Michael P. Thijs H. Jos B. all media murder cases lead to rapid introduction of horror legislation that affects everyone

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Yesterday we witnessed a media show about the Anne Faber case, in which "the father of Anne" spoke. In fact, it was an argument that won sympathy for the abolition of as many rights as possible from such a horrible murderer as Michael P. The "father of Anne" is so angry that he would not mind if Michael P. commits suicide.

I put the title "father of Anne Faber" in quotation marks, because if we are dealing here with a PsyOp (psychological operation) in which Anne's existence has been twisted by means of deep-fake techniques, then Anne Faber does not exist and in that case the father an actor (just like the mother, uncle, friend, etc.). We cannot even say with certainty with 100% whether such a speech in court is really a speech in court or whether we are watching an ANP John de Mol TV production and deepfakes.

The characteristics of deepfake technology are that you can create a person from scratch through AI (artificial intelligent) software systems. You can put together a whole history, including photos and videos. This is already so simple with today's software that there are already commercial apps on the market that use parts of such technology in smartphone apps.

For example, you can hold an interview with an actor and overlay the voice and face of another (or of a deepfake) in a live video stream. Nobody will see the difference. You can do the same with social media profiles and their network of friends. Created profiles, complete with friend lists, friend responses. photos and videos, you can use as the troll army who monitor all social media discussions. These are the "people" that we see appearing in discussions on Facebook and forums. People who say they know a victim or know someone who knows the person well or has been there in class; etcetera. That is the troll army that has to monitor the PsyOps online in discussions.

In the murder cases of the media today, we see from the very beginning that they are meant to play the people in such a way that they embrace new legislation that they would normally never accept. In this article I explain that in detail (including an explanation about deepfakes).

In all those cases of Anne Faber, Nicky Verstappen, Michael Panhuis, Thijs H., Jos Brech (or with whatever names this is engraved in your memory), we always see that it leads to new legislation that nobody without these murder cases of major impact. In the mentioned article (click on the link) I explain how in PsyOp matters the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution applied to push through new legislation. I show how childishly simple you can put together a PsyOp with the current technical means. You create, as it were, a self-created problem (a murder case of great impact), you play the people on a large scale through the media on their emotion, so that they are ready to enter the final phase; those in which they embrace the horror legislation that they themselves can touch.

The Thijs H. case must lead to the abolition of professional secrecy in institutions where people are for "mental health care", because Thijs H. denies the murders, but arrived with bloody hands and clothing at GGZ institution Vijverdal in Heerlen. So there is evidence, but that is in the form of Thijs H.'s statement to the psychiatrist and he may not say anything. In this PsyOp there seems to be a stalemate that was deliberately created in which Thijs H. cannot be convicted if the psychiatrist does not break his professional secrecy. That is what the PsyOp should lead to: the abolition of professional secrecy. The case of Thijs H. will also help to ensure that people who make a confused impression can be locked up for observation without giving a reason and without the intervention of a psychiatrist (the Edith Schippers bill).

The Anne Faber - Michael P. case had to lead to the acceptance of legislation regarding sentencing to TBS without the suspect wanting to cooperate in a psychiatric investigation. It should also probably lead to lifelong provision (TBS) and perhaps even to the abolition of the right to appeal. The desire for the abolition of that right is hidden in the supposed emotional testimony of Anne Faber's friend (Nathan Fidder). His lawyer spoke.

The Jos Brech case had to lead to the acceptance of the use of DNA, whereby that DNA was obtained in a different case than the one for which the suspect is being sought. In fact, it was the introduction of the right to an unrestricted acquisition of DNA and unimpeded use of it in legal matters. In addition, the people have been brought more and more into acceptance mode for the creation of the National DNA database (see here the explanation).

In the mentioned article, in which I give an extensive explanation of the creation of deepfake characters, I also explain that the ANP (the General Dutch Press Office) is in the hands of a television producer. We are talking about billionaire John de Mol. So it should not come as a surprise that when you see images in the media, these are simply film productions. It is all quick and easy to create with software and studio techniques. The viewer does not notice this and thinks to look at real news. That is what you do in a good psychological operation. In the meantime, the people are convinced by the same media that fake news and troll armies only come from Russia, and so everyone trusts the media again.

However, it is possible that Anne Faber never existed, but is a deepfake production.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Hey John de Mol! If we later live in a totalitarian digital prison, with only freedom restricting legislation, where people without mercy can disappear in the gulag and all our children are transgender, can we then come and chase you out of your big villas?


  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Die Gorsse Lüge: keep repeating a lie and everyone will believe it.

    And so the PsyOp spin doctors just spin a new escape:

    • Sun wrote:

      Ah, anything is possible in Madurodam. The impossible is possible, the possible is impossible.
      Depending on the Spin Doctors, and just directing ...
      What a nasty person They are.

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