More evidence of controlled alternative media through witness who unmasks attacker Martin Vrijland (Naomi Hoogeweij)

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In several articles I explained how the defamation and defamation found online was coordinated at my address by state employee Jeroen Hoogeweij. He could do this with impunity, because nothing was done with my declarations. They are in the pipeline until today and not a lawyer who wants to work on it. Also attempts to remove the links from the Google search lists lead to rejection despite the GDPR legislation that applies to the whole of Europe, except for the undersigned.

It is clear that anyone who does not belong to the controlled alternative media force field had to be attacked and blackened. Of course, sham attacks also occur on other well-known alternative media channels, but then this is done with the aim of drawing attention to the desired subjects. It is never of the gross category with which the undersigned was treated, even the name and school of my daughter being published.

The source of this libel and defamation knew that he would adopt a new identity, because not much later this Aleister Crowley supporter and RTD priest Jeroen Hoogeweij had himself converted into a woman, so that he now goes through life as Naomi Hoogeweij. All this time this character is very active on the internet and gets space as a writer on activist websites like Naomi is currently very active in promoting transgenderism, which is not a strange choice for an RTD priest (s), because the Luciferian teaching revolves around the roll-out of the gender change agenda; to emphasize the worship of the hermaphrodite Baphomet (symbol for Lucifer). Often this is confused with Satanism and the glorification of Satan, but the God / Satan model belongs to dualism which is a tool to reach the end goal. At the core Lucifer is worshiped; but that's the big secret. That is why they are also called secret societies, because such Crowley currents rely on their secrets and you can grow into the organization through initiation and ranks. The higher the rank, the more you can know the secrets.

Some time ago (November 2017) I was approached by a transsexual who says he knows Jeroen Hoogeweij as Naomi Hoogeweij. She knows him from a support group for 'trans women' of Humanitas in Rotterdam. In this way I received a glimpse into the course of action of this pawn of power that worked for years to overthrow Martin Vrijland. Read below:

Subject: Naomi / Jeroen Hoogeweij

Message content:
Dear Martin,

The following I write to you confidentially.
I am a Schiedam transgender, a man who feels like a woman and is subject to medical (DNA) research.
Coincidentally, I too became familiar with the transgender Naomi / Jeroen Hoogweij you described. In retrospect, that was no pleasure for me.
I am an 63-year-old transgender, who, after being married to 39 for years, started to admit to my true nature this year. My dear wife fully supports this and we just stay together.
I have nothing to do with all the shadows surrounding the figure of Aleister Crowley and his supporters. I have nothing at all with faith or with devils. I do understand, however, that the Templar order deals with all kinds of dark things.
As for this Naomi: I met her at a support group for 'trans women' of Humanitas in Rotterdam and that initially seemed to go well. When it later turned out that we were saying close to each other, we also started to receive each other at home. I (and my wife, by the way) got to know Naomi so well and saw that she was somewhat bizarre in behavior, but I took it for granted, because she also taught me a lot about transdendancy and her knowledge of certain subjects. Over time, however, she became increasingly unfriendly, surly, and in the end it was that when I gave my opinion through Facebook, she completely broke me down if she didn't agree. At a certain point that really depressed me and I ended the contact. She damaged me and blamed me for it.
In retrospect, I understand that I visited her because life as a transgender is not always easy and the transgender people are sown thinly. In essence, however, we were totally unrelated spirits. Naomi turns out to be a somewhat dangerous, impulsive trans woman who hardly knows how to hide her more masculine competitive tendency (of course not all men are like that). The result is that I was manipulated by her and her intrigues and I was bullied away from that Transsupport in Rotterdam. I know from two other transgender people that she has also made life miserable and that she no longer has contact with it. It seems to me that it is a danger to this vulnerable group.
I also heard from neighbors in my apartment that there was a police file about her. There were rumors of pedophilia. I don't know how true that is. In any case, I believe, partly in view of the unrest that Naomi manages to cause on the internet, that something is wrong with her.
What struck me further in all those encounters was a constant and exaggerated talk about sexuality and the extreme form that was advocated.
When I add everything together, I end up with someone with strong psychopathic traits, someone you have to watch out for.
So I can understand that you have had a lot of problems with this individual. Good luck with your work!
Best regards,


Now I have waited a long time to publish these e-mails, because the person in question appears to be rather scared of Naomi Hoogeweij. Yet more information came, showing that Naomi is not just anyone. So let me add my response to this e-mail. Below that I place the answer that I received. In that answer, it appears that Naomi was trained by the Israeli army.


