Subtle way to accept pedophilia through introduction of the pedopop?

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The subtle path towards acceptance of pedophilia now appears to be used with the introduction of the 'pedopop'. It is about an introduction to the general public via the media, because the doll has been on the market for a year. If you read the following message in the Telegraaf, alludes to sympathy for a latent sexual need along the lines of 'some people simply have a panssexual preference'. But is it not ignored by the fact that the tendency to want to have sex with children has to do with sexual abuse? No, I am not just talking about the older or adolescent children, but the need of pedophiles often extends to very young children (think of Robert M.).

In the sexual abuse of very young children you can not speak of 'mutual consent'. Most child pornography (read: child sexual abuse films) involves very young children and it appears that the 'pedopop' has the design of a 5 birthday boy. No child wants to be penetrated anally and it is not something that occurs in nature. You should therefore consider it as a genetic error (intentionally or intentionally programmed in) in some human DNA, which leads to a mental illness in which this need arises. That does not sound progressive enough, of course, for the gender ideology with which we are being bombarded, but let us assume for the first time that this need is indeed a mental illness. Does it make sense to satisfy the need as a result of this mental illness with a 'pedopop'?

Betting that many will respond with a resounding 'yes' to that? "You treat a heroin junk also by giving him methadone!"Could be an argument. The fact that addiction care in the Netherlands might work with the serious cases, may be clear, but prevention is better than cure and tackling the problem usually works better than the problem. The free availability of heroin probably leads to more addicts. If that were not the case, the EU would now have to lift all restrictions on the free sale and the free use of heroin. That would also save a lot of criminal drug trafficking. In short: making it freely accessible to everyone against an apple and an egg, probably causes an increase in the 'mental illness'. Do pedophiles have to get such a doll on a prescription from the GP? It remains a sickly insistence of which it can not be proven that such a doll prevents a pedophile from raping children or more children. (Read more under it Telegraph article)

Fuss to pedo-pop

Today, 14: 33Sigrid Burg

LONDON - Pedophile fighters are furious with a group of psychosexual therapists who believe that child sex offenders should be able to have sex with children's dolls as 'medicine'.

Children would be less at risk due to these dolls. Opponents believe that the lifelike dolls only encourage more child abuse.

'At the moment there are no legal methods to provide pedophiles with their needs. Using a 'children's sex doll' in a 'controlled environment' would provide the solution and ensure that the pedophile leaves children in peace. '

This lets StopSo know via Indepedent. Stopso is an organization in Great Britain that specializes in treatments for the prevention of sexual abuse. The dolls would work just like methadone for heroin addicts. So a replacement.

Last year the lifelike children's dolls were discredited, after they were ordered all over the world via Amazon and eBay. This has brought various pedophiles to light. And the question arose, can these products just be traded?

The Japanese artist Shin Takagi thinks so. He designed the anatomically-correct doll, Trottla, which looks like a five-year-old child with movable body parts and even works with different heat settings.

In an interview with The Atlantic the artist said: "We must accept that we can not just change someone's fetish. I help people with their desires in a legal and ethical way. It can not be done if you have to live with suppressed feelings. "

The now celebrated and hated Japanese also claims that customers thank him for saving their lives. "Thanks to the doll, they did not commit a crime."

Opponents, including the National Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), express their greatest concerns. They warn that the dolls will increase the risk of abuse by normalizing sex with children through this path.

It seems that the need to sexually abuse children (also wrongly called 'pedophilia', because it has nothing to do with love and everything with a sick rape of small children) is a problem that does not belong in normal biology here on earth. Do you call me any mammal that sexually abuses his boy? It should make us think about where this genetic disorder is. If we are able to adjust hereditary diseases through a DNA correction, this genetic error can most probably also be detected. Perhaps this development in the area of ​​nanotechnology can provide a useful application there. So instead of normalizing sexual abuse to a common and common sexual preference, we could genetically repair the problem. This can be done within the current technological state of affairs. On the other hand, the society through the gender propaganda prepped to the gender blender from gay, to lesbo, to LHBTIQAPC, to accept. In several previous ones articles I explained how this gender transformation has everything to do with the roadmap towards world government and an androgynous android (transhumane) world population.

Also I explained how the rainbow is a Luciferian symbol and I explained why this can be found in the LGBT propaganda and the 'I Am' in 'IAmsterdam'. Anyone who has ever heard of Aleister Crowley knows that exhausting a young boy to rape it in a group was his preferred method of experiencing enlightenment. Crowley called himself 'the beast 666'. That is a clear reference to Lucifer. The "pedophilia" of Crowley can thus be related to a Satanic or Luciferian ritual. The sexual abuse of a child therefore seems (to put it mildly) to have a 'spiritual touch'. Could it be that there is a connection there and that this is the reason that "sexual preferences" should be promoted and that also thesexual child abuse preference'(also called' pedophilia ') should be weakened to a' sexual preference '? I have a dark brown suspicion that the introduction of this' pedopop 'via the media is an indoctrination method of the Luciferian world order, to program the masses towards the'gender blender and child abuse acceptance'. What is the next step?

