NOS and RTL give full attention to deepfakes to mask their own deepfake productions

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In recent days, both RTL and the NOS turned out to be paying full attention to the phenomenon of deepfakes. We see the same phenomenon here as with the subject of 'fake news'. The biggest producers of fake news and the biggest users of deepfake technology are going to divert attention from themselves by stating that criminal organizations, terrorists or Russia are the ones who use it. And of course DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an institution of the US Department of Defense) develop technology who recognizes and recognizes the authentic films, so that the mainstream media can always rely on that quality mark. Get the picture?

Who has all the money and resources to play the people with deepfakes? What about our great friend John de Mol with his billions? The de Mol family has at least all the money and resources to give themselves a cool image through the rebellious Johnny and the cheerful Linda. In the meantime, John de Mol is the owner of the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau.

When John D. Rockefeller became the first billionaire in the US with his oil company, he used a filmmaker to show that he was distributing money on the street. Rockefeller turned himself from a hated bag filler into a beloved philanthropist. It is time that you open your eyes wide and see how the hares walk and which mole tunnels dig under the foundation of our existence. You are being held in a collective Trumanshow by media, of which I have shown here on the website in several situations that they set arrests in front of the camera and set up whole riots with the help of live direction to show it in the news in the evening (see here en here). And these news producers would not fool us on all fronts? Why do you think that Jeroen Pauw and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk etc. have such high salaries? Because they are the number 1 players of your perception of the world. The hired table guests are allowed to fill in the appearance of discussion and criticism, so that you believe that "really something is happening". You will be fooled.

It is important that you begin to see that media not only produce fake news, but also work with deepfake technology. They try to divert your attention from themselves with problems such as extortion or porn videos with Dionne Stax. That is all a cause for concern and that is the intention, because you must be particularly concerned about 'criminals' so that the government can reverse the regulation of its criminal activities to its own advantage. "Problem, Reaction, Solutionis called that maxim. Then you create a problem that society should be concerned about; then you provoke emotional response through people like Jeroen Pauw, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and the rest of the perception managers; to then provide the solution. "You can only trust images that come from the mainstream media and the approved press," is the message. The tire dealer scatters nails along the access roads, so that you go to the tire dealer for the solution.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is concerned about the possibility of abusing so-called deepfake films, with which images are manipulated by algorithms. That writes the ONGOING Saturday.

The public prosecutor, Lodewijk van Zwieten, says to the ONGOING to be concerned about the ease with which deepfake videos can be made. “We have to realize that if we see something, we will no longer be able to believe that. Soon you can easily visualize something while it hasn't really happened. ”

Read in, among other things this article (At here en here) how deepfakes have existed for years and how social media profiles are usually masked by deepfakes, so that the government can have its telemarketing or home workers monitor social media discussions, hidden behind highly credible deepfake profiles with a credible network and credible photos and videos. Really read it! And think seriously about supporting the writer who sticks his neck out to bring all this to light. Become a member or join one one-time donation and share the articles as much as possible. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Don't fall for discussions on forums or social media. You most likely talk to a fake profile (deepfake) that hides a state agent,

  2. Analyze wrote:

    this knife also cuts on two sides, it is also possible that people anticipate what might happen in the future. For example, compromised images of famous politicians, actors, etc. where one can put the label of deepfake behind

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    What I then ask myself is this a deepfake ... 😀

  4. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    I don't have that much (anymore) with Flits West, but besides some stuttering he was to the point! For the rest: Sambal at Flits?!

  5. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    PS ...

    I'm actually more curious if the pocket fillers from Oranje will get away with double invoices regarding maintenance and renovation, etc., and the backward allowance for the useless Orange brood! Whatever Rutte says, fake or not, it is gel # 1 in space. And the worst thing is: He gets away with it!

  6. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    Just remember that Aunt Bea van Oranje hoisted Rutte's balls onto the horse. So, therefore!

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