Thank you for your openness. The impression that often exists is that I would have something against people with a homosexual orientation or against transgender people. That impression was mainly created by this Jeroen (as she was then called) Hoogeweij. I have nothing against any individual and I can well imagine that people are confused about their gender. In fact: a fairly well-known site that follows me a lot and reposts articles from me is managed by a transgender.
The difference between you and Naomi is that she probably did not make her transgender choice because of feeling woman in a male body. In her case, it is most likely a choice based on the Luciferian / Crowley belief. That in itself is also a choice that everyone is free to choose, but in this case there is indeed a kind of fanaticism behind it that is quite intense.
Personally, the reproach and slander of texts from Jeroen's hand cost me quite a bit. It is for example the cause of the fact that I no longer see my daughter. That is very painful. It is also the reason that I lost my home and my heart and could never find a normal job in society again.
If you agree, I would like to ask you if I could possibly publish your testimony anonymously and / or use it in a court case that I hope to finally be able to bring.
If you want to share other things about this, you can of course also.
Then here the answer to my response. Admittedly, it has been a consideration not to publish this, because I wanted to protect the person in question, but if this publication leads to attacks on the writer, then it is clear from which angle that comes. Moreover, it seems important to me that this should come out once, because there is no protection nor rehabilitation for the attacks at my address and also to show how the lines are running.

Martin's Day,

It seems a bit risky to me, because she could immediately tell from the story who this is for her 'anonymous source'. In that case I would not feel safe. Do you have ideas about how to overcome that?
Want to share more about Naomi? Do you know that she served in the Israeli army at the time of the first Intifada and that she most likely participated in breaking the arms herself? She tried to arouse understanding of the actions of those Israeli soldiers.
Do you know that she now lives with a man who once did his work as a cross-border command. He could explain to me how to cut someone's throat. In itself this seemed like a not insensitive, divorced man (also with a daughter), who I believe is being abused financially by Naomi (she now has no income of her own). If she has had her transgender operations, she will probably send him out. I believe she can't sustain her relationships for long.
Naomi said it had happened that this man stood up for her when she was insulted as a transgender. He would have used violence. I have heard these things from her own mouth.
Etc., etc.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.


Please note that I can only place this e-mail exchange here if I have the hard evidence of this in my inbox, otherwise it could immediately be called fabricated libel and slander and I would not take the risk of imprisonment.

More followed:


Naomi turned 45 in September, so she's from 1972. The first intifada lasted from 1987 to 1993 and then Jeroen must have served there at the end of that period. She would have had thorough military training there and often screened certain fighting techniques that she would have learned. The Dutch army would have been regarded as 'the chocolate army' there. (She likes to impress with such statements).
Jewish? Possibly in a certain sense: according to her, she is Jewish, because her mother is Jewish and according to Jewish custom it is determined along the female line whether that is the case. In Israel she would have had a Yeshiva training, where she had learned that knocking each other out would get 'the best' out of you.

I notice this in Wikipedia: "Hesder jesjiva

In Israel there is also the hesder jesjiva, where the Thorah study combines with military service. This then only takes sixteen months instead of the usual three years. In the occupied territories, the military soldiers are often very radical and only accept orders from their rabbis in matters of conscience. On several occasions they have refused to execute orders from the army command at the eviction of illegal settlements.

Hesder Yeshivas are connected to the orthodox jewish flow of it religious Zionism that in contrast to the orthodox Jewish flow of it charedic Judaism positive towards it Zionism and as an extension thereof to participation in the Israeli army stayed.'

I later learned that she worked for the AIVD on your website. She has not said anything about that to me. However, you will not be able to obtain such an identity document just like that. Would it be possible with a "good" record of service in the Israeli army and a decent education - because he says she has it; and when I think of her interior, I also see a lot of good literature - can I go to the AIVD? Or did it help that she found a 'wheelbarrow' in gay life, in which she dealt with 'prominent figures' such as Oscar Hammerstein and Pim Fortuyn? She had also shared the bed with Fortuyn.

From her previous history I know that her father was often abused and considered 'difficult'. She was said to have been placed by a father in a boarding school in England. Is that the reason why she has become eccentric, imperious and manipulative all her life? Humiliation in youth can, I thought, sometimes lead to someone always wanting to get his gram. Anyway I am not a psychologist.


