Can Boris Johnson (Ottoman ancestors) initiate the chaos in Europe that will help raise the Ottoman Empire?

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I thought it was a joke when a reader posted the following response: "He is a Turk." To my great surprise, a piece of Wikipedia followed which indeed showed that Boris Johnson actually has Ottoman ancestors. Not just any Ottoman ancestors; we can clearly speak of ancestors with a political career. Johnson comes from the same bloodline as the Ottoman politician Ali Kemal. An interesting discovery, because it supports my prediction of the soon-recovering Ottoman empire. Allow me to explain this further.

The Ottoman Empire was once the largest in the world and saw its demise less than a hundred years ago. For years I have been trying to show on the site that politicians are all prepared for their acting and all serve the aristocratic globalization agenda. It is therefore not surprising that we now see a descendant of an Ottoman elite family preparing for the chaos in Europe (via the Brexit debacle) from which the Ottoman Empire will recover. I have been predicting this recovery of the Ottoman Empire for about five years here and, as far as I'm concerned, this is the most ignored topic in the so-called truth community.

Just a small list of the Wikipedia page from Ali Kemal:


Ali Kemal Bey (Ottoman Turkish: عَلِي كمال‌ بك; 1867 - 6 November 1922) was an Ottoman-born Turkish journalist, newspaper editor, poet and a politician of liberal signature, who was for some three months Minister of the Interior in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. He was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.

Kemal is the father of Zeki Kuneralp, who was the former Turkish ambassador in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Spain. In addition, he is the paternal grandfather of both the Turkish diplomat Selim Kuneralp, and the British politician Stanley Johnson. Through Stanley Johnson, Ali Kemal is the great grandfather of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as Jo Johnson (MP for Orpington), the journalist Rachel Johnson, and the entrepreneur Leo Johnson.

In this Ottoman Turkish style name, Ali Kemal is the given name, and there is no family name.

I still want to emphasize that last remark. We know that aristocrats do not hesitate to change their names and that this elitist group is hiding among the ordinary politicians (see for example this article). Thus the United Kingdom is ruled by the German aristocratic bloodline (just like the Netherlands). The House Saxony-Coburg and Gotha (Saxony-Coburg-Gotha) is originally a German dynasty whose members ruled over various European countries. The dynasty originated from the ducal house of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld (from the house of Wettin), which acquired the double-duchy of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha in 1826. In the 19th century, offspring from this lineage were given various other countries. In 1917, King George V changed the name of the British royal family to Windsor. The propagandist media and their perception managers ensure that we quickly forget all this information, so that people do not realize that democracy is a farce and that the old aristocratic bloodlines still reign. They are the guardians of the master script.

The Brexit debacle is part of the master script; the script that is expressed among other things in the religious prophecies. With the Balfour declaration in 1917 and the breaking up of the Ottoman Empire, the foundation was laid for the founding of the state of Israel. The second world war was needed to achieve this definitively, with the holocaust debt complex as the license for the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. With the Breaking of the British Empire afterwards and the decay of all those old colonies, the military power shift to the US could take place and all those old colonies were secretly brought under the British royal family, with the US as the vassal state of the British crown. This new great American empire (which pays taxes to the British crown) is now about to fall. My prediction has been for years that the Ottoman empire will recover. This has everything to do with the master script, in which there must be a battle for Jerusalem between the two major world religions. For this, Jerusalem first had to come into the hands of the Zionists and hence the first and second world war also went according to script. The third world war is the next item on the agenda.

In order to achieve this third agenda item, chaos will first be created in Europe.

'Ordo ab Chao' is Latin for 'order out of chaos', a maxim that has been applied since time immemorial to be able to centralize power again and again. It is a spell from Freemasonry, which is divided into gradations. The highest rank within that secret society is 33. We see that number a lot in important events or events in which they have a finger in the pie. The role of secret societies is often trivialized or dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but if we simply look at the royal houses, we see how much importance is attached to these 'orders'. The Orange's, for example, are prominent in the Maltese knighthood (a society, part of the family tree of the secret societies).


