Terrorist attack 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht, panic all over the country!

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This morning there would be a terrorist attack in Utrecht. We don't know anything yet, except that we read, hear and see bombastic stories in the media. There would have been a shot at the tram on it 24 Oktoberplein. There has now been a raid on a flat on the Trumanlaan in Utrecht. There seems to be 1 perpetrator. However, there are also stories about 4 perpetrators. The police were looking for a red Renault Clio. The police don't want to say anything about victims yet, but victims would have been taken to an emergency hospital. And so the story gets bigger and more confused. It all sounds very serious and serious, but that is perhaps the intention.

It is a mega exciting story and at least we get the feeling that terror still exists and that it can just pop up anytime and anywhere. We do not take into account greenscreen techniques and do not take into account live acting, as we have regularly shown here on the site, as with the Pegida-Antifa demonstrations or at the Zaanse vloggersrel (completely staged). In any case, the media are causing great panic and people are being called upon to upload any recordings to a police website. This naturally contributes strongly to the image of credibility. Nobody will wonder whether the uploaded images of participants in a PsyOp (psychological operation) could be or perhaps have been put together by software.

In a country bursting with drama schools and Unofficial employee you can easily put such situations in scene, especially if you set an attack in a location where usually not very many people come. That is a matter of dropping off the area and allowing the team of actors to do their work. I have great skepticism in such situations, because it is usually the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'is in full effect. Make sure there is a problem situation, trigger the reaction through the media (which people mainly play on emotion) and then you propose the solution that introduces more 'police state in a friendly jacket'.

We are going to see images and we are going to experience a manhunt. Perhaps this is the beginning of the anti-Turkey terror from the extreme right that I have announced (see this article). In the meantime, mention is made of an 37-old Turkish man named Gökman Tanis. Are we going to see the FETO link that I mentioned in the article (in relation to the attack in New Zealand)? FETO is the Fethullah Gülen terror group, as defined by Turkey.

The majority of the population will not be able to believe or understand that governments, in cooperation with all kinds of agencies (including police and media, theater education and Inofizieller Mitarbeiter, etc.) will be able to set such terror on stage. That's because people still believe in the Trumanshow of the media (the Trumanlaan in Utrecht is very appropriate in that context). Few have taken cognizance of the situations that have been set in the scene and that have been portrayed here on the site. People simply cannot and do not want to believe that governments, fellow citizens and the media are able to fool things in exchange for a career, a bag of money and under the alibi of achieving a 'higher goal'. The social media troll army that is ready to attack anyone who dares to question the matter, creates the desired group pressure.

What resources do the ladies and gentlemen have? For example, you can create non-existing people from scratch through AI software.

You can make deep fake videos.

You can use greenscreen techniques

You can hire actors and within organizations such as the police, hospitals and media you have compromised people who participate in acting. Who does such a thing? Do you know how many people in our eastern neighbors performed all kinds of tasks for the propaganda machine a few decades ago? As long as people get paid and can get higher, there are many who let the pants do business and keep their mouths shut to the outside world. If you do not believe that, you have not studied history properly. You will probably be played with a media show to keep the fear in it, so that the police state can further shape itself.

A remarkable comment from an alleged "eyewitness." the Telegraph with the name Koster said something striking:

De Koster: “I came from my job when it happened. I am standing at the traffic lights on 24 Oktoberplein and I see a woman lying down, I think she is between 20 and 35 years old. At that time I heard pang pang pang three times. Four men walked very fast towards her and they tried to drag her away and then I heard pang pang pang again and those guys let go of that woman again. Very chaos there. "

So the woman was already there when the shooting took place? Strange. You know what. It is another story and so we will hear more stories. The Trumanshow must go on:

(You also read it previous articleabout the attack in New Zealand for a better understanding of the current wave of terror)

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  1. I'm awake wrote:

    I know that you are interested in numerology.
    18+3+2+0+1+9 = 33

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And of course the police are calling for no images to be placed on social media: the alibi for censorship is already being laid.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Well the actors are put in position, but are a bit nervous that the people start to poke through

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      What I still wonder is how it is possible that all those camera crews can be present at every house raid? Is the police scanner fully open during a terror campaign so that the terrorist can also listen along nicely? Or do the ladies and gentlemen get the tip? "Come to the huppelepup laan, because we are going to do another raid"

      Everything indicates a PsyOp.

  4. Calvin wrote:

    Do you still see a connection with today's strike? Do you think it is also a coincidence that the news is completely snowed down… or have they been able to use the strike in this case?

