Robert Jensen's "Donald Trump doesn't believe in the New World Order" proves: is controlled opposition

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It remains important to point out how controlled opposition works so that you do not swim in the state-created safety nets. Robert Jensen on his website yesterday proved that he is such a pawn. Take a look at the video below and discover how the game is played. In my new book I explain all layers of cheating, but it is important to also see through the game of controlled opposition. From the 21e minute you can see how Jensen actually calls Donald Trump as the savior of the world against the new world order. I mentioned this link to Donald Trump's critical thinking a previous article already 'branding' (constructing a brand).

It is highly recommended that you read this article again, because you discover how critical thinking is linked to certain well-defined stigmas through smart marketing. I then explain how that right-wing brand ('rightwing' in English) will eventually be blamed on the misery for all misery through a planned economic chaos.

The fact that Donald Trump is not against a new world order is because he is a well-trained actor (like all politicians), who has been selected for this task for just that reason. His job is to put that brand firmly and clearly. The American central bank (The FED) has meanwhile ensured that there is a ticking debt mountain time bomb under the American economy. That bomb is activated at the right time and will plunge the Western world into financial and social chaos. The Brexit debacle also serves the same agenda and is planned well in advance. The right-wing ladies and gentlemen in politics therefore had to contribute to the careful construction of that brand. That is their role. Their ultimate role is therefore that the power block that will restore order from that chaos can definitively deal with criticism of globalization, history revisionism, anti-climate change ideas and everything that is more closely linked to that brand on the right under the name of 'conspiracy theories. ". The current right-wing political pawns serve therefore the higher goal. We can note the same for all those "alternative media" that help this brand burn. That is why I call the (state-controlled) opposition. They may call a lot of truth, but never take the sting out; saw on the legs, but they never mow under it.

Read everything about the extent to which you are played and what you can do about it, in my new book.


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  1. Sun wrote:

    Jensen has been approved by them to play the game of controlled opposition.
    It has all been theater for thousands of years, supposedly opponents of each other but mutually agreed between them.
    It is smoke and mirrors. You can choose the two
    fractions. Namely between the boy of the script and the other boy of the script. All roads left, right, backwards etc lead to them.

  2. Analyze wrote:

    "The Brexit debacle also serves the same agenda and is planned well in advance." exactly, there they found this drawer lighter prepared to stretch for the cart. Conducting things towards the abyss ... It was never intended that they would leave the EU NWO block

    Farage where the French word RAVAGE is anchored subliminally ... and that is exactly what it will be ... oui oui Je maintiendrai

    There is no lack of politicians and media in slips, snipers and other insidious gear

  3. Mindsupply wrote:

    Just look at the 'artistic' obvious 'sketched' pyramid behind him, which clearly tells you who he works for; )

  4. danny wrote:

    The annoying thing about those actors is that they are so good at it, so credible that people flock to gardens.
    I don't understand that there are people who can take Jensen seriously, it is so fat on top, why does he always wear headphones? What a joke that guy.
    I suspect that Jensen is focused on addressing a somewhat younger target group, and that he is therefore also published on YouTube.

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