the people agree with it. That pilot balloon allowed the Netherlands to leave. It was, of course, clear that there was never anything with one No such a referendum would happen. News hours brought yesterday Ukrainian Member of Parliament Volodimir Arijev, party colleague of President Petro Poroshenko, on the Maidan square. He reported that a possible 'non-ratification' of the association agreement would be a great disappointment to the people after the sacrifice of the more than one hundred deaths that fell on the square in 2014. He pointed to the snipers who were active just before the coup on Yanukovich. A phone conversation between the Vice-President of the European Commission (HR / VP) Catherine Ashton and Estonia's foreign minister, Urmas Paet, however, clearly showed that the snipers were not from Yanukovych's side, but rather from the camp of the people who are now in the government. An American high - level envoy even stands with the neo-Nazi department (Svoboda) of the new regime on the photo. The massacre in Maidan Square was therefore the work of the people who are now in the government and not of the people of Yanukovich. So it is a blatant lie that these people have died heroically to join the EU. They died because the snipers of the coup plotters who wanted to enter the EU shot at them.

So, it is back on again perception management. But alas, the average reader will gradually become a sausage. The world is running and 'good' or 'evil' is only a relative concept. We just want to have a somewhat democratic feeling and that is what Mark Rutte gives us a little bit. But in the meantime we do get a sense of guilt. Ukraine is so keen to join the EU and now that little awkward Dutch people are so bothering! People died for it on the Maidan square! Well no, they just died because that EU-related club has used sharpshooters on their own people. Nonetheless, it is utterly sad that our Mark is so alone in the EU. Look at the poor man now! He has to take it on his own against all those big boys! Actually we can not make it that we expect this from our Mark. You should see him struggling. He must satisfy everyone a little. It is of course a top performance for one No against an association treaty to turn into a Ja by letting the media sell a sense of guilt to the people. We are talking about an Association Agreement with a government that has come to power with the help of America and the EU, using NEO Nazis (such as this Azov Battalion, nicely portrayed by photographer Rob Severein) and snipers who secretly worked on behalf of these coupleglegers instead of the evicted Yanukovich. But sometimes you have to use a little unorthodox methods to save a country from the clutches of dangerous Russia. Let's just help our Mark a little bit now and do not get angry if he's just Ja must say. It would only harm our position within the EU if we were so stubborn.


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  1. Camera wrote:

    Rutteke says on the glue comment of Poroshenko concerning MH17 nothing to have to do.

    That is imaginable because there is no plane crashed down, you always need to first look at the situation, A motor like this below (7000 kilogram) should leave a crater with great force and there was no (no crater at all) so new research ...
    (and when it comes to people, if 1 can keep someone a secret, then 300 can also keep people secret, it's just what you say against it ????

  2. Riffian wrote:

    The VVD would like to vote electronically again ... what will be behind it?

    Speaking of news, the fact that she interviewed a Republican lobbyist who led the campaign team of Jeb Bush yesterday to give an opinion on Donald Trump testifies of very reliable and thorough journalism work ... from 29: 00

  3. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    Jan Roos of the non-existent party "VNL" says no. (who the fuck is Jan Roos?)
    Jan Roos of the non-existent party "VNL" states that there must be binding referendums and elected mayors and more authority for the Dutch. The VNL must be a super party, if you have been held ubber before the elections, so much in the news.
    That Jan say! He and his non-existent party are already causing a political landslide !!
    That's good !
    If that does not become a revolution, who can save the world? ????

  4. SandinG wrote:

    So why it does not matter whether you are going to vote (giving away voice). To the left or to the right the established order does get its way if you continue to play according to their rules. The well-known middle finger: ????

    Majority of the Upper House for Ukrainian treaty rejected by referendum
    Photo: ANP
    Published: 23 May 2017 20: 02 Last update: 23 May 2017 20: 06

    In the Senate there is sufficient support for the Ukraine treaty that was rejected last year during a consultative referendum. Not only a large part of the CDA group supports the so-called association agreement, but the ChristenUnie also supports it.

    In the House of Representatives both parties voted against.

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