Suspected offender Gökmen Tanis arrested, probably family drama

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So you have all the means, you have cameras hanging throughout the city, everyone can eavesdrop automatically, you have predictive big data analysis systems, but you cannot foresee an attack that happens by chance on a public transport strike day? Then you blow up this entire story in the media into a terror action and then suddenly the messages pop up that it may be about a settlement in the relational spheres. The NOS reports [quote] During the course of the day, statements were made from acquaintances of the man, saying that he had psychological problems and that there was a family issue. According to some, the suspect had anticipated his ex, others think that his target was a member of his in-laws.

In my opinion, we have simply had to deal with a well-prepared PsyOp to test all terror measures and to be able to measure the response of the people. We have seen an army of police on the street with which you could take an entire country! In addition, it was a nice way to introduce something new, namely a disguised introduction of social media censorship. This can be found in the fact that the police reported that images should not be uploaded on social media, but only through their website. The worldwide introduction of this actually took place during the attack in New Zealand, as described in this article. A website was also introduced where you can report that you are safe ( good for big data systems). In the meantime, the effect of the various terror threat levels could be measured nicely. In this way the people can slowly get used to a 'state of siege' and it is possible to measure how good the citizens are stay inside at code 5.

The police reportedly spied on the premises of the suspect with a drone. That too is the arrival of a new drug that we can already get used to. The people were able to enjoy the images of heavily armed masked officers and so all police state measures on 1 day were thoroughly tested. When can we expect the introduction of tanks on the street? Ah, for that we need more (fake) terror, with even more and heavier weapons!

This story will therefore probably be quickly downplayed into a family drama. In the meantime, all systems have been thoroughly tested in 1 day and the ladies and gentlemen are getting away with the excuse that there is just high stakes. You can just call on a "terrorism expert" to let them say that one does not exclude the other and that jihadists can possibly go to terror as a result of drug use or problems in the relational spheres. Such a young girl that has her say the NOS news may come do her experience of course in the field. And so everyone did a pee and the whole thing is spun further.

Geenstijl was able to report that Gökmen Tanis might be the annoying Moroccan this movie to make it even smoother. Who knows, but who tells me that it was not already acted? In any case, you should certainly not think that the government is staging such matters itself. That is simply not possible; that is impossible. That is conspiracy thinking and that should also be banned.


Dead and injured are always real. After all, we see real images and real witnesses and real relatives. We do not believe that governments and authorities do such a thing for fun. No, they don't do that for fun either; they do this to be able to continue to implement the police state. Do you understand? "Yes, but you are not going to fake the dead and wounded?"If you can bring 17 million people under a totalitarian police state without revolting?" Why not? Take a look at the video below and think about what is possible when you work with actors, deep fakes en greenscreen techniques. If you combine that with an overkill of media attention and a repeat of the lie, then everyone will automatically believe it (copyright Joseph Goebbels).

Was it not special to see how the media cameras could follow the entire manhunt pretty much? It looked like they knew exactly where they were supposed to be. Oh well. Sleep tight. Eyes closed and beaks closed. Father is looking after you well.

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  1. Rowald Krijthe wrote:

    18+3+2+0+1+9 = 33

    And ov 66 minutes ……

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    “After the shooting in Utrecht, people could report on Facebook that they are safe. The service has opened a so-called Safety Check. This is the first time in the Netherlands that this has happened for an incident in the Netherlands.
    If a disaster happens, Facebook may decide to send a special message to anyone who might be in the disaster area. Users can then click on the 'I am safe' button. A notification is then automatically sent to all friends of those users.

    The Facebook Safety Check was previously used for massacres in London, Manchester, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Nice, Turkey and Las Vegas and for natural disasters such as forest fires, typhoons and earthquakes. ”


    In short: trust the big data systems and trust the state: report quickly to father that you are safe. Of course, all this data is not used for anything else. It's just handy.

