The brand 'right' and the carefully planned marketing strategy of stigma

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Dangerous criminal motorcycle gangs that kill everyone, Mocro Mafia, attacks on Parool and Telegraaf (at least that must the images make us believe). 'From the EU and anti-globalization' versus 'full gas further towards centralization'. Climate deniers versus 'we will get into it within 12 years'. Nationalists against Islamization. Media believers versus fake news accusers. We are witness to polarization and brand creation built up through great marketing. The 'right' brand is linked to racism, anti-Islam, unfriendly women, anti-GretaThumberg, anti-EU and believing in conspiracy theories and so on. This is a global game where the 'right' brand is linked to Trump, Brexit Boris, Thierry Baudet, Marine LePen, and so on.

By turning it into a brand, the media stigmatizes everyone with a critical eye on the news to 'the right'. "Oh, you are such a 'climate denier'" or "Oh, you are such a person who does not believe in the official 911 lecture". That is called branding.

The media has carefully burned the brand 'right' through pawns such as Thierry Baudet, Robert Jensen, George van Houts, etc. You build the brand clearly visible for everyone and then you let the economy crash. I have been predicting that for a long time and that is because criticism from society must be turned around. That is why 'right' was allowed to be in the spotlight for a while, because the brand had to be clearly defined, so that if that economy crashes, everyone will scorn that group and spit.

All those people who have one of the characteristics of the brand 'right' (built up by the media and top actors in politics), meanwhile wear a clearly visible 'Jewish star' of the brand 'right'. That brand will be pitted out if the failure of everything can be put on that brand. Please note: that failure (that economic crash) is planned and is structured in a coordinated manner. That's why the Trump trade wars and therefore a Brexit debacle. It is all long planned in advance!

The 'right' brand had to be carefully constructed and subsequently inflated, so that in the future no one will have any more criticism of the old established order and the roadmap towards globalization. That group is then pitted and guilty of everything that stands for failure. We are witnessing a worldwide well-directed marketing campaign to finally deal with criticism from society. If you are critical, then you are 'right' and you belong to that group. No! That brand is built by media and politics. Do not participate. Don't fall for political safety nets that try to place you in that brand. Don't fall for controlled pawns such as Baudet and Robert Jensen. Take a distance from the 'right' brand and polarization!

Politics and the media play on the masses. No more bumps in the back. Nice to hear all those tractors in The Hague this week, but it's all nicely coordinated, controlled and encapsulated. The real change comes from no longer giving legitimacy to politics and the media and giving them no voice.


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  1. Willem S wrote:

    On the left is the New Fascism ..

  2. guppy wrote:

    Think it is indeed better to believe that the world is not as bad as we are told. Bangmakerij holds us in small booths.

    I think the farmers do show protests day by day you can easily lay the whole country flat. If you stop paying (tax) with a very large group, then they really can't do anything. Do you think our government will continue to work unpaid in The Hague? Do you think Wim Lex keeps cutting unpaid ribbons? Don't know for sure, they are there because we all want it and they know it all too well. The bastards are complaining all day long but when Mark or Wim Lex comes along they stand in front with a flag.

    Even though we think we are awake, we must ask ourselves every day whether our thoughts are not influenced externally.

    I see this article as positive, without TV, newspaper, radio and smartphone it is quite a beautiful day in a beautiful world 😎

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Now linking the 5G subject to the brand 'right' (right-wing) via Boris Johnson and that criticism will soon be finally smothered:

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Scare tactics

    End of free speech

    The media lets you swallow puspin's if required, mass propaganda

    The Media is Always right, it's like the priest in the church, it's getting realy, look the short movie under, this is where we are

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