The secret societies are all secretly pharaonic or Babylonian in nature. So that goes back to the first major pyramid-based governments from the first known "civilizations." It seems strongly that within these secret societies there are (interrelated) branches of pharaonic bloodlines that maintain their genetic lineage through planned marriages.

"Ordo ab Chao" is the motto of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The English word 'Scottish' comes from the Greek 'skotiā' (the feminine derivation of skotios, dark, shadowy, from the shadow it casts, from skotos, darkness). You could say that if 'skotos' stands for darkness and shadow, that 'skotiā' represents the light. If we later discover that Freemasonry is Luciferian, then that is probably the Luciferian light. After all, God said 'there be light' and so the screen was turned on and the image appeared. This is reminiscent of a Playstation game that is switched on, so that the image appears on the screen in the form of light pixels (see the simulation theory).


A temple of Venus Scotia stood in ancient Egypt. It is said that the country of Scotland took its name from an Egyptian pharaoh queen named Scota. There we see another link with one of the oldest civilizations, namely Egypt. The discussion of which empire was previously, Babylon or Egypt, does not seem completely won if you dig deep, but the point is that the secret societies seem to be connected to the pharaohs of the time. In any case, it is clear that there appears to be planned marriages within this bloodline group. The problem, however, is that nowadays everything is swept off the table as fake news or conspiracy theory, so that few still take a serious look at it. I'm not going to bother here either. Googlet yourself to find out how the elite have been marrying for centuries not on the basis of romantic feelings, but on the basis of planned realization.


Albert Pike was an important figure from the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. He was the highest initiated and possessed the 33e degree. According to official history, Pike was a captain in the Mexican-American war, a lawyer, a poet and also a member of the KuKluxKlan. Pike quickly grew into the Supreme Grand Chapter within this movement. He rewrote and interpreted Masonic rituals and produced the first philosophical document Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, an influential book in the organization. The Pike Memorial is the only outdoor sculpture in Washington DC in honor of a Confederate General. The monument is one of the 18 monuments of the Civil War in Washington, DC, which were listed together in 1978 in the National Register of Historic Places. So Pike seems to have been an important figure who has been at the cradle of the great American empire (now in decline) that we now know.

Freemasons will never be attributed an important role in official history. They operate as it were in the background and will always play down their own importance (in the visible field). You can compare that to the current times, in which royal houses have been portrayed by the media as ceremonial institutions whose power has actually been restrained by democratic governments (which of course is a farce). So if you search Wikipedia for the official reading of the aforementioned gentlemen, they do not have such an important role. In all the symbolism that we see around us, however, we are inundated with freemasonry symbolism (Max Verstappen, no. 33, for example, and the chessboard on the Formula 1 flag). The Freemasons do show that they are ruling, but the masses are visibly blind.

In 1871, Albert Pike wrote a letter to his Italian Freemason counterpart Giuseppe Mazzini. In this letter he predicted three world wars. Of which the first two have been fully scripted. Read the translation of that letter below:

The First World War must be created so that the Illuminati put an end to the power of the Czars in Russia and make the country atheist Communist. The differences between the British and Germanic empires will be fueled by the agents of the Illuminati and used to build this war. At the end of the war, communism is built and used to destroy governments and for the religions

The Second World War must be fueled by making use of the differences between the fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be implemented to destroy Nazism and to ensure that political Zionism is strong enough to establish a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, international communism must develop strongly enough as a counterweight to Christianity, until the time when we can use these differences for the final social catastrophe.

