Predicted end of the Brexit in sight after the British House of Commons disapproval

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As already on the site predicted from the beginning, the Brexit is probably not going through the British House of Commons the deal of Theresa May disapproved. It was already clear that the Brexit turned to eventually link the group of critics in society with anti-EU and anti-globalization, as is done in the US through the linking of this critical group to Donald Trump. If you first grant a 'seemingly successful' nationalist currents (controlled opposition) and then blow up everything, you have not only definitively bombed 'conspirators' (in which 'conspiracy thinking' is synonymous with being 'critical'), but bombed to failures, but also settled with nationalism.

All this time I have for that reason predicted that both the Brexit would fail and that Donald Trump will eventually fail. Trump needs to blow up the American economy. That the Brexit will eventually fail, you can get from the tweet by Donald Tusk, who actually hints at the 'only positive solution', with which he hints to 'no Brexit'.

The temporary success of the Brexit probably had another purpose and that is something we also know under the term 'leveling'. With the term leveling, you can best think of two liquid vessels connected to the bottom. If there is more liquid in the one vessel than the other, the liquid will spread evenly over both vessels when the connecting valve is opened. Well, by temporarily putting the Brexit into effect, a lot has been leveled. In any case, the British pound since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 with 15% decreased and that is an important achievement. In fact, it is about equalizing prosperity or rather: the level in all connected vessels must reach the same level. And if you want to fill the empty barrels, it is useful if you connect the fuller barrels and the last resistance breaks to be able to fully open the tap.

If the Brexit could be decorated under Theresa May in such a way that it could be sold to the people like a gigantic imminent financial disaster (because there was no better deal to be dragged out), you convinced the people that Brexit might not be so ' n was a good idea. That was exactly the intention, of course. Problem, Reaction, Solution; that good old maxim that always appears to be doing. And to top it all, you can stretch the game a little further and make sure that the last political bickering makes the disaster even worse, if the EU puts the heels in the sand and the British is threatening to keep the deal. You can say thunder that the British should go and pull the wallet anyway and then the calculation will show that it is better to stay inside the EU anyway. In fact, if you want to stay with that wonderful, well-oiled EU and do not want to incur hundreds of billions of damage, you have to pay to be able to come back again.

And who will get the blame? Of course: those who planned to get the blame. All those who needed to listen to Nigel Farage. The charismatic speaker who dared to scare all the leaders in the EU meetings, but when the Brexit club did not give it home to the job of actually taking the UK out of the EU. Logical, because it had to fail and so a new kind of clumsy actress had to be put forward; did not mention the clown Boris Johnsen who complemented the cast of this show well. Thus, as predicted, you have definitively settled with the group of critical thinkers that could be linked to Nigel Farage. Anyone who dares to criticize the EU in the future or talks about the EU's Nazi roots, for example, will be ridiculed and linked to 'those failures who wanted Brexit if necessary'. End of criticism; end of anti-EU sentiment; start leveling.

Of course, this is only the first domino to care for chaos in Europe. The British economy will, in any case, cause damage. And from chaos you can always create more order. That usually requires a strong arm.

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    This is for the central bankers cq. planners of course an ideal cover for all financial malpractices (see ECB / Deutsche bank) and consequent consequences to the politicians, this is how the game has been played for centuries. So this created chaos still has an invisible dimension ..

    And it is no coincidence that puppets Trump, Macron, May and Merkel, who are responsible for the migrant chaos, simultaneously play the standard of the centralization agenda perfectly. 'Chaos' means that power is increasingly drawn to a smaller elite and that is no coincidence.

    And it went so well super Mario 😀

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Just the beginning of the long retired storm

    Macron is EU's LAST HOPE declares Farage as he hails French MEP's call for FREXIT

  3. Sun wrote:

    These puppets are not coincidentally all members of the same Club, the usual suspects who work together internationally and work towards a coordinated centralization, in fact to a merger of power. What can they all play well and the slaves only see the smoke and mirrors with their eyes wide shut.
    Goodnight looking pipe children.


    Brittain Rules! 1 foot in the EU, the other in The Common Wealth!

  5. Iberi wrote:

    May was in principle against Brexit! Moreover, it was only an 'advisory' referendum! The crown will take on a new military force! After all, almost all the gold has gone there! Russia is not really waiting for that either! A federal (Soviet) Europe will tear mainly in two (as our Greek friend (Varoufakis) already reported years ago!) An Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian power block (including France)! And in the first instance a Catholic alliance and in a later stage a Catholic Orthodox alliance if relations with Russia will have improved!

  6. aurora0026 wrote:


    Nigel Farage is / was United Kingdom independent Party (UKIP)

    Founder UKIP is Alan Sked

    Alan Sked is a member of the BAP (British-American Project)

    The British-American Project (BAP) is a transatlantic fellowship of 1,200 leaders and opinion formers from broad spectrum of occupations, backgrounds and political views. BAP operates on a not-for-profit basis, funded through its membership and support from corporate partners ...

    John Pilger about BAP:

    "John Pilger attacked the BAP as an example of" Atlanticist freemasonry. "He asserted in November 1998 that" many members are journalists, the essential foot soldiers in any network devoted to power and propaganda. "[4]

    In 2003 John Pilger noted that "Five members of Blair's first cabinet, along with his chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, were members of the British American Project for a Successor Generation, a masonry or chosen politicians and journalists, conceived by the far-right oil baron J. Howard Pew and Ronald Reagan and Rupert Murdoch. "

    "A variety of senior Labor politicians - Peter Mandelson, George Robertson, Mo Mowlam, Chris Smith, Elizabeth Symons, George Robertson and Blair's chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, were members of the British-American Project for the Successor Generation (BAP), a little-known but highly influential transatlantic network or "chosen" politicians, journalists and academics. The fingerprints of British and American intelligence are everywhere on the network of BAP members; regular attenders at BAP meetings are defense and security specialists, NATO advisers, Defense Ministry think-tank people and counter-insurgency experts. Also included is Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's career diplomat who now runs. 10 office as chief of staff. Powell is the youngest of the Powell brothers, or whom Charles, the eldest, was Margaret Thatcher's foreign policy specialist. At BAP conferences, subjects discussed include such titles as' Sharing the Defense Burden 'and' The Welfare State on Trial.