Because I always have to be careful that I am not consciously fed with incorrect information, I have long hesitated to publish all this. In the meantime I think the journalistic interest is too great. If it were false information, it would demonstrate all the more how people work. I therefore place the sequel. First my response and then the answer.


Very useful info.
Do you also know more about training and business activities, criminal records and the like?
Naomi is very active on the Swapichou website.
There is also someone active who writes under the psuedonym Ziva. I know about this lady that she also serves in the Israeli army. So the lines are becoming clearer.
And here the following reaction:


Regarding her education, she said she had a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in Dutch literature and one in business administration. That seems a lot to me. Yet there is a lot of bravado in her. I think her strength lies in her being so convinced of herself. I wonder if that's right. She can be just as wrong as anyone else I have noticed and she repeats herself a lot. Moreover, the range is very one-sided and studied. You can see that she has been showing off the same knowledge to people for years.
I know that until recently she was a kind of department head at the RABO Bank in Utrecht and that she would now only manage dozens of websites (some of which also provided income). I have searched for that and I suspect that a number of them - again - are porn sites. On other sites on which she was active, such as Swapichou, she always acted to correct this or that, to belittle it and more things like that.

Would she be a political agent who should "straighten out" or attack anything that looks like criticism of Israel? Someone who should discourage or intimidate people who criticize Israel. I also noticed how she was constantly "raising" herself as a Jewish. I had the strong feeling that she felt part of a chosen group of people. For me personally there are no chosen nations, so I was a little annoyed.

I know that criminal record from a neighbor, but on which she bases that, I don't know. In itself, that neighbor is not a sensation seeker. I know from the neighborhood that Naomi has offended people with her confronting performance. For example, she publicly called a neighbor of mine (in a so-called Pink Café) "a low-intelligent monkey" as if it were common to say such things. Maybe she was right, but then you don't say something like that? This is also the idea of ​​wanting to place yourself above other people. I know from another neighbor that Naomi has reported to the police for 'stalking'.

There are manners and rules between people and the fact that she thinks the rules do not apply to her is another typical psychopath trait. And if you know her personally, she often makes jokes in which she seems to think of people as' things', such as' Yes, I am not going to stand in a line, that is for stupid people. I should actually be helped right away '. Those are just jokes, but if you hear it said so much, it makes you think. And so on.

Oh yes, the heart attack. Whether that is fake. I don't think so right away, because she says she uses four types of medication for the problem. The reason for the heart attack is said to be related to drug use. She would have that heart attack the moment she had sex with someone and at the same time her son called her and argued with her. When she was in the hospital, there was something that would have escaped intensive care. She then walked the train tracks at night and would have had suicide ideas. That is why when she called her mother in the middle of the night, she would have said: "Must that now, it is night and I am in bed." Can you imagine such a family?

But in the end our Naomi was doped and now it goes with that heart again.
Martin, I have to stop for today. If anything comes to mind, I will email you.


Jeroen Hoogeweij used to live with Micha Kat around the corner. In those early days, when I did not yet realize how controlled the alternative media in the Netherlands were, and I started to write my own articles out of pure (somewhat) naive enthusiasm, the hard attacks from this Jeroen Hoogeweij, which did not were reluctant to place calls on websites of well-known places where I used to go and did not hesitate to approach all sorts of people from my private home to extract information. Micha Kat did not think it was such a good plan at the time that I would go to his neighbor with a camera. I now understand better why. The pawns of the controlled opposition game, literally, lived together literally around the corner. Although Micha Kat was also attacked by Jeroen, this was never fundamental and the main purpose was to mask the real hard attacks on my person and also to give the impression that the two neighbors were not from the same stronghold.

Since my revelations from 2014 we also know that Micha Kat (formerly whistleblower online and now revolutionary online) can be linked to a network of investors who do not have a clean reputation. We saw the link with Jack Abramoff and Robert Rubenstein. Micha Kat connects that again with an umbrella think tank called Council for National Policy (CNP). So it is actually all interconnected. The large alternative media websites of the Netherlands have kept themselves a bit aloof from Micha Kat since my revelations, but have never openly distanced themselves from their many years of open support, which even earned Kat a Frontier award. Frontier was the big name that for years organized congresses that attracted thousands of visitors; who still runs a bookshop in the Jordaan in Amsterdam and who has published a prominent magazine for many years. A kind of pivot in an alternative media country.


