Text To Speach (TTS) and lifelike holograms with Microsoft Hololens 2

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Many may still be skeptical about the idea that we can live in virtual worlds in the future. Where we still use our slow-bandwidth input channels for our brains, such as the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch and the like, the BCI (Brain Computer Interface) from Neuralink (one of the companies of Elon Musk) will already be in 2020 being able to provide much faster interaction with the brain. Let's be honest; take the ear, for example. The eardrum must convert the sound into an electrical pulse and the brain must translate that into sound in the form of, for example, spoken text or music. So there is a translation in between. A spoken story must come in word by word or a book must be read word by word. It would be much more convenient if you could upload an entire book in 1x into the brain. We are heading in that direction with the development of the BCI.

With the Micorsoft Hololens 2 it is still necessary to project a hologram as augmented reality into a space. With a BCI you can place the visual presentation directly in the visual center of the brain. All-in-all, it all looks very spectacular (see video below). However, it is nothing to us in the short term awaiting.

View Elon Musk's Neuralink presentation below and read my detailed explanation this article (and read further under the video).

Yet the developments such as those of Microsoft Hololens 2 are already useful for the development of a system where you create a digital space where everyone sees the same object or the same hologram in the exact same position, but from a different viewing position. Google developed the Cloud Anchor technology and the plan is to map the entire world so that you can project objects on every street that everyone can see; in the same place, but from a different angle. So you could even have a dinosaur walk on the street that everyone can see. The Neuralink BCI from Elon Musk even makes it possible to smell the animal in 2020, because this scent can be placed in the brain's odor center. Every image that you see or every observation that we do through our physical censors (the eyes, ears, nose, etc.) can be translated into an electromagnetic spectrum. The scary thing that is needed is the right bandwidth and the correct data from that spectrum and through which neuro-connections it should be projected into the brain.

Why am I giving you another look into the development of technology? Because then you may understand my articles about virtual reality and singularity a little better. You will find those articles below this menu item. In my new book I explain why this knowledge is so important. You will find a taste in the articles under the mentioned menu item.


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  1. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Dreaming about this, we can expect a wonderful alien invasion, especially given the recent reports in the MSM, there is also a new War of the worlds coming out, for example.


    Is the last card really coming, who knows. Werner von Braun seems to have said it according to this lady. The powers that be have set up this entire disclosure project with a lot of bombing.

    Spaceships in heaven is a breeze for them in the meantime, what we see above is what they want us to see, I think they are capable of many more times, we are going to see it.



    • Analyze wrote:

      can't wait for it, a tray of Belgian abbey beer has already arrived. Serge Monast also predicted this in the mid-years' 90 with what he called project blue beam .. we can nicely see the variants on the classic TR-3B. I have already spotted several with my night camera, some as big as 2-3 soccer fields..NATO bases as seem to be popular.

      Folding chair is already ready…

  2. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    HAARP & Mind Control - Just the Facts


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