    The first recorded mention of the successor generation in 1983 when President Reagan spoke to Rupert Murdoch, Sir James Goldsmith and senior CIA officers, at the White House. Reagan told them: "Last June, I spoke to the British Parliament, proposing that we - the democracies of the world - work together to build the infrastructure of democracy. This will take time, money and efforts by the government and the private sector. We need to focus on cement relations among the various sectors of our societies in the United States and Europe. A special concern will be the successor generations, as these are the ones who want to work together in the future on defense and security issues. "

    BAP is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts of Philadelphia, which was established in 1985 by the billionaire J. Howard Pew, a devoted supporter of the Republican Party and other right-wing groups. These include the far-right Heritage Foundation and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a foundation that was set up by former CIA head William Casey to sponsor books "widely regarded as influencing Reagan Administration's economic and social thinking." One such book was Losing Ground by Charles Murray, the extreme-right inventor of the term "underclass" and advocate of the abolition of welfare ... "

    In 1997 Lobster Magazine, a British journal of intelligence, parapolitics, and state research published an article on the British American Project.

    > The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) or the Johns Hopkins
    > University,
    > Washington DC, would administer the American side. The Royal Institute of
    > International Affairs
    > at Chatham House, London, would serve a similar function in Britain.

    The Royal Institute of International Affairs is England's CFR sister organization.

    Serendipitously, the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs were formally established at another Majestic Hotel in Paris on March 19, 1919, members of the British Secret Service, or members of the first US central intelligence agency the INQUIRY. Edward Mandell House, personal advisor to President Woodrow Wilson, and the US National Security Advisor, hosted the meeting.

    Propaganda, is the effort to change one's social pattern for another. Propaganda is used to create false reality worlds using sleight of mind. Psycho-political operations are propaganda campaigns. Strategic psycho-political operations focus propaganda at powerful individuals, or small groups of people capable of influencing public opinion or the government of a particular country. Tactical psycho-political operations focus propaganda at specific events, their comments, and their appeals through mass communication media (ie newspapers, radio, television, textbooks, educational material, art, entertainment, etc.). Both forms of propaganda are used to manipulate foreign policy goals in a given period. If the operations are designed to conceal the operation and the sponsor the operation is clandestine. If the operations are designed to conceal the sponsor the operation is covert.

    The CFR / RIIA has become successful at scripting, directing, and implementing psycho-political operations that we are now living in an age of rationalized propaganda. CFR / RIIA goals. High international tensions are whipped up with astonishing rapidity at the dictatorship of the controlling groups. Tensions are meant to achieve profits of CFR / RIIA controlled medicine, munitions, media, food, and banking industries which profit most during periods of unrest and war. Illusions and delusions are deliberately imposed on large international scale to conceal real social conflicts of greater significance.

    The Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes used "discussion-groups" to generate material used in propaganda campaigns for shaping national policy and influencing public opinion. The Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and other secret-society branch organizations use "discussion-groups," and a more formalized program known as "study-groups" to this day. "Study groups" are organized to investigate an important national policy issue. A designated expert prepares a draft statement and presents it to a group of fellow experts who often hold widely divergent views. The issue is discussed thoroughly, sometimes at several successive meetings, and the discussion by a research secretary. A single source is produced. Material generated is used to shape national policy and influence public opinion.

    The British American Project is nothing more than a Council on Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of Internal Affairs, sponsored study group, responsible for creating covert strategic, and tactical psycho-political operations for influencing public opinion CFR / RIIA industries to maximize their profits at the CFR / RIIA goal of forming one world government run by CFR / RIIA members. Hosting the meeting at the Majestic Hotel is a clue for future historians of the New World Order of the Secret Society of Cecil and the organizations that evolved from it.

    Who is J. Howard Pew, the founder of BAP?

    I could dig much further and probably would return to the usual suspects, like the Rockefellers.
    I recently delivered a very interesting article about the Rockefeller. It is about who the Rockefeller really are and where they really come from.

  7. aurora0026 wrote:

    David Rockefeller's own words:

    "For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wielded over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of having a global integrated global political and economic structure-one world if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. "
    - David Rockefeller, Memoirs

  8. aurora0026 wrote:

    For those interested in where these ruling families come from, I can recommend the following 4-piece text. You have to take the time for it, because it is a long text, but certainly worth it and very instructive.

    It has the making with the Phoenicians, the ruling families and the link with the Jewish aristocracy.

    Part I: The Pun factor in spookery

    ANCIENT SPOOKS Part II: Spookish relations

    ANCIENT SPOOKS Part III: Link to a spooky fit

    Part IV: Ghostdom's trail into history

    • Sun wrote:

      Interesting information if it is correct. I conclude from this that all or almost all royal families, elite, and also in the Netherlands, could be of Jewish origin. I did not know that and I think that many Dutch people, the common people, do not know this.
      This can explain the warm bond between the royal family and the Jewish community in the Netherlands. Thanks to Aurora. Learned something again.

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Eine verbotene Geschichte

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