For many, the image I have sketched that the alternative media simply does not want a controlled force field, because it has become a pillar of life. If for years you get certain information from certain sources and someone suddenly tells you that these are controlled sources, then you shake someone's trusted pillars and then the psychological phenomenon called 'cognitive dissonance' comes into effect.

source: Cafe Weltschmerz (YouTube)

In 2018 Jeroen / Naomi came in the news again about a riot where he / he would be evicted due to lack of money. I also received an e-mail from the person from the above-mentioned mail exchange. According to the writer, Naomi would be defended by Oscar Hammerstein (a welcome guest from Café Weltschmerz) because he would have had a sexual relationship with him. Assuming that the source is fair, it becomes clear that there is a network full of well-known names.

Martin's Day,

For your info this newspaper report:

Did you already know that? This afternoon I will have her house vacant. Just use google and yes… If there is something wrong with her then it always happens with a lot of tame.
You probably know Hammerstein. Poor Mrs. Hoogeweij told me at the time that this lawyer had been one of her bedmates. That is why he wants to work for her.
I don't feel very sorry ...


What I want to show you with all this information is that both the mainstream media and the alternative media have been checked. Anyone who does not belong to this controlled game must be brutally harassed and taken down. That was the job of Jeroen Hoogeweij (now Naomi). Thanks to the loyal support of a few followers, I was able to hold on and I still survive. That support is what made me survive. It is nevertheless useful to see through the force field and thus discover that information from alternative media websites usually has a double bottom built in or is mixed with refined deliberately built in info (as explained in the documentary below my my previous article). That is actually a fatally tiring discovery, because that means that you can no longer sit back with a cup of coffee or a beer to consume information and accept it for truth.

Unfortunately for this group a tricky louse has nestled in the fur in their playing field, which uncovers all these things. I don't do that because I like it so much, but I do because I don't really have a choice. My name has been dragged through the mud so that there are only two options left: go down after all the attacks on my person or fight with my head held high and expose the lies. I opted for the latter.


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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    @Martin can you remember that after a number of comments on the site regarding the Bijlmer disaster of 1992, ICTS (Schiphol) you started getting threatening emails from a certain David Jan des Doods? The photos that first appeared in the national media and of course the first on location was Willem Middelkoop the former owner of Amsterdamgold (at Schiphol 😉 well I was there once for business and it is full of 666 references and Baphomet symbolism

    I thought a nice addition to the whole event 😀

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The Café Weltschermtz videos are incidentally made in collaboration with SALTO.

      The SALTO Education and Training TCA Resource Center was established by the European Commission at 2018 to support Erasmus + National Agencies to improve their transnational cooperation activities (TCAs).

      Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCAs) are tools for the Erasmus + National Agencies (NAs) to form partnerships to increase the impact of the Erasmus + program at systemic level.

      So the opposition channel Café Weltschmertz is controlled from the EU or at least cooperates with it (SALTO); it's that simple. This is called controlled opposition.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        ..yes and that's where we come across this pipo also against Steve Brown

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Erasmus + also offers opportunities for the most diverse organizations, such as universities, other education and training providers, think tanks, research centers and companies.

        The European Union's Erasmus + program is a funding scheme for support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

        The Program is made up of three so-called "Key Actions" and two additional actions. They are managed partly at the national level by National Agencies and partly at the European level by the EACEA. The European Commission is responsible for Erasmus + policies and oversees the overall program implementation.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        "Yes, but De Vlieger, you with your money, why don't you throw money in" (see intro)
        Well because we have to pretend that we are volunteers who have something like integrity haha.
        My ass.

        There is just an EU potty behind Eric: that integrity flyer does not apply

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Willem Middelkoop with his patterns of deception is itself part of the deception, since the word Israel / Zionism should not be mentioned as important instruments in this worldwide spectacle. Since the beginning of the years '90 has been mapping (for myself) the global power base, especially after the Bijlmer disaster in Amsterdam in October' 92 and I constantly encounter the same actors discussing patterns 😀

  3. Sun wrote:

    Well, it is clear again that They cover and know each other.
    It is said that Madurodam is liberated. Then I say from whom are we freed? We are still busy in my opinion. And they are firmly and comfortably in their key posts When will they really leave? That's what they say.

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      If we are not too pessimistic now, it is more precisely what gives it a twist. More beer and bratwurst to wash away the bitter aftertaste ..

