Next level safety net: Patrick Savalle conspiracy course via Café Weltschmerz (patterns of cheating)

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Café Weltschmerz recently published an interview by a "professional" Eric van de Beek (of course in a suit, with a serious watch and poker face) with an allegedly old star on the plot, Patrick Savalle. You can find that interview below this link. Literally everything that has been discussed here on the site is captured by these pawns of power (who of course do that "professionally" and neatly map it for you). In addition, the impression is created that this Patrick Savalle has been running for years and has even won a prize. In fact, the impression must mainly arise that when you do it all "nicely" and "well", conspiracy thinking in the Netherlands can and may simply and that Martin Vrijland claims to have been so attacked by state employees: all nonsense.

As a "professional" you can have your full-time job and also do conspiracy research. You can even get a subsidy for it or win a prize with it. No problem. In addition to your full time job, you can also write very thick articles. You shake it out like that if you are a "software specialist" (and of course have nothing to do with the AIVD, cough). "Only here and there a chief editor who works for the services, but we good investigative journalists are reliable and you can find us at Café Weltschmerz".

In the meantime you may be encouraged to think in terms of conspiracies. That is the impression that is created. It's all pretty interesting and maybe even a bit funny. However, what it is primarily meant for is that you are naturally pulled away from the real free writer who has been sticking his neck out for years to expose the abuses in the Netherlands instead of focusing on 911 and other 'far from my bed shows' ". You will be neat towards the safety net of led. Just park in, so that you are inside.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it must be well understood that the secret services and their big data analyzes have been able to easily map out all the subjects that circulate on the internet concerning conspiracies. In fact, most have launched them themselves (with a built-in desinfo double bottom). You then connect a spokesperson like Patrick Savalle to it, who can come and hang out the smart beautiful boy in front of the cameras from (which subsidy pot is behind it) Café Weltschmerz and you have everyone back in your safety net. That's how it happened in the US with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan and that's how it is in the Netherlands.

You will be told all patterns of deception, except for those in which the alternative media themselves are in the pocket of power and apart from those of Psychological operations (PsyOps) where a lot of news is produced using Hollywood techniques. You may believe in false flags, but above all not be led too much towards the deep fake method. The term deep fake therefore does not appear in Patrick's document. The word PsyOp, or psy-op, comes only once, in relation to Q-Anon, but Patrick has been able to read it clearly on the site that this should be labeled as a bait box. He will not mention that Patrick himself acts as a bait box. (look and read further under the video)

You will not hear Patrick Savalle explain how murder cases are staged for it Problem, Reaction, Solution play the game and push through new legislation. The undersigned does and does. If you look at Café Weltschmerz, it all seems better than expected. "Of course there are patterns of deception, but we have mapped these out for you. We, the professionals, sit on top for you. It will be all right. Pour in another cup of coffee and sit back and relax. You can leave the work to us smart guys.”And with every article that Martin Vrijland publishes, a new safety net can be set up again. It is not surprising that Patrick will soon publish something about deep fakes and PsyOp's (psychological operations). A safety net for every subject.

Above all you need to get the impression that you can speak freely in the Netherlands and you can study conspiracies. After all, you will be offered a course openly. You can't find what we live in a beautiful free country! We are not going to talk about the Anne Faber case, we are not going to talk about the evidence here on the website, which shows how Powned puts demonstrations in scene. I have shown you how, for example, the Zaanse vloggersrel fully under control expired and everything was acted. We are not talking about the many other PsyOps. That is why you must be pulled away from this site and directed towards one of the safety nets.

It is not for nothing that this Patrick is so positive about Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. It is these gentlemen who are pawns of power. Safety net pins, just like Patrick Savalle himself. read this article check it again and especially watch the documentary at the bottom of that article, which I will place here again for the sake of convenience.

The greatest pattern of deception is that pretending to be flung with truth, by pawns of power that must guide you into their safety nets, giving you the impression that you see through all the patterns of deception, but just at that things are being diverted that you should not see: the safety net strategy.

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  1. S0M30N3 wrote:

    Shit ey Martin I will continue to follow you even though I do not respond often .. I am working on an album / mixtape on this kind of topics, especially the problem, reaction solution I try to address in English and Dutch ..

    Still takes about 3 month am halfway through, let me know .. for now thanks for your efforts!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Ah how nice,
      Well then you can already take the chorus for a song from me 😉

      Granted it has only cost me 2 hours of my precious time so far (because I happen to be playing a little drum, guitar and bass), but I still wanted to make it a whole song as part of doing something extra besides all that write.

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    The link at the bottom. Again a very strange conviction by return in the Media, without trial, lawyer or hard evidence of nothing, that it is raining, no longer keeping up.

    You read Patrick Savalle, yes of course you read because you read in the interview at Weltschmertz 1 / 3 of the things off your screen that you had taken off at MartinVrijland, but then something else here.

    Maybe something for Partrick Savalle to find out, and yes why does the Weltschmertz editorial team not even ask MartinVrijland who has been writing 7 for years, we have never seen 1 analysis of Patrick the way MartinVrijland does, come Patrick Savalle to work with it

  3. Sun wrote:

    Of course the virtues are from 'weltschmerrz' agents
    of the regime that we, at least I want to get rid of. Find their background and always use international templates that they of course stick to as script boys.
    I hear Patrick Savalle, is he perhaps related to the child abuser Saville in England? It would not surprise me, they almost all know each other well, often the same background feels familiar.

  4. S0M30N3 wrote:

    Hey martin, I've saved the piece of yours. Will give it a place.

    Yesterday we made 2 songs and finished them for a day and a half, some will go fast but will try to finish as soon as possible.

    Am of course an amateur so the 3 month I have more than taken .. as it seems now it is going well and there are still 7 a 6 numbers to go, will see if I can drop some ff online soon ..

  5. S0M30N3 wrote:

    Will be completely okay will not use it.

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