The controlled demolition of the brand 'rechts', Trump, the Brexit (and everything connected to it) has started

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In recent weeks we have witnessed the controlled demolition of the accurately constructed brand 'right'. That brand had to be represented by well-trained safety net pawns: from Donald Trump in the US, Marine le Pen in France to Thierry Baudet in the Netherlands. That brand was meant to ensure that critical thinking through the media was stigmatized into conspiracy thinking and into something that only right-wing people do. Then the brand had to be moved to the extreme right and to the nationalist and even a little fascist and unfriendly to women.

Of course Donald Trump is still president in the US and of course the Brexit procedure is still ongoing, but I have predicted that both of them will be the start of the fall. Trump had to start the trade wars in order to create the great alibi for the (imminent) economic fall of the great American empire. The failure of the Brexit, either via a no-deal or even (the newest approach) it not paying the bill to Europe, must lead to economic malaise in the EU. This should show the whole world that the brand "right" (and therefore the critics) are the culprits for failure and calamity.

The reason that we saw Donald Trump oppressing London mayor last week and the reason he called Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle "nasty" is the same reason that we saw him make wife-unfriendly comments and was linked to porn actress. He must get an extreme image, so that the people get an extreme right-wing feeling subliminally. That stigma is then linked to the entire right-wing movement (the 'right' brand). It is all well thought out marketing (propaganda).

You can then link that group to a new or - rather - old - brand. We are already seeing that old brand. The video below shows how the link with this old brand is already being made. The video goes viral on Facebook and shows exactly what the intention is. The controlled political opposition and the media have ensured that the right became a brand and that every opinion is covered by uniform ideas was bundled. It is no longer about your opinion; the point is that if you have an opinion, you automatically belong to that brand. And that brand is now being linked step by step to the 'Nazi' brand.

Brilliant propaganda that mainly shows how powerful the interplay of media, politics and social media works. The uniforms in the video represent the clear stigmas that uniform be linked to the right-wing (self-created) movements. The underlying yet clear link that this video makes is what is said at the 25e second in the video: “Probably I am also extreme right or what?"(Click on subtitles).

Do not be stigmatized to a certain political group or to the left or right. Stop voting, don't participate in the political game of brand-building. You will eventually be stigmatized to the group of responsible people and to Nazis. Critical thinking must thus be banned into a threat to stability and peace.

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  1. Stiff wrote:

    Yes it is all so obvious ... donald trump, marie le le penn and for the last time also fvd was bashing Muslims on lmfao. I think the solution is even more immigration ... and then don't vote ... they want a civil war in NL but for that they have to create tension, blame the right for the economy, Muslims for refinements etc etc left for too much social policy etc

    Masonic motto order out of chaos .. I also have a motto ... chaos out of chaos and ensure that no order can arise. They need an interplay of conservation parties to function as a brake for a controlled demolition, without that brake there would be permanent chaos.

    Don't vote and just promote mass immigration ... just tell people that millions more can still be achieved.

    That new minister of sweden also said that they can still take in 30 million immigrants. If they really want to exterminate the white race, they really won't hang on to the big clock and alert you with such statements. Would you expose your plans so much lol?

    Let everything explode .. then all nuclear power plants will be destroyed, Israel, USA and the rest of the world will also be hit .. Israel will also go back to the Stone Age and the elite will also have empty hands. Just play the game to the death to see if they dare

  2. SandinG wrote:

    Great article, totally agree! After all, the status quo may not be at stake. Stay in step, be happy to pay taxes, give your voice away and if it is effective you can reduce your thinking capacity to a minimum. The critical thinking is done for you by footmen who have successfully completed the indoctrination program ...

  3. Sun wrote:

    Well what you write is completely correct!
    People who can think know who is responsible for this.

  4. neither god nor commandment wrote:

    Martin VRIJLAND again hits nails with heads. A view that I fully accepted for years and which I could not have put into words better.
    Ever since human memory, there has been a great deal of rattling with our family jewels. Let alone that a serf person can / may have jewels at all…
    Everything else is talking for the often.

    The Great Game becomes more clear to those who dare to look:
    controlled demolition of the welfare state by means of civil war (read: population control), ignited (read: orchestrated) by the misconduct of ignorant Islamists, leading to a huge economic destabilization that is blamed on the “right” (what's in a name?) AHRIMAN (read: Rudolph STEINER), the REDEEMER (that is, catalism / judeo-christianism / one world religion) brings the so-called salvation, which will come down to nothing but the enslaving of the sheeple.

    This entire scenario has been successfully worked on for a few hundred years. A brilliant piece of theater, if you ask me ...

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