The Amazon are burning, the lungs of the earth are on fire!

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Whoever remembers that when the current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, came to power as a kind of dangerous extreme right-wing politician was portrayed in the media, immediately knows that we are dealing here with someone who supports the anti-globalization agenda . Someone who stands up for the interests of their own people. A kind of Boris Johnson, Thierry Baudet, Donald Trump and all those other right-wing politicians who can take a little glory, but are ultimately doomed to fail, because this is the big agenda. Everything and everyone who is protectionist or believes there are conspiracies (and apparently against them) must eventually be able to blame the Zwarte Piet for failure, so that any critical noise against globalization and the old elitist clique is definitively associated with that group that caused economic disaster.

So if Jair Bolsonaro states that NGOs are responsible for lighting the Amazon fires, then you could see that as a conspiracy idea. The global image is set: under Jair Bolsonaro, the lungs of our earth burn away in no time.

It is still useful to keep repeating that we have absolutely no idea whether the news we see is still true or not. Do you still remember the refugee flows towards the Mexican border with the US? Do you still remember the Ebola outbreak? We suddenly hear nothing more about it once the measures to be pushed through have been implemented. Then the problems suddenly disappear like snow in the sun. At the time of the refugee flow towards the American border, I showed how easily you can make a crowd look huge with software; also in video images. Nowadays you see more and more advertisements on social media such as Facebook offering fantastic software to adjust photos (see example). It is becoming increasingly easier to manipulate image and sound. We don't even know when we have one interview with Bolsonaro whether he really is this himself or whether we just go to one face swap sit watching. The simple fact that we believe that the major media channels are companies employing hundreds or thousands of people, and the image we have of the neat ladies and gentlemen in suits, means that we have faith in what we are presented with.

Is the Amazon really on fire? "Yes, you still see the images !?"It continues to surprise me that it is still impossible to explain to people that images are no longer proof. Images prove nothing. The only proof you have when you see images is that you have been looking at your screen. You see image. That's it. With today's software, everything can be created and manipulated in an instant. Take a look at the video below to see how today's artificial intelligence (AI) neural networks can manipulate a photo within seconds. The same technique is behind creating video images (see here). We bet you think “Yes, all of that will be, but I really believe that the Amazon is on fire". Do you know why? Because you see it on social media and in the news. Your faith is therefore determined by those you are so upset about when they pay so little tax and have billions in their bank account; that little elitist group. You will find it annoying that there is such a small group of wealthy people who are attracting all the wealth, but you ignore the fact that they have the large media channels and the internet as a tool to play with.


Is the Amazon on fire? We do not know! "Yes, but I know someone who lives there who confirms it”In which place does that person live and is he present on site to observe the fires or does that person also get this news from the news? "Yes, but in Brazil they won't lie about something like that? Who benefits from that? If Bolsonaro had to leave, wouldn't the Brazilian media break the plot?", You could argue. Then you forget that, just like in the US with Donald Trump (who is supposedly against the deepstate fight), politicians are just actors who have to keep up appearances and do their acting in conjunction with media and alternative media. You will not come to power if you are not a pawn of the aristocratic bloodlines. That may go too far for many, but take a look at my recent article on Ursula von der Leyen, the new president of the EU (see here) and discover how it works.

Media are there to play the people and to uphold the illusion of democracy. Politicians and media play an interplay that monitors the master's script and has to direct the population in a predetermined direction, without realizing that it is played full-time through acting, trick and deceit.

This "Amazon brand" presumably simply revolves around political perception and settlement with the right brand. Among other things, I have the detailed explanation of this process and the description of the trademark on the right this article given. Read that article again and discover how the game is played.


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  1. Anna de Winter wrote:

    Delicious! Thank you for writing down how it goes ... exactly what I thought when I suddenly saw this "news" coming by ...

  2. keazer wrote:

    That video reminds me again if we can build something like this in this world through a simple children's sketch. How easy is it to make something like this outside of this world to talk about aventar?

  3. DHBoom wrote:

    A friend of mine lives in Brazil, also in Sao Paulo ... I also thought I'd like to share this news with you, because there was talk in the media of as dark as night because of all the smoke during the day. Nothing from where !! I have sent her the mainstream media map of what is being proclaimed here and she says nothing of it is true.

    How is it possible that the mainstream media is so naive ... Any simple thinking person knows that something like that with a simple question can be labeled as fake news by asking a friend who lives there ?!

    I had all my big doubts about news, but as a result of this story they have completely lost credibility .. Disgusting ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I cannot verify your response (which applies in general), but if your story is authentic, then there is always a whole army of trolls waiting for you to claim the opposite (paid workers guarding the social media discussions).

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Oh yes ... if you just want to pull the wallet:

    The terrible forest fires in the Amazon rainforest cannot be controlled and are still expanding every day. The Amazon is invaluable for animals and people, and for combating climate change. That is why WWF is starting an emergency campaign. But together we are stronger, so help too! Text AMAZONE to 4333 now and donate 3 euros. You can send text messages as often as you like! Knowing more?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Oh yes and after deducting costs for the new Porsche for the director, your money will of course be spent in a useful way. There are probably some new trees planned in the Apeldoorn animal park, but of course a lot of TV advertising blocks must be purchased and expensive advertisements in magazines, so that more people become members. That is of course the most important thing.

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    High military award

    Sea herders

    THE plus and minus created energy in the environment world like so much plus & minus, christ / anti christ, good / bad, etcetera
    Seasheprd no hair other than others, the people mean the good who are volunteers but the director goes to the table with strange company

  6. President Osama wrote:

    NASA says that there are few forest fires:!fMonth-8!fDay-15!tYear-2019!tMonth-8!tDay-22

    Such an 5.000 instead of 15.000 12 years ago.

    So it is clear that Bolsonaro must go.

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