New Martin Vrijland book 'The reality as we perceive it' ready for delivery!

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The time has finally come for the new book 'The reality as we perceive it'. Yesterday I already offered readers the book for the Ebook Reader (or e-Reader if you want) and in PDF version. From now on the paperback book version is also available via the webshop for the price of € 24,95. Below you can still become a member and receive the e-reader version and read the PDF version. Don't have an Ebook Reader? Then on most PCs, laptops or i-pads you can often still just read this Ebook Reader version. Just to be sure, I also include the PDF version so that you can read it online on your device of choice. That is also possible on your i-Pad or telephone.

The book gives a good summary of the false reality and the collective Truman Show in which humanity is held through programming from cradle to grave. The book provides a detailed substantiation, but above all comes with a clear solution.

Every person undergoes forms of programming from cradle to grave. This book shows how this programming is structured, how power structures are constructed in the world and how humanity is held in a collective Truman Show (after the film of the same name from 1998) in interaction between media, politics and controlled opposition. It describes reality as we perceive it from the model of simulation theory based on the 'double slits experiment', quantum physics and from the consciousness perspective. A must for anyone who is involved with consciousness, religion, spirituality and politics.

My intention was to write a book that can in principle be read in one day and that you can give to family or friends to make them think. We succeeded. The book contains 148 pages and is therefore easy to read in a day.

If you have already become a year member and want to receive the book in paper version, please send me an email with your address.

Below you can download the Ebook Reader version or read the PDF version. You can access both files after you become a member. Access is granted to gold and all annual memberships. Only for those members are the links to the book at the bottom of this article visible. Others see the membership button. When you become a member, you actually register as a donor, with which you support me to continue my work. Thank you very much for that!

Update 5 November 2019, 15: 30 time: you can now also order the e-reader version and the PDF via the webshop under the blue button.

If, for example, you have supported via a periodic bank transfer or monthly membership for some time and you want to be able to read the book, please contact us via the contact form. The reason I set this restriction is because people can read my book for € 2 by first becoming a month member and then canceling the membership again.



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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Dear Martin,

    Hereby I would like to congratulate you on your perseverance and commitment to the independent word
    that you have made it accessible to everyone in book form.

    In my opinion, you need a firm attitude and an enormous capacity for recovery
    unconscious abused people to indicate how much they are being abused and manipulated by the
    lusty power in this country and elsewhere.

    and congratulations with your book

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Thank you.
    I have not done all that trouble of 7 years sticking my neck out for myself and windy eggs have certainly not laid it on me. On the contrary ... that cost me a lot.
    I did not write the book for myself, but precisely and only for all those people who would like to have something to hand out to those who are somewhat aware of the situation we are in.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Hi Martin, have already ordered your new book.
    Congratulations and just continue with the information! It is just necessary.

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