Maurice de Hond finds the one and a half meter rule nonsense (video)

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In the next 33 minutes, look at Maurice de Hond, the man behind the large national polls that we can “fully trust”. De Hond has discovered that certain studies show that the one and a half meter rule is nonsense and that the coronavirus mainly spreads when ventilation is poor.

Maurice is of course firmly convinced of the existence of the virus and through his website we find a call to fill in your details regarding whether or not you are infected and what symptoms you have. In fact, that is already a smart way towards the apps that will soon have to monitor us.

Yes, here on the site we often talk about controlled opposition and the recognizability of the number 33 used by Freemasonry to signal that they are in control. I don't trust Maurice de Hond, with his national polls and his 33-minute video, for a single meter.

What we know is that it is as old as the road to Rome, that it is always best to organize criticism of the state yourself. If you simultaneously motivate people to fill in their health data during that criticism, you already have those people in your web. Soon download the apps and Maurice can better monitor the "spread of the coronavirus".

Despite his criticism, Maurice de Hond motivates you to participate in monitoring and prepares you for the big data apps

Everyone can sense on their clogs that this one and a half meter society is humid and that we are being fooled on a large scale. Everyone intuitively feels that there is more behind that meter and a half. In this article I substantiate (with proof that) that one and a half meters is needed to enable direct read and write functionality of your DNA / RNA. Everyone must therefore keep sufficient distance for this. That distance is useful and necessary in “the internet of things” in which man will form 1 of things.

We must move from Krimson Maurice de Hond from an “intelligent lockdown” to a “smart exit”. That all sounds very nice and there is actually nothing to be said, but I never trusted De Hond with his statistics and I do not trust the statistics of the state anyway. Is that paranoid? Yes, call it healthy suspicion.

As far as I am concerned, we should not go to a smart exit, but to a brutal punishment of a lying government that must immediately step down and be replaced by representatives of the people supplied by the people. Ministers elected through direct democracy who swear allegiance to the people rather than the crown.

We have to stop complaining to a government because we are giving that government legitimacy. Maurice de Hond shows respect and appreciation for Mark Rutte and has for many years been deployed as the man who has been allowed to sell the political democracy of bogus democracy through his "polls". The only way out of this situation is to deal with this list-and-deception cabinet hard and not give them any credits anymore. Not a smart exit, but a revolution!

Do not be lured into the next safety net; one that holds up the worst of hope for change, while you are being pushed towards the 'measuring is knowing' thought. Opt for a tough and clear revolution that is necessary, for example, to prevent mandatory vaccination legislation and to abolish one and a half meters of nonsense. Go to

UPDATE 26-05-2020: apparently the video of Café Weltschmertz and the interview with Maurice de Hond have been taken offline by YouTube.

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  1. Sun wrote:

    Yes there you have another one, one from the club and always smooth sales talk. When you hear them speak, as if they have all the 'wisdom' in their hands. They can observe media silence for a few years or just leave permanently and take your 'Corona' with you. Horrible and just keep shaking.

    People sign the petition Now!

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    It may be, but we could have avoided a total of 33 deaths if we had taken the measures. 😷

    ps: In america the exercise is called C rimson C ontagion [33] it could just have been a Suske en Wiske title.

    • Sun wrote:

      Yes, yes, you also start masking everything in the context of limiting freedom of expression. Just kidding.
      Well, it is not surprising when elderly people with serious physical complaints and often malnutrition, ready meals, die in those nursing homes. The elderly stay together and close to each other and thus infect each other with flu. The government has failed, the elderly should not have been kept together. This is reprehensible and even punishable as far as I am concerned. Are there still tough officers and prosecutors who will arrest their boss and / or management of retirement homes / RIVM etc. Of course not. Fortunately we live in a 'free' country a 'constitutional state'.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        it's easy to talk Sunny if we just make a rational calculation of all AOW and pension obligations, shortages will arise and we cannot guarantee expenditure for the future. After all, government is foresight and by extension, the Covid concentration camps are a requirement simply sterile without increasing the pulse.

        Here another 👃

        • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

          A solution has also been found for those pension problems:

          “The new system now on the table should put an end to the discussions about the bad situation of the pension funds, as a result of which they are unable to meet previously promised claims from their members. It will also no longer be necessary to constantly negotiate the 'actuarial interest rate' or whether or not to reduce pensions. ”

          In other words: there is no longer a guarantee on your pension and even if the funds screw it up themselves, they do not have to be accountable. After all, it was due to fluctuations on the stock exchange.


  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Crypto names:

    the mole
    the dog
    the lion

    • SandinG wrote:

      Kat, Vogel, und so weiter you pick them otherwise from those khazars heads. Have a nose for it….

      • guppy wrote:

        You mean, nose of the (Gerrit) Zalm who showed you how to empty a bank and put the bill with the people 😉

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          That's right, but I have to admit to them they play both flanks brilliantly in the Hegelian game. Time and time again, the average Madurodam resident is played, shaved bald and sent into the reeds with a clump, or was it the damn trap?

          It is not beautiful theater and it is free… ooh, the (settlement) account does not follow yet😷

  4. Sun wrote:

    I do not give them compliments. They don't do that with either
    persons who do not belong to Their Club who could be / become Their competitor .. Ah, They have already predicted a new flu epidemic, perhaps ordering is a better word. How they are clairvoyant and special. Keep the slaves in suspension and confused, Their motto. When are they really leaving. Better yesterday than today.

    Sign the petition now! Doesn't cost you anything.

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    What We Don't See

    Total Horror in Africa

    Thousands of victims of malaria TB have died in recent years.

    But now in a few corona cases, detention camps have been set up ... see below

    They grab people from the street and they are dumped in camps 🙁

  6. Sephus wrote:

    This clip below takes exactly 13 minutes. Coincidence? I think it is beautifully made
    Or as someone says in the comments: There's more truth here in 13 minutes than you get in 12 years of state education

  7. Sephus wrote:

    The Dog and his statistics he gets from his helmet when he was born. No research, just what he thinks how and what.
    I think so.

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