  5. Chris34 wrote:

    Witness stories are incorrect, several people state that they have heard shots, including motorists.
    And then this 'actor' is on RTL. The shots sounded rather dull, de Utrechter says. “I think there was a muffler on it. Instead of loud bangs, I heard puff puff puff. ”According to Daan, it seemed like a conscious attack on that woman.
    It's good that several motorists on a traffic square with quite a lot of noise in their car hear someone shooting with a silencer… ..

  6. Chris34 wrote:

    Martin do you know more about this?
    Update 16.24: According to witnesses, the shooter called 'Allahu Akbar' before opening fire in the tram. A passenger who called to be a Moroccan was left alone, according to Het Parool. We are curious as to who of the established order is the first to emphasize that it has nothing to do with Islam.

    Is on xandernieuws

    • Chris34 wrote:

      See your link just after the parole. Really vague story. Witnesses speak of 4 perpetrators with long weapons and gun ... .. But they have 1 suspect in mind

  7. Sun wrote:

    Please help me I don't understand. What shows that what would have happened has to do with 'terrorism'? Why not with organized crime or fanatic issues?
    Are we all crazy about the masters of discourse?

    • Sun wrote:

      I understand that the perpetrator was caught for honor killings. The "terrorist hunters" set out to catch a lion and found a mouse. Fear porn in Holland. Write the fimscript and sell it to Hollywood. What a country.
      Fear porn in Hollandia.

  8. keazer wrote:

    I am all shit sick of everything, it's so fake.
    If you want to rig something like that, do it well then don't make it such a ridiculously bad b movie.
    That rutte can barely hold them back. How bad

    Just like that actor in Newzealand ... where are the fcking bullet holes in the wall, where is the blood on the wall ....

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The sheep are in great panic just before the elections and of course need a good shepherd .. state-controlled FvD big winner?

    "All political parties, with the exception of the Forum for Democracy, suspend the election campaign in the run-up to the Provincial Council elections in connection with the attack."

    • Sun wrote:

      Suddenly I get deja vu feeling. Remember the question of that Turkish consul who secretly entered the Netherlands. Riots, etc. Rutte then won the elections. He had acted "decisively" against the Turks. A pair of Rutte and Erdogan back then?

  10. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    We've got him!

    Thus, the suspect PsyOp actor is caught. Good that we still have such a great police force. What did they do well, "the colleagues"; "Our boys". The terror measures are bearing fruit!


    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      .. The next step is of course biometric measures, of course we cannot let this go our way .. Rutte is promoted to the Politburo in Brussels to keep his fellow comrade Timmermans company. Police state measures are implemented through the EU in cooperation with Frontex, EUROGendfor is installed et voila je Police State 2.0 functions like a tierelier, because it will happen again so that we will never forget ...

  11. chris-child wrote:

    Welcome to the jungle, chaos is coming tour. US is installing nuclear bombers in Europe this week, tensions with Turkey may be increased again this summer, Americans have left the INF treaty and are developing prohibited cruise missiles, enough tension to soon form an EU army, these new heroes can immediately turn yellow tackle jackets.

    By the way, have you seen what is written on the guns of the New Zealand attack? History lesson for hundreds of years in Europe vs Ottoman Empire

    check: https://southfront.org/in-photo-a-closer-look-at-assault-rifle-of-new-zealand-attacker/

    • Sun wrote:

      Breivik Tarrant Copy Cat trained by the usual suspects who used Breivik as a useful idiot. All roads lead to the usual suspects except in Utrecht than where a mousetrap was found.

  12. Camera 2 wrote:

    France 2019, the New World Order agenda


    Paris shootings
    censorship is / is the key to their power so yes everything can be made us believe, we can no longer have that kind of fake of fake shootings during Charlie Hebdoo, of course, tribes who have seen the entire Charlie Hebdoo shootings exposed, here on this site too discussed a lot.


  13. Nils wrote:

    Your photo is from John Maes, Telegraaf. A Wikipedia page for this attack has now been created, indeed, within a day, with the same photo. Wiki does not post photos whose copyright is not free. In short, we again see a huddle of secret services and media in the propaganda encyclopedia for sleeping Netherlands. So 100% certainly fake flag.


  14. johan the hague wrote:

    It is strange that someone who is supposed to be detained and a criminal of the purest race can await the verdict at home.

    I then get Folkert de G thoughts.

    I find the dead worst, the next of kin have to live with this.

    I'm curious what new legislation will come out of this.
    New legislation to limit the citizen but not to limit the criminal, because we must be able to use it.
    We must be able to say that the law is fair.

    Politics is bad but justice is worse !!

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