  3. Sun wrote:

    I must honestly say that I do not understand that someone wants to be a police officer, a soldier, etc. Do they then have no independent, thinking cleansing capacity? They don't think that they are playing in a madhouse and that their bosses are actually just insane. No, they really don't have that capacity. It is about playing the cop, soldier etc. They care about the uniform and they don't care which Regime they maintain. Sorry Martin for the word regime.

    Civil servants your identity is not synonymous with your uniform. Fortunately but otherwise you would not imagine anything without a uniform. Of course we cannot have that. Thank you for keeping Madurodam safe.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    In any case, they have now been able to hold a real exercise ... that of 8 and 9 November was just peanuts

  5. Jaline Bies wrote:

    Also at Vervoersmaatschappy Kreolis it was known what was going to happen for today. It has since been cleaned by Kreopolis
    Unfortunately I can't get the photo posted here.
    Always available on request by Martin Vrijland

  6. Sun wrote:

    @ canned salmon, journalists in the Netherlands certainly the chief editors work directly and under the direction of the security services. They have each other's private number and are members of the Club, of course.
    That also applies to many 'famous' writers. Writing is a cover. Nasty, secretive individuals.

  7. mb. wrote:

    No more cops on the street. Junk, insecurity, etc.
    Apparently the money goes to these types of units.

    @zon… we almost all play along. We all maintain it.

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Ah Nieuwsuur reports that a note was also found in the red renault. So no passport this time, but a note.
    What would he have written? A kind of farewell letter?

    The show must go on!

  9. Riffian wrote:

    Oh well that Daan anyway, 'luckily the doors opened' it seems that doors idd open it is what .. keep surprising me where they know where to find those useful idiots and apparently it is full of them ... boy young it is some scripted terror in nl

  10. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And the other man? "Yes, he just blew his last breath"

    Do you learn to be so icy cool at the acting school of the AIVD?

    11: 25 minute witness Nicky van Grinsven

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Jaja de emo buidling now goes into overdrive to make the story credible. It is media, so media can bring it and can show images of relatives and can create and sustain the entire story.

      • tedsdam wrote:

        I have an 1 question for you Martin,

        What happens to the persons concerned such as the football coach?
        Because he must have trained there and people must know him, I think.
        Or is it a fictional person?

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Can be a real person (one-way ticket to Waikiki Islands), but also just can't be real. The relatives and witnesses that we get to see on TV are shown on TV. Or rather: the media are leading in the story and they can make and break everything. The social media army is ready to defend the case.

  11. Iberi wrote:

    I am very curious about the situation with the (mentally unstable) suspect. Is he the shooter in a scene that was planned in advance? If so, how did they get him to? Did he hear voices in his head? Just a thought. In any case, whatever the situation is in this psychological operation, he was the designated character they needed for this "attack" to eventually roll out the police state through legislation.

    • Sun wrote:

      You can make people who urgently need drugs or medication do crazy things.
      We do not know for sure whether this is the case.

      • Iberi wrote:

        There are now advanced techniques to persuade someone at a distance to commit a terrorist act, for example. And that they know for sure that it will also result in an act that will benefit them. Of course it is handy to victimize a person with psychological problems.


    We Jihadists demand to be tried before Sharia courts!
    Criminal law [edit]
    In Islam, criminal law is largely private in nature. Murder, for example, is punishable by the death penalty, but the surviving relatives of a victim decide whether this punishment is indeed demanded or whether it is settled with bribe. The amount of such an amount is then determined by negotiation between the parties. Blood feud or honor killings are prohibited.

  13. Squenzy wrote:

    What I noticed most yesterday about the 6 hour news on RTL was that a lot of attention was paid to the mosque in Utrecht. This would be closed immediately when it was announced that shooting was going on. Interview with the manager of the blabla mosque. What do you mean conditioning? Responding nicely to the minds of the population to of course make a link with the shooting in New Zealand. This has no common ground with each other, but it is nevertheless an attempt to respond to people's minds. Why do you have to close a mosque again because there is a shooting taking place elsewhere in the city? The link still makes sense. What a sick world.

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