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And who sometimes does not support micha Kat, but posted articles by his hand in the last year, is no longer able to come up with the Evert-Jan Poorterman story. Evert-Jan shouts that I am referring to a Histroy Chanel documentary, but has still not discovered that that documentary is actually using the History Channel and their documentary about people like Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Däniken to explain which shit they proclaim.

    As far as I'm concerned, is therefore part of the multidimensional controlled game of opposition and the mixing of truth with nonsense.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      And Alexandra Hetebreij is too lazy to check the content of Ever-Jan Poorterman and has therefore not yet discovered that the document is not from History Channel, but only quotes from History Channel. Probably Evert-Jan only looked here and there for a few minutes at the documentary. That document is very powerful and explains the pertinent fabrication (also called lies) in detail.

      • Analyze wrote:

        Striking the information they get from this site and then post as a response to their site. Well-known psyop / diversion tactics, so that the sheep are led away again and the shaving, especially buy orjana, can continue.

  5. naomi wrote:

    Well, so you see again, kind of looking kind. Luca van Buren, who poked Martijn all these insane and punishable lies over me, is a very violent alcoholic herself, who regularly keeps on turning when she has a sip. I did try to help her for a while, but the only help she needs is that of a closed institution and a haldol injection in her ass. At some point I distanced herself from her and she cannot digest that. She will send mentally ill letters to Martijn (like I care). At Humanitas she ruined it for herself because of her bizarre behavior, I have nothing to do with it

    And uh .. Luca transsexual? No, dude. Martijn is of course not too intelligent herself, otherwise an alarm bell would have sounded to him when she told him that she was getting "DNA testing" for her transgender trajectory. Real bullshit, because no DNA research is done at all in a transgender process. The hard truth is that she did not get her transition to wife at VUmc at all, because they also discovered that she was too mentally disturbed to even be able to cope with that process. She also turned around and became aggressive and then the end was with her transition. So now she sucks something untrue with DNA testing. While Luca is not a transsexual, but a transvestite. A man who wears dresses but doesn't do anything medical about her transition.

    The irony is that she attacked a few people in her apartment she is referring to, one (Miranda Beck-Bijl) was even treated by her in the face with a broken bottle by this Luca van Buren, who was also arrested before . This is what the head of Miranda Beck-Bijl (just approachable on Facebook) looked like after Luca had treated her head with a broken bottle:

    She had already tried to kick in the door earlier, it is someone who is consumed by hatred and unable to face her own actions.

    A bit like Martin Vrijland himself, of course, who has been crying for years now as "victim" of me. While he would not have been able to see his daughter without me either, he would have run out of work without me with all that malignant conspiracy joking of him and it is simply a fact that he has seriously mistreated a series of women in relationships. Just like Luca, he is unable to take responsibility for his own actions and seeks everything outside of himself. Very pathetic.

    So, uh, unfortunate Martijn, you made a huge mistake again, Luca van Buren is a serious psychiatric patient and an alcoholic, her story consists seriously of (albeit entertaining) nonsense. As a joke, ask the education museum about the mess she created there, that was her employer before she went crazy.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It would be interesting if this were brought before the court. Then I can ask the question why this case is being handled and not my report against the libel and defamation of your address.

      You now begin to name Luca's full name, which is not really a positive thing either.
      It is clear that you initially regarded this person as a personal friend and now (now that it suits you) depicts you as a crazy madman. That may well be the case. I also clearly stated that I don't know if I can trust the story, but it was remarkable that I received it.

      We now know from your evidence that you are able to put things together like no other. I recall the fake police report of the dead Pole in the Anass case. You can apparently put together a fake police report and get away with it. Maybe that says something about your connections?

      It wouldn't even surprise me if you used this Luca to set a trap. That is how it works at the club that you belong to.

      I just saw my daughter before your publications started. There was simply a legal ruling for that. You keep running and lying.

      Your behavior has changed little because of your gender change. I would say: think of your heart man!

