Shot lawyer Philippe Schol and false hijacking report Schiphol

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It will be far-fetched to many and sound like sheer nonsense when I say the name Philippe Schol has a subliminal link with Schiphol. Take a look at the Philippe Schol name. Subliminal there is the word Schiphol. Neuro Linguistic Programming or subliminal programming is therefore something that happens unconsciously in your brain. These are forms of "hypnosis techniques" that have been used in the media for years. Of course it is terrible that another lawyer has been shot, but the murder of Derk Wiersum was very similar to a PsyOp (psychological operation) and here too we do not know whether that might not be the case again. The statement that Philippe Schol is out of danger in the hospital does not exclude the possibility of a PsyOp. In all cases it is possible to work with compromised persons in a PsyOp and / or to work with deepfakes. The Schiphol hijack notification now appears to be a false alarm.

It is very essential to understand how PsyOps can be put together through deepfakes and / or compromised persons, but above all how nowadays not even a month is waited for pushing through new measures or legislation. Creating a problem of major social impact, with the aim of more police state (more money to the police, justice and / or army and more police state legislation), is how the game of Psychological Operations works. How you can technically rig such a PsyOp, the movie Wag the Dog from 1997 already suggested in a mild version, but we cannot exclude that it is the everyday practice of the media and the means of today are much more advanced than back then . I explained this in several articles:

It is advisable to read those articles thoroughly. Also in my new book I discuss this topic again and I discuss the total picture of how the mass is played. In the case of the (possible PsyOp) murder of Derk Wiersum, it wasn't long before Minister Ferdinant Grapperhaus took a firm hold in the tax pot to reserve more money for the police state. The minor amount of 110 miljoen whopping! Yes, you think that's all right, because it is really necessary with all that crime:

After all, we had the (PsyOp?) Attack on it Panorama building, the (PsyOp?) attack on the Telegraaf building and we had a liquidation in it (PsyOp?) Marengo process presumably by criminal (self-created?) Mocro Mafia headpiece (deepfake?) Ridouan Taghi. We do not know. They are all media stories. It is brought to us by the media and so we believe it. And if the alternative media are silent, it must be true. "Yes, you have that Martin Vrijland who does not believe at all in what we see in the media, but hey that is not in line!”Or is that perhaps in line with this and are we really being played at John de Mol studio production level? Yes, John de Mol is the owner of the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau ladies and gentlemen.

In the context of the subliminal methods of the media, it is also extra useful to point out the aforementioned NLP methods. It is precisely this subtle, unobtrusive method of programming that works much more powerfully than pronounced programming via perception management, that is applied to the people every day. Such subtle programming takes place through techniques that are only known to a select group of people who have studied psychology, psychiatry or marketing. We often talk about the title of an article, photos or moving images or the construction of a storyline with which this subliminal programming takes place. The rotating circles and the back and forth newsreader in the NOS news are examples of subtle forms of hypnosis techniques. While we may think that only illusionists like Victor Mids apply this kind of thing, we do not pay attention to the daily practice of such methods in the news. And even if we have read that such techniques are used, we just keep reading the newspaper or watching the news, because we believe that we can get through it or we just want to 'keep abreast of what is happening'.

The video below shows how subliminal techniques have a greater influence on your subconscious than you think is possible. The hijacking report at Schiphol may seem like a false alarm, but it probably has everything to do with a form of subliminal programming to anchor that other news story of today in your brain: Philippe Schol. You must always be brought and kept in the acceptance mode, so that you embrace all those new laws: more money to the police state and more police state legislation.

Be alert to the possibility that you will be played on a large scale in an interplay between government and media and alternative media!

In the video, choose 'subtitles' and then choose 'automatically translate' and then 'Dutch' for the Dutch subtitles

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Again it is hilarious to call idd, a hijack alarm and the parool reporter shouts down to the departure hall |:
    “Can you tell me what is wrong, ma'am?” See link cut text, yes yes yes Parool, Telegraaf, NRC it doesn't matter anymore
    CUT & Paste and the next day Pauwtje has another topic (which has been on the shelf for a long time).
    What inspires those people who lend themselves to such scene-set activities, to make those who unscrupulously facilitate a good night's sleep you need an army of psychlogen, it is becoming increasingly clear

  2. SandinG wrote:

    What comes out in the MSM as an incident can just be an exercise for the elite guards. See if all systems work and test how the gullible sheep react ... after all, measuring is knowing

    • Sun wrote:

      True, although they have the power and the money, they always remain scared and insecure for the common people. You never know. They are stumperds with power and money without a real authentic identity and integrity. That is not for sale.

      • Sun wrote:

        Don't forget that there is fear and uncertainty because they cannot and do not want to identify with the ordinary population because they are immigrants, an immigrant elite that holds the keypositions. Afraid to lose those keypositions unexpectedly with the associated privileges, money etc.

        • SandinG wrote:

          Yes, that's right, the ladies and gentlemen of the script are committed to clinging to the least or the least to the measures they have devised. Every deviating sound is closely monitored by the usual suspects. It has never been any different in Madurodam, where the gardens and hedges have been kept, the dikes are weighted .. it all looks authentic, static and sterile .. you would almost want to live there 😀

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