The Third World War must be fanned (by agents of the "Illuminati") through a conflict between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. The war must be waged in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arab world) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. The countries that join this conflict will be sucked into full physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We release the nihilists and the atheists and we will provoke a huge social disaster. We will release atheism and nihilism in the world. We will show the horror of it. They are the cause of beastliness among people. Then the people will have to fight everywhere against the minority, the atheist revolutionaries will be wiped out and the destroyers of civilization will be wiped out. The majority of people will be disappointed in Christianity. Their mind will not know a direction or compass. They will long for an ideal. They will want to focus their adoration on something. Eventually the true Light of Lucifer will be shown to the audience. The manifestation of Lucifer will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, which will both have been eradicated in one blow.

It is often said that this letter is a hoax, because the term "Nazism" could never have been known in 1871. What is ignored in that reasoning is that creators of a script can come up with terms before the general public gets to know these terms. So if you put a brand name on the market as a company, the marketing agency will have figured it out much sooner than the general public will see this. Well, if Pike described the (prophetic) script on his companion Mazzini, then there could be a term in it that was not known to the general public until years later.

It seems that a third world war is planned. This, incidentally, also fits into the picture of the prophecies of the major world religions, which seem to be consciously contradictory (dualism), but quite similar in end-time timeline (see here). For example, both Muslims and Christians expect an anti-Christ (Dajjal in Islam) that will present themselves as a messiah. Also expecting are the return of Jesus (see for example this explanation from Sheikh Imran Hosein). Jews also expect a messiah and Jerusalem plays a leading role in all these religions. The founding of the state of Israel also played a major role in the first two world wars, even though this has been quite masked in official historiography. In the first world war, land was reserved for the state of Israel in the Balfour statement. In the Haavara agreement from 1933 the immigration of Jews to Palestine was already recorded with Germany. The state of Israel was founded shortly after the Second World War. The Second World War played an important role in this.

The third world war will therefore, according to Pike's letter, arise from a conflict between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. If we look at the religious prophecies, we see Jerusalem in the leading role. The planned rebuilding of the temple of Solomon will play an important role in this according to the end-time prophecies from the mentioned religions. The rebuilding of that temple is mentioned in those prophecies as a sign of the coming of the anti-Christ, which in turn is a sign that there is going to be a major, all-embracing world war. Remarkably, American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited catacombs under the mosque that is now built on the ruins of this temple (political Zionists?) Not long ago. He hereby viewed a model of this temple (see here). Both the letter from Albert Pike, and the end-time prophecies, as well as the signs indicating that what is going to happen in those scriptures, indicate that we are witnessing a great script. A script that is known by the leaders of the secret societies such as the 33e mason degree.

We could therefore say that the pharaoh bloodlines are aware of the script and even steer the social developments in accordance with this script. An important maxim that they maintain is 'Ordo ab Chao'. That is why we can say with great certainty that they always first create chaos in order to gain more power. That is why I predict that the Brexit complies with this script and that this is the harbinger of more power towards the Islamic force field from the above letter from Pike. In this article I already explained how I have been predicting for years that the Ottoman Empire will recover and how the Brexit will be used to trigger chaos in Europe. So Boris Johnson is probably nothing less than a descendant of such a pharaoh bloodline. I take the position that all people we see in politics and the media have such an origin and that they will therefore always make a fanatic contribution to the fulfillment of the Master's script.

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  1. JtheRed wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    Thank you for all your work.
    I am not sure if you have ever heard of Sheikh Imran Hosein. He has been saying for years the importance of Constantinople in the end times and how the Orthodox Christian and Muslim world will ally, and that when Constantinople is brought back is the time when the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (“the false messiah, liar , the deceiver ”) in Islamic teaching will return. Here is a video or him talking about it.

  2. SandinG wrote:

    Totally agree with this excellent analysis! At the same time, this political and economic house of cards has been worked on for decades to have it imploded at a set time. We now see all the signs happen, for example the installation of a convicted criminal as head of the ECB. We now read in the media that the ECB's buying policy has not worked and that it has only made the Euro more vulnerable. This is precisely the intention of the covert agenda, sinking everything simultaneously ...