      • naomi wrote:

        Years ago, I have substantiated point by point and very detailed reasons on swapichou why your declaration is not admissible. You ignore that, because it fits much better in your street to play the false victim. You have no case against me dude. By the way, I am against you, including the piece above. But if you want to know my substantive comment on your false declaration that nobody takes seriously because you have no legal leg to stand on, read this:

        Luca is indeed not a personal friend of mine. I was very shocked by her bad drinking, the hatred and aggression that came to the surface of her and I do not want to have such people in my personal environment and I have increasingly moved her to distance. I do not associate with people who, without cause, work with a piece of glass in their face, kick the door on people, run hate campaigns on the internet, or get in touch with figures like you to feed them with hatred and lies. Luca is at a risk to himself and others and I am by no means the only one who finds it.

        What do you like about that police report? You falsely blame me for that and I thought it was a very nice joke that was taken out with you. But I had nothing further to do with the joke that you got. I was critical of you, about your completely unscrupulous exploitation of the grieving mother of Anass. That made you a dirty and low person. How you coped with that nonsense police report mainly showed how stupid you are in the unquestioning copying of information that fits in your street, actually exactly as you now do with the shocking lies about me from Luca. No rebuttal, no investigation, you are just too stupid, disturbed and evil to be able to find anything.

        Did I use Luca to set a trap? Really too funny. Too much honor Martijn, you keep begging for my attention with pieces like this, but you are a completely uninteresting loser for whom I don't have the energy to do any kind of "fall". These days I am working on completely different things. Figures like you have inspired me to work in psychiatry myself and now keep me busy with the elderly and forensic psychiatry. I think someone like you is only interesting as a patient or patient. I am not concerned about the social damage that you cause to go to justice at home.

        For the record: I never really had contact with your child's mother, there were more people working on you. Then you will mainly have to look at some exes from you. I really don't care about your contact with your child. But you did make a mistake: you were going to put photos of my son on your blog and in the comments my son was threatened in the comments. Then of course you call it about yourself. To me personally I can take a lot, but if you come to my son you have a problem. You experienced that well, you paid that bill.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Your pieces on Swapichou are distortions of the facts Jeroen in all respects.
          I am not going to take the trouble again to work it out in detail. That will then be discussed in a possible legal case.
          The real declaration that I have made goes into much more detail, but you only take what fits in your street and twist multiple things as I am used to from you.

          That you approached ex Andrea to unleash a smear against me, by approaching other exes and trying to convince them to make false statements against me (that I would have mistreated them), I have on tape.
          I don't know if you've seen that video? Otherwise I would like to place it here.

          You say "I don't care at all about your contact with your child," your self-centered heartlessness speaks from that. You know well what damage you have caused with your website on which you twist everything; publish publication data of articles and so on. On the other hand, I never got to your son and never published anything about the relationship with your son. You can put it there, but you now use a commenter in my comments, the comments of which I have removed, as a result of the smear against me. That is not true, because you started the ditze long before that.

          A report is only inadmissible if the judicial authorities inform me personally and not if Jeroen Hoogeweij reports it on a website full of distortions and lies. However, I have never received a response from the police other than that it was still in the pipeline.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Oh and my excuse that I keep calling you Jeroen. It is all very confusing to be attacked by Jeroen one time and a few years later you are suddenly a woman.

            How is it possible that you have been let through in the transformation process and then admitted to psychiatric training if you yourself have been so inclined on the internet? Have you looked at that before you went through the selection procedure? Or is that normal psychological behavior?

          • naomi wrote:

            I picked up the declaration as you communicated it yourself. Of course you do not respond to my defense, because you seriously do not have a leg to stand on. If you communicated something to the police other than what you put on the internet, that mainly says something about you. I have just dealt with the false declaration that you published in full detail, factually and in good conscience, and under the link I gave above you can read very precisely what you mainly lie, fantasize, speculate and falsely accuse yourself. Apparently the police don't think very differently, otherwise I would have been prosecuted. You just don't have a case.

            We have indeed examined you with a team of people who have damaged you over the years. Not to "unleash", but to stop the facts about you, your criminal record, your bankruptcy and how you abuse women. You are a criminal, malicious figure, you have left a trail of destruction behind, so that had to stop somewhere. We have partly succeeded in this and we sincerely hope that you will learn your lesson at some point.

            You have indeed come to my son, you put a picture of him and me in an article. Under that article my son was also threatened in the roughest way. People who are interested can find screenshots of it in the article I linked to. so you lie. Again, I am "fair game", you cannot really touch me. But you keep away from my son and you have experienced that. Because then you have a problem and when it comes to the mark you are no match for me.

