The Brexit debacle has always been a preconceived plan

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The Brexit debacle has always been a preconceived plan. Those who have been following this site for some time have been able to read it over and over again, but let's summarize it again. If you see that every politician is only an actor who serves the importance of the globalization agenda and works secretly for the aristocracy, then you will see that the Brexit debacle also serves the globalization agenda. Well you might say:But the Brexit is anti-EU and therefore against more centralization of power". That is the illusion that has been fueled by politicians and media. The Brexit was always meant to end in a total failure.

It is just the acting in the House of Commons, via Theresa May versus Jeremy Corbyn and all the fuss about a good or bad deal that had to give the impression that we were dealing with an authentic political process. Theresa May could not get approval for the deal and had to make way for hardliner Boris Johnson and the latest developments are even more impressive, with Johnson trying to force a no-deal Brexit and the British parliament trying to counter this again (see the vote result of the motion in The British House of Commons). Exciting isn't it? You are witnessing the acting of top actors; we tend to call 'politicians'.

I've always called it: the Brexit must show the whole of Europe that when you want to leave the EU, you will feel it in your pocket. First, however, a careful build was made to stigmatize that anti-EU flow. In fact, we see worldwide that one and the same brand has been carefully built: the 'right' brand. That started with Nigel Farage and his team in the EU, who openly and strongly criticized the undemocratic administrative monster. In the US it is Donald Trump who represents the brand on the right and in Brazil it is Jair Bolsonaro. In other EU countries we see names such as Marine Le Pen, Thierry Baudet and you can complete that list yourself. This 'right-wing' brand adheres to certain ideas with similar characteristics. Most of the time they are nationalistic, they criticize historical issues (which can be stigmatized as "conspiracy theories") and strive for strong protection of their own economy. From this you can recognize that we are dealing with pawns of the same power block, although you might think that sounds contradictory. Let me explain.

The reason that this 'right-wing' brand has been built so carefully is because the ruling aristocratic bloodlines (for whom these actors are the pawns who are stepping up their political acting to make you believe that democracy really exists) know that there is a huge undercurrent of the same sentiment among the population worldwide A sentiment against the globalization agenda. So what can one do better than expanding this 'right-wing' brand enormously through a lot of media attention and make these political movements grow enormously? Then you make them responsible for a collapse of the economy; followed by great social unrest and chaos. If you bring half the world population aboard the ships of the right-wing fleet and then ensure that that fleet can be held responsible for total chaos and collapse, you can designate that right-wing fleet and all persons on board as guilty.

The bombs in the bottom of the ships of the right-wing fleet are now activated almost simultaneously. The website explains perfectly how the globalists have long planned the US economic collapse under Trump. I take the view that we see something similar in the UK with the right-wing brand. Whether or not a Brexit no-deal or postponing the Brexit via even more political tug-of-war or new elections to be held: it is all doomed to crash the British economy and drag the rest of Europe into its wake.

With the controlled demolition of the right-wing brand you have achieved a huge victory for the globalization agenda in one fell swoop. All the drowning people of the right-wing fleet will be booed by the rest of the population and topped with pitch and feathers. Afterwards these ridiculous conspiracy thinkers may be hoisted back on board of the old trusted fleet that will continue the course towards further globalization and centralization of power. The drowners will of course be washed under the high pressure sprayer. That critical group who, so necessarily, needed to be different is then completely silenced for ever. We are on the eve of planned chaos in both the US and Europe (as a result of a Brexit process that is doomed to culminate in a debacle). Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy! (Read here the sequel)

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And to complete the story, the right-wing group is linked to all those shooting hoaxes (including the genocide in Serbia) that we have seen in the media as fake news (psyops) in recent years. With that, the 'right-wing' brand is depicted as extra black. This way you make them extra dangerous and crazy.

  2. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    I know for sure that it is a large charade. All of these puppets are played a role that they will fulfill until the end, on pain of ... But there is something bigger going on: The Zio Nazi Cabal is dying after death and what comes next is still waiting!

  3. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:


    to the end

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Sharp article again, thanks.

    Could be a nice subject for the Faculty of Society: -) - and behavioral sciences at the UVA.

    If professors still proclaim democracy, let us guess

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Boris Johnson a descendant of a Turkish (Ottoman) elitist family may initiate the chaos in Europe; the chaos from which the Ottoman Empire will recover:

    Ali Kemal
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    In this Ottoman Turkish style name, Ali Kemal is the given name, and there is no family name.
    Ali Kemal
    Ali kemal.jpg
    Minister of the Interior
    In office
    4 March 1919 - 20 June 1919
    Monarch Mehmed VI
    Prime Minister Damat Ferid Pasha
    Preceded by Mehmed Ali Bey
    Success by Hacı Adil Arda
    Personal details
    Born 1867
    Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
    Died 6 November 1922 (aged 54 – 55)
    İzmit, Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey)
    Nationality Ottoman
    Spouse (s) Winifred Brun
    Sabiha Hanım
    Children 3, including Zeki Kuneralp
    Relatives Stanley Johnson (grandson), Boris Johnson (great grandson)
    Occupation Government official (occupational force), journalist, poet
    Ali Kemal Bey (Ottoman Turkish: عَلِي كمال‌ بك; 1867 - 6 November 1922) was an Ottoman-born Turkish [1] [2] journalist, newspaper editor, poet [3] and a politician of liberal signature, who was for some three months Minister of the Interior in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. He was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.

    Kemal is the father of Zeki Kuneralp, who was the former Turkish ambassador in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Spain. In addition, he is the paternal grandfather of both the Turkish diplomat Selim Kuneralp, and the British politician Stanley Johnson. Through Stanley Johnson, Ali Kemal is the great-grandfather of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as Jo Johnson (MP for Orpington), the journalist Rachel Johnson, and the entrepreneur Leo Johnson.

  6. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    This is another proof that this submarine will be ruled to the last sob by a large satanic inbred family with great-grandfather Yahweh! You know that alien monster also called god who recreated the original people in his image ...

  7. Left or right wrote:

    It's not that difficult:

  8. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    Greater Israel and then the rest of the World?!

    The New World Order?!

    The New Ottoman Empire?!

    The loss of Europe. ?!

    The demise of Zio Nazi USA

    Third World War?!

    A big nasty confusing satanic game or different?

  9. Riffian wrote:

    Everything is going according to plan ...

    “I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created. "

    - Romano Prodi, December 2001

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