Printed organs from the body's own DNA are a fact: see here the first 3D printed heart

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No, it is not fake news, science is as far as regularly predicted here on the site. The first 3D printed heart is a fact. Scientists from Israel have succeeded in printing a heart out of their own DNA. The heart shown in the video below may be the size of a baby, but apparently it has been possible to use stem cells to print all the required tissue. That opens the way for the printing of practically every organ and according to the scientist from the film this means that in 10 years we will find 3D organ printers in every hospital in the world. I already called this during the organ donation law that has been pushed through here in the Netherlands. This legislation was pushed through at the time that this development was secretly almost ready. The revelation of Israeli scientists is therefore well-timed late. We can now call on Pia Dijkstra to repeal that law, but Mrs is probably sitting somewhere in the Bahamas enjoying her bonus.

The organ donation law, as I called at the time, was not about the shortage of organs and how to regulate this. The technology presented now was already foreseeable, because I already achieved that result with some simple Google searches. The organ donation law revolved around the simple legal fact that every person had to become (literally) the property of the state. Because as soon as you arrange by law that your body (your organs and everything else) is by definition available to the state, unless you explicitly state that you do not want to be a donor, you have therefore defined the bodies of all Dutch people as 'assets'. : state property. And you can carry out maintenance on state property. That means that if you feel that you have to work on those state property, you can do it legally. (look and read further under the video)

The state has even broken the law by secretly storing the DNA of all newborn babies since the year 2000 at RIVM; obtained via the heel prick. This would be the wet dream of Joseph Mengele, but we Dutch don't worry so much. The push towards DNA databases is meanwhile being sold through it Problem, Reaction, Solution game of criminal files via media hypes by people like Peter R. de Vries. With that DNA from those future databases, the state will soon have all the means to "maintain" its state assets. It only requires an 5G network to complete the situation. With an 5G network throughout the Netherlands you could, in principle, adjust any genetic code in the human body online. This means that you can, for example, give a 'minor opposition' a minor update from the cloud. However, you can also eliminate certain people. You can imagine what this technique could do if it fell into the hands of terrorists.

If we assume that the state we only have good intentions, we could trust it. However, who still has that confidence nowadays if we, for example, alone know that the state supports secret terrorist groups in countries to achieve regime change? Trust blindly the state? Knowing that they have all these resources at their disposal? Take a look at the video below to see what possibilities CRISPR CAS 12 offers and combine this with the knowledge that the state has the DNA of every citizen and telecom companies are busy realizing the required bandwidth for the data stream through the installation of the 5G networks. (read further under the video)

Yes, I made a quick jump to the DNA databases and to the online method to genetically modify the population. That's for a reason. You might think “What does that have to do with the online printing of organs?” Well, the legislation of Pia Dijkstra (the organ donation law) has actually become superfluous, because organs can be printed out on site at the hospital. However, the organ donation law had to and would be coming (at the last moment before this technology came on the scene). Why? Because thanks to this legislation everyone's body and members have become state property. So it's all interconnected. Without that legislation the state being punishable when committing unsolicited maintenance to the DNA of an individual. With that legislation there is no obstacle for that anymore. The only thing that the state still needs is a law that establishes compulsory vaccination. Then she can inject the carrier into every citizen; the carrier required for the CRISPR CAS 12 (online, from the cloud) method. Horror in the making!

You can dismiss it all as a crazy paranoid conspiracy idea, but I only warn about what is possible. The creator of this CRISPR CAS 12 method, the lady from the video, warns of the dangers; even though she mainly outlines the fantastic possibility of, for example, detecting and healing online diseases (from the cloud). All technological means and almost all legislation have been implemented to realize Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The state can tailor its citizens to size. Geneticist Ronald Plasterk has since left politics, but has been at the cradle of all this legislation and may now probably provide the means needed to put all this into practice (see his new function at the MyTomorrows company). You may wonder why a geneticist has played such a prominent role in politics for years. Perhaps the answer to that question, with the above knowledge in mind, has become somewhat clearer.

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  1. What a scary world!

    But yes, the children have to go to school ... I have to work on my career ... or did I want that far-away flying holiday? I can't do anything about that scary world.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      When Notre Dame is in the fil, everyone is emotional; when the world turns into a totalitarian system, nobody cares. Fortunately Ajax has won !!

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