            How many years ago did you make that declaration again? You often indicated on your site that the police did not want to prosecute, that lawyers you approached did not do anything with it, so it makes sense that I find that your report is inadmissible? Not based on my article, but based on your own words.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Keep lying and running Jeroen.
            If it was up to you and your team, for example, I was in prison. All nonsense. Not a day yet!
            I have on tape that Andrea approached people to make false statements about me. I understand that you don't respond to that, but try to dive into the victim role because I would have attacked your son. Where is that picture of you and your son? I'm not under the belt and I still don't have that need.
            Ooh yes and I had committed credit card fraud ... until I published the proof that this was nonsense. Then that story was deleted again to save your credibility a bit.

            You went wild as a dog before you could even say that I was publishing anything about your son (which I never did, but a commentator I deleted). You apparently haven't lost that characteristic yet. You keep referring to your Swapichou website, but that is not exactly a reliable source, because there you do the same as you do here: Posing things that are incorrect and bringing it as fact, while they are not facts.

            I do not know if you want to respond further here, but as far as I am concerned, we can also do that in court. I already suspect which lawyer you bring. I do not see the usefulness of this wellus-notus discussion in this way, other than that you show that you are still beating wildly around you, swearing and raving. You're above the law, aren't you?

          • naomi wrote:

            If the not unthinkable moment arrives for you to be admitted with judicial authorization and you end up with me as a care recipient in the institution, you would find that I am a dear care provider who is trusted by your fellow patients. You don't know me at all.

            And if you're comfortable with us, so that you can no longer pose a danger to yourself or others, I will of course wear a completely different hat. I don't have to defend my son or prevent you from doing damage. Then of course nothing is wrong. As long as you take your medication on time.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Yes indeed. That would be a great moment again! Get my pills and injections from Naomi!
            It seems to be a highlight!

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            By the way, beautiful Orwellian newspeak from your 'care recipient'. Of course I would never personally ask for your 'care' (or anybody else) if it is imposed by a court order. Something that is imposed cannot be seen as a question of your own, but oh well, the psychiatric patient of course lost control of that at that moment.

            So I'll see you again in the gulag. Seems to be a wonderful moment for you!

          • naomi wrote:

            Guest, you indicated in the past that you were stuck. Whether that was a police cell, a detention center or a prison, I don't know, but that you are an ex-prisoner is something you have told yourself in scents and colors.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Can I catch you again for a lie? Source please.
            Just stop lying man. Much better.

          • naomi wrote:

            I agree with you that the ter "care recipient" is an Orwellian newspeak; sorry, professional deformation. At my training they use that term, but that is because I am in class with students from all forms of care and nursing and we use some kind of general term. At work, we naturally call someone like you "patient".

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Thank you for your explanation. I'm starting to see that you have to be a loving nurse.
            The confusion of speech is forgiven.

        • naomi wrote:

          Sister Naomi would treat you with love 🙂 I don't look at people who are inside, at all at their crimes, because I see that as part of their illness.

          I find it culpable that you miss the introspection to recognize your problems, do not seek help and continue to bother society with your behavior. Anyway, that can be traced back to the rather substantial narcissistic component of your personality.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            I don't bother anyone; neither society.
            I just write down my opinion. It used to be called 'freedom of expression'. You can agree or disagree with that and then simply express that.
            What you do is (which you also clearly hint here) is trying to get someone down because you don't agree with that opinion.
            These are attempts to suppress an opinion through undeclared work.

            I dare to admit that I can make mistakes and make mistakes. I am the last person to say that I have the irrefutable truth. Stimulating your thinking by giving your opinion in blogs is something other than saying "this is the indisputable truth and you have to believe it that way".

            Since when has your opinion been a crime. Yes, I understand that this will probably be the case in the near future, but I think you have gone one step further than writing your opinion and are going to make personal attacks. I understand that you have the introspection to free yourself from this crime.

            But Sister Naomi may well be very loving towards the drugged patients. I have every confidence in that. What a wonderful position that must be for you. In any case, they cannot contradict you, because then there is always the room without windows and some extra pills.

        • Camera 2 wrote:

          @ Naomi / Jeroen or other

          Cite your language upstairs, yelled:
          "I was critical of you, about your completely unscrupulous exploitation of the grieving mother of Anass. That made you a dirty and low person. How you dealt with that nonsense police report mainly showed how stupid you are in the unquestioning copying of information. ”

          The police report then let Martin hear in detail and see that the mother Zohra Aouragh gave it to Martin herself.
          He wanted to help the mother and that can be deduced from the archives of the MartinVrijland website at the time.