The picture placed with this article is a screenshot of the baby doll shown in the video below (and not the five-year pedopop), but is placed as an example of how realistic silicone dolls can be made for years. Give your opinion in the poll below the video.

Share your opinion about the 'pedopop' anonymously in this pol:

It is to be hoped that more and more people will poke through the cunning indoctrination method of the media. To continue to stimulate people with awareness-raising articles, your support is needed. Become that here member or do one one-time donation. Thank you for your support.


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  1. Brain wrote:

    We live clearly in a very sick society. Well, how is that?
    All roads lead to Babylon.

  2. Brain wrote:

    There are obviously more crazy people around who should actually be in the madhouse. In the past when the ratio was still leading, they knew what to do with those types.

  3. shrimp wrote:

    It will be more difficult every day to express yourself in a controlled manner about this nauseating and absurd propaganda that will actually increase the need for completely mentally disturbed people to abuse / rape babies and very young children. In no way will babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers be engaged in transferring sexual signals to adults at a conscious level. Those who propagate this can be classified in the category mentally disturbed and / or satanic and occult possessed. And I hope that healthy people will realize in time that it is probably (given the agenda) necessary to let that satanic disease cease to exist. The sexual awareness of young children in schools should also be banned. People are too fond of this kind of serious offenses, misplaced and criminal propaganda. They do not even hide it and they will even go so far with their perverse and disturbed spirits that they eventually make propaganda for every deviation such as ritually slaughtering 'children'. The border has been reached for a long time and most of them are of the same cloth and suit and will not see any harm in demonism and Satanism. It is sick !!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Totally agree!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      And then we are not talking about children who are imported from Africa for adoption to parents who might say they feel a lot of "love for children" (something with '... filie'). After all, you can simply marry a like-minded person and present yourself as a married homosexual.

      If these are the questions in the adoption procedure you know:
      1. Do you love children?
      2. Have you had the need to have a child for some time?
      3. Do you feel a strong urge to take care of a child?

      By the time the child can talk it does not know better than what happened "normal" and that it was part of the upbringing. Who can see what happens inside the walls? Controlling authorities? Right ..

      If that is the Rudger WPF foundation, I have little hope. They have the child pornography of the late 1e chamber senator Edward Brongersma seized by the Public Prosecution Service, and that body provides sex education at primary schools, where our children learn that your gender is a choice option.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    A response to Favebook:

    'A theory of what the abortion of fetus DNA is doing to your children in vaccines - because they are now adding HUMAN DNA to the mercury and the other species of animals found in vaccines. Go the CDC website and they list the ingredients right there. Monkey, sheep, pig, cow, human. The human parts are in WI-38.

    WI-38 is the cell lines from a FEMALE aborted fetus, used to cultivate viruses used in vaccines. When you inject the DNA from a FEMALE (carrying two X chromosomes) into a MALE (who already carries one X chromosome and a Y chromosome) you now have an overload of the X chromosome. Now we have an onslaught or BOYS who think they should be GIRLS.

    Do we have male DNA in vaccines? YES! The MRC-5 is the code of the fetal cell line and also used to cultivate vaccine viral components, and it comes from a MALE aborted fetus. Do we have girls thinking they are boys? YES! Is it as prominent as boys wanting to be girls? NO!

    Why? Because girls have two dominant X chromosomes. When they are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they are not just getting a Y chromosome, but yet another dominant X chromosome, on top of the two they already have. That's why you do not want to be boys.

    Terri Lewis

    New Published Italian Study: MICRO and NANO-CONTAMINATION in VACCINES…/new-published-italian-study-micro-and…

    Chemical Gender Manipulation: Turning boys into girls. Warning: This article is not politically correct

    How many parents know that vaccines have been made using aborted fetal cells, which are more like stem cells, and that in the creation of vaccine antigens. Do you think there is any problem in, and with that? It is again proven to be safe and effective; and so you would suppose and expect; right? The fact is that none of it has been tested for safety, and that there are no serious samples or DNA residual fragments contamination exist in those vaccines. They are false, and falsely assumed authorities. ' Chloe Bell

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    An article in the LGBT news outlet PinkNews that said Twitter users were calling Prince George a "gay icon" has been branded as "sick" by a politician in Northern Ireland.

    Jim Allister, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party in Northern Ireland, described the "misjudged" article and apologize.

    "Sexualizing a young child in this fashion is entirely inappropriate. In reality the photo shows a four-year-old boy who is smartly dressed and excited about being a helicopter with his male father and female mother. "

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Mainstream Normalizes Pedophilia with 'Victoria Secret'-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5yo Girls

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