Notre-Dame fire distraction for fire in Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem (which must make way for temple)?

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The big fire in Notre Dame in Paris keeps the moods busy. At the same time, if the message is correct, another fire is going on, namely the Al-Aqsa mosque at Jerusalem. The message comes from the website and seems authentic, as far as that can be checked. Just click on the link.

It has been prophesied in Christian prophecies for millennia that the temple of Solomon must be rebuilt. The Zionist political movement (actually pharaonic in nature) would like to rebuild this temple as quickly as possible, but there is only one problem: the Al-Aqsa mosque is located there. Isn't it a coincidence that Notre Dame is catching fire today and the fire fighters and helicopters are all too far away to save Notre Dame. In my opinion this fire is a great well-timed diversion for the fire in the Al-Aqsa mosque and both fires are a trick to get the temple mount nice and free from that (for the Zionists) awkward mosque. There is a smell to it and that is not just a burning smell.

Watch the video in this tweet and continue reading below.

In my opinion we are witnessing an unfolding script that is driven by the pharaoh bloodlines (and Freemasonry). As frequently explained, the major world religions and their prophecies play an important role in the policies of all political leaders. These prophecies speak of the coming of the so-called anti-Christ. For the Jews, however, this will be the messiah. According to the prophecies, that messiah will have to take a seat in the rebuilt temple of Solomon. So that is where the Al-Aqsa mosque now stands.

Op I wrote 1 April the following: There is another remarkable sign from which we can see that the anti-christ has appeared on the scene. Mind you, this figure is recognized as the messiah by the Jewish community. The Muslim leaders will therefore also recognize him (for the stage) as Imam Mahdi (the messiah) temporarily. The other sign that would come with the appearance of this messiah's figure is that he will be able to get approval for the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon on the temple mount in Jerusalem. In my opinion, however, the rebuilding of this temple will not take place immediately. That may only happen at the end of the 3,5 year who will rule this anti-Christ figure. So 2022 may be the year in which this anti-Christ announces the rebuilding of this temple. That could mean that the Islamic world would suddenly recognize him publicly as the Dajjal (the anti-Christ) and then start a war for Jerusalem. That all fits tightly in the picture of the recovering Ottoman Empire, whose Turkish desire is to have it resurrected in 2023.

Before that temple can be rebuilt, something must be done to speed up this process. As it were, space must first be made on that temple mountain in Jerusalem. This parallel fire with Notre-Dame therefore seems to be a great method to speed up that process. We must then assume that the message from is correct; that other media deliberately withhold it and that all attention is diverted towards Notre Dame. Time will tell, but if it is right, it smells like a well-planned operation. (read the update under the video)


Thanks to a loyal reader I hereby place the update of the remarkable and famous animation film 'I pet goat II' from 2012 in which the fire in Notre-Dame was already predicted. That again indicates that we are witnessing an unfolding script. Pay attention to the messiah figure in this animation and also pay attention to the one-eye sign on his forehead (which is a reference to the anti-christ). The pyramid is also an important sign that refers to the pharaonic bloodlines. Remarkable fact: Nostradamus also predicted the fire in Notre Dame (read here). To be continued.

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    On the same date the Hillsborough disaster, Titanic and it was predicted in I Pet Goat II ... signs of a military escalation and start of WWIII?

  2. Riffian wrote:

    @zalm, Russian military 'exercises' are underway ...

  3. Sun wrote:

    Well, get an 9 / 11 feeling when I read that both the Notre Dame and the Al Aqsa mosque were on fire on the same day. Certainly not a coincidence. Everything is registered !!! The fire in the Al Aqsa mosque was quickly extinguished in Notre Dame, probably better security in the Al Aqsa mosque.
    Are they going to investigate the cause of the fire? For the form, after all, the cause never becomes clear. They do, however, ensure that it is up to the key positions to determine the outcome. The conclusion is written in the reports. Facts are not relevant.
    "Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame," said Notre Dame spokesman Andre Finot. This means, if this is true, that the symbol of the "Christian" church in France has fallen to the core. Does that suit them just as well. Would they have performed a ritual for that first? A disguised form of an iconoclasm. Well, what do the French people think? Is this perhaps an incentive to implement and extend the yellow vest protest or is this precisely the intention of the script writers. Think the unthinkable when dealing with them. Nothing is what it seems with them. Think of the Matroejska dolls, A matryoshka (Russian: Матрёшка), often incorrectly called babushka in the Netherlands [1], is a hollow wooden doll that is part of a series of smaller and smaller dolls that fit together.
    How blessed we are with them. Not so.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    [quote] Russian bestseller written by writer Elena Tchoudinova and published in 2005, the highly politically incorrect anticipation novel (according to the website below) "The Notre-Dame de Paris 2048 mosque" eventually found a French publisher and was just published in France at the end of April 2009 , when it is the country where the novel's action takes place!

  5. Sun wrote:

    If I were a Muslim I would also be happy with the growing influence of Islam. Logical anyway. However, the most important question is who, which group, supports this development and what is their purpose? I know, it's a rhetorical question.

    • Iberi wrote:

      The goal is to help set up the end time script. The crosses will therefore have to be replaced by half moons! And then according to script, the last enemy (half moon) in their eyes will be defeated for the battle of Jerusalem. We must frustrate the script and not go with it.

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I still have to find out the source, but I read a post on Facebook in which someone claims that all images were deleted a week before the fire. It would be all apostles and angels.
    Can anyone verify that?

  7. Riffian wrote:…3847.13564..14009…0.0..0.122.1675.14j5……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i131i67j0i131j0j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i160j33i299.I8vQUlAd-JA

    drilling tunnels where have we seen that before ...

  8. Riffian wrote:

    It was without a doubt an 9 / 11 ritual

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Good music cannot be missed ...

  10. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Listen to the Luciferian message from 1: 50 min.

    “I finally settled on that was such an elemental fire. It's fire and faith, two things that have shaped us. know since we've got the fire from the god to mix our theological world views .. ”

    and a little further:

    “The reason why they built such enormous structures was to make something like an icon of the new Jerusalem”

    Pure NLP for programming precisely that mixing of theology towards the one world religion. You will also hear the programming towards 'the new Jerusalem'. Because what the man says is historically true for no meter! The Catholic Church is a monotheistic religion while this gentleman speaks of gods. The Catholic Church also did not build cathedrals at the time with the idea of ​​creating an icon for the new Jerusalem.

    What is happening now is that indeed all gods (Allah, God, YHWH, you name it) will be declared the same and this fire is indeed iconic for the end times (and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem).

    Neuro Linguistic Programming. That is what the media do.

  11. Squenzy wrote:

    Good afternoon Martin,

    In line with this, the upcoming song festival where our new "superstar" Duncan Laurence will play a song called "Arcade". This is also purely predictive programming. See the video clip below.

    This video shows, in my opinion, the birth of the antichrist (coming naked from the water).
    Number has been high among the bookmakers for weeks now that it will win. How appropriate the Songfestival is held in Israel. It is all "too coincidental" or staged. At minute 2: 37, Duncan is standing there with his twelve fake disciples. On 2: 41 we see the weep for tammuz coming back> Ezechiel 8: 14 but there is much more information on the internet.

    Did not know if you already knew this but would like to hear your opinion! I am convinced that Duncan is going to win in Israel and that this is the starting signal for a lot of misery. Good evening.

  12. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Well this is of course entirely coincidental, after Michael Obama was spotted with a Burning chain in Paris during the Notre Dame ritual, Trump was in Burnsville to express his compassion

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