          Sometimes he had to distrust the mother by a very strange police report, no of course not, he naturally believed the mother.
          But it soon turned out that the report was impossible because how is it possible that the police with infra red viewers, dogs, horses and helicopters could not find the body (hanging from a twig) all night while a jogger does at nine in the morning, the report cannot be correct. If a mother receives such a report, then her instinctive mother alarm bells must go off, but none of that ...

          But it is of course strange that the mother stayed on the couch that evening while she went to the police and reported him missing. As a mother you go outside screaming at your son.
          And as a mother you don't say when you see your son's photo, "you see: He was ready"
          All to be demonstrated and more ……………. >>>>>

          Even mayor Hoekema said in a program on TV, "Yes, it is a mystery that the boy was found nine o'clock in the morning while exactly the same place was searched all night. Very strange indeed.
          What is also a mystery when asked that the sister of Annas never showed mourning, she was laughing behind the funeral car (see photos archive) and also children in the neighborhood found it strange that she had no real mourning. (A pure finding )
          Also strange is that the mother did not cling to the building of justice with a chain for clarification, also strange is that she had three different lawyers in a few weeks.
          It is also strange that Annas spoke to a taxi driver in the neighborhood that he would disappear (or was the taxi driver an agent, who knows)
          Also strange is that a show was performed in The Hague by actors where the father was also present and he still did not believe in suicide, why was the mnoeder not on the demo
          Have the parents now gone to the limit for clarification, no? Otherwise that could of course have been a hit for the Telegraaf and the state / government-driven sites such as: “Crimesite, De Bovenkamer Maud Ooortwijn, Boublog ??, etcetera

          The Annas case may stink more than we suspect
          Archives of MartinVrijland at the time

          The Show went on, where was the mother?

  6. naomi wrote:

    Anyway thanks for the entertainment Martijn. Keep it coming!

    I found that luciferian jokes really hilarious.

  7. naomi wrote:

    Anyway, you don't dare to post these responses. You have to keep your mouth shut about your "back straight", but the truth is of course that there is no honesty, justice and certainly no dignity in you. The only thing you can do is spread cowardly slander and find the fault of everything that happens to you outside of yourself. You don't have a straight back, but the hump of a worthless figure.

  8. naomi wrote:

    Incidentally, it is "unmasked" and not "unmasked", mongol. You mainly exposed yourself as an illiterate person.

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      whether unmask now with d or t is, you understand.

      Mascara is that with a k or a c, you will now know by now 😉
      Come on, dude, stay a bit sporty, we don't complain that god made a mistake with you, you were able to improve that nicely again, didn't you, that's it, isn't it?

      You show your inner being by swearing a little in space.
      Mongolians or down syndrome people are beautiful, maybe you should also be converted to that

  9. naomi wrote:

    And of course you are a cowardly dog, just like any other female assaulter, who is too anxious, inferior and petty to rebuke or postulate a reply. I hope you realize that this behavior makes you punishable.

    Do you really want me to make you a projection again? You seem to be begging for it. Don't worry, you are already exactly where I want you and where you belong, in the garbage bin of this society. I don't have to do anything anymore.

  10. SalmonInClick wrote:

    and so you see again that we are right here on the site, we had to wait for the monkey to come out. figures such as hoogeweij are well on their way to making the Netherlands a heavily unlivable country. his crowleyian stooping and pressure twists are significant, black is white and vice versa, maybe when his course is finished it can be ass of comrade onno hoes to keep company with the 'confused persons' switching team which is newspeak for people who are potentially dangerous status quo in madurodam.

  11. AnOpen wrote:

    This is instructive again, you can see from this person that he is full of polluted, poisoned hatred and self-centered. Full of attack with disparaging, abusive, lying texts, etc. It can be concluded that this person is very seriously concerned. Perilous individuals for a society, the monkey has come out of its sleeve.

    "You are exactly where I want you and where you belong, in the garbage bin of this society."

    That indicates that this person makes people a cup smaller and that person even thinks that they have completely knocked someone down. Very psychological and scary. Many see what such a person is doing. Only from the text you get all the shivers let alone if you have a real conversation with such a character, you start to be disgusted somewhere. This is one of the examples of how such a character is
    and there are many more of them in madurodam and beyond.

    And you can continue, but this was just a short response.

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