  3. Melt well wrote:

    I am a born-again Christian and I like that you teach me all these things. Symbolism has almost made me schizo with the number of people I have spoken and know in retrospect who are active in Freemasonry, also their character traits and nervous Tics can be smelled piece by piece from 3 meters away and pray every day for their souls to "spontaneously think of themselves" before accepting the seal of the Beast!

    1 thing just doesn't feel good on me, If you always indicate that the Luciferian system is wrong, then why are you copying it so unthinkingly? the "script" has since become nothing but the "agenda plan" of Satan (who never fell for himself and relatives ofcourse but is simply called Lucifer) to thwart God and his creations, and if you already quote someone like Pike what is on the rise, it means he is "flexing" what is about to happen, according to the earthly agenda, and let Satan be the one with domainship over the earth

    I also advise you to go through the Mesopotamia period of "before the flood", If you look through the disinfo (we are millions of years old, The moon is a piece of rock on which we landed lol) then I know for sure that you are going to reach new heights, I notice a lot of the Holy Spirit in you Martin, And I hope that my comment will make you look a little differently at how an 21e century (hated, scorned and threatened) Christian looks at it, I am not Catholic, Reformed etc, Literally "Reborn"

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Based on your Christian conviction, I understand your response, but I would ask you (and everyone who reads this) to read this article carefully, in order to better understand how to place the terms 'Satan' and 'Lucifer':

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Before you respond further I would like to ask you to seriously and thoroughly read all the articles under the blue links. Otherwise we will continue to have to deal with Babylonian confusion of speech.

        • Melt well wrote:

          So hey !!! On the PC, Mobile 2x crashed what I wanted to write!
          That aside, I had written a good book that I would not want to start again with all due respect. In the right way and nothing nagging or hate speech, I had done it too (perhaps "they" have accomplished something, Demotivation?)

          I understand where you come from because you also know their esoteric customs, But know your enemy, and don't imitate them, Everything that "they" hate, pervize, give a different twist than God intended, then the reverse is usually the truth , Enormous number of "Demiurge" references lately that actually sneer are meant to God, Something overhypeds like Marvel's Endgame etc (Endgame is also a big theme now in everything)

          Sorry that more content is missing now, I came across your work this year when I heard an Englishman talking that "Dome of the rock" was on fire at the same time as Notre Dame (and now and then we might have to look it up for upcoming "events") and none other than Arabic websites and you came up via "Google" or all places! Bold to read back that it was YOU who filmed the lady in “Youth Care” where I believe MKULTRA practices are being held through psychological torture, They also have a huge amount of symbolic logos in and on their buildings, Now there are many instances are formerly Catholic and were run by "church" people
          (I've known you for years !!!! 111)
          God bless you!

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    For those who have eyes to see, the entire geopolitical situation is as clear as glass.

    Is the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar?

    Unusual remarks and actions by the outgoing head of the Bank of England and other central banking insiders strongly suggest that there is a very ugly scenario in the works to end the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. In the process, this would involve the Fed deliberately triggering a dramatic economic depression. If this scenario is actually deployed in coming months, Donald Trump will go down in history books as the second Hebert Hoover, and the world economy will be pushed into the worst collapse since the 1930s. Here are some elements worth considering.

    Bank of England speech

    The about-to-retire head of the very special Bank of England, Mark Carney, delivered a remarkable speech at the recent annual meeting of central bankers and finance elites at Jackson Hole Wyoming on August 23. The 23 page address to fellow central bankers and financial insiders is clearly a major signal of where the Powers That Be who run world central banks plan to take the world.

    At the same time, of course, a huge fog curtain is being erected in the form of Brexit, the so-called trade wars and the escalating conflict between Israel and Iran.

    Those who are of course responsible for this represent the power in the visible field and, as befits good footmen, see previous assignment meticulously carried out from the invisible field. For example, these two BIS lackeyes

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