Microsoft Hololens 2 a taste of what is possible with the internet brain connection

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The Microsoft Hololens 2 is a wonderful innovative advancement in the field of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is a digital layer about the real world. That is why Microsoft's glasses are made of transparent material, in contrast to the virtual reality glasses we know of games. Augmented reality is the future and that is something that companies like Google know, that pumped hundreds of millions into the company Magic Leap; a company that has not yet done anything commercially, but is now busy mapping the entire world digitally.

In the video below you can still talk about 'the mixed reality home' as the place where you use the Hololens the most. This means that the software maps your home or workplace (folders) in order to place objects that you can view and move from multiple angles. Microsoft works with a kind of 'cloud anchor' points, so that multiple users can view a projected object. You must imagine that this will soon be possible on a global scale with the efforts of Magic Leap (Google), Microsoft and many others. For that you do need sufficient bandwidth and that will of course be filled in by the 5G networks.

The reason to repeatedly look at this subject is because I want to show you that the world in which we live is merging more and more into a simulative reality. It all gets even more interesting when the large technology companies no longer have to project the projection of images through those old-fashioned gates called 'eyes', 'ears', 'nose', 'tongue' and our touch. After all, those senses actually cause a delay in the information that we could absorb. A spoken word must be received by the ears and image must be seen through the eyes. This is then converted into an electrochemical signal in the brain and converted into image and sound by the brain. The same applies to all other sensory perception. So if you want to read an entire book, you have to do that word by word, page by page. Downloading a piece of knowledge from a study book, however, goes a lot faster if you can get those senses out of it. We know this principle best from the movie trilogy The Matrix, in which Neo learns Kung Fu in no time or just gets a helicopter flight program downloaded.

Yes, of course that is all SciFi and not realistic, you may think, but scientists think there yet really different. Such technology is really coming. Not for nothing did Elon Musk start a company called Neuralink. If the Augmented reality (like that of the Hololens) becomes more realistic and the world is fully digitally mapped by Magic Leap, then you can create a digital layer all over the world and ensure that everyone can observe the same (from his or her perspective ). Can you also stimulate all sensory perception in the brain, then you could let a herd of lifelike looking dinosaurs walk through Amsterdam and make people smell the sweat and the smell of air. You can even simulate the feeling of a vibrating soil by simply stimulating the brain. The virtual world is then virtually virtually indistinguishable from reality and Jurassic Park becomes a completely new experience.

Why is this all so interesting? Well, because the technology that Microsoft and Google use to place anchor points in the digital space, has a lot (if not everything) away from what is called quantum entanglement in quantum physics (see here). I challenge you to seriously delve into you the simulation theory. Suppose that we already live in a multi-player simulation, in which the soul is the player and the world around us materializes as a result of perception by the soul (read: souls in a multi-player game), then the principle of cloud embedding, as Google and Microsoft apply it, is a requirement for everyone to be able to observe the same thing. However, the image is only observed when people actually move to a particular location. For example, if you set up the Microsoft Hololens, the computer does not have to build up the image behind you. That image only comes from 'superposition' when you turn your head around. If players are in the Magic Leap digital world in Amsterdam, the central computer only needs to build that image for them. The cloud anchors then ensure that everyone sees an object at the same time in the same place, from his or her perspective.

The world of Augmented reality such as the big tech companies that now produce shows that the techniques used use the same principles as the principles of quantum physics. The concept of 'superposition' and - what is called - the collapsing of superposition into matter as a result of observation, is the same as coming from the central server of the image on your screen or Hololens with an online multi-player simulation. Quantum entanglement ensures that every observer observes the same and thus regulates the principle of cloud embedding. Furthermore, the first observation ensures that information materializes (the double slits experiment). Is not that a fantastic discovery?

If we start to understand more and more that we are living in a simulation, we can also increasingly recognize who we really are. We will also gain more understanding of the 'dimensions' principle (read here) and eventually we even discover that this reality (or rather 'simulation') has been programmed in a certain way. We can even find out that there is a script. In this article I have explained this in detail and also explained why the 'free will' must be respected in a simulation (otherwise it would not be a simulation, but would have a deterministic outcome). I advise you to make a thorough study. The most important discovery you will make is, in my opinion, the following:

You will discover that you are not your body-avatar, but perceptive soul in a multi-player simulation, in which the materialized world can only form through the perception of the soul. You can undermine the script and influence the outcome by operating at soul level and no longer playing the game according to the script, but following your free will. You are not your body or mind, you are the acting (playing) soul.

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