The dead of the attack in Utrecht surely prove that it cannot be a PsyOp?

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Although everything seems to have been a well-timed PsyOp (psychological operation) here, the day before the elections, there are convincing stories about real deaths. Where do you hear and see those stories? Right: in the media. And of course you also see on social media the "real profiles" with real friends and family who defend that they know the victims and their relatives. Of course you have to decide for yourself whether you believe in such an attack or not, but I continue to point out the resources and possibilities that governments and media have in their hands to play with the masses. They can create social media profiles completely out of the blue (but with a credible network). And so you can no longer say with certainty or those who respond to your Facebook post with comments like “It's really true because it's my neighbors" or "I know that man because my son is in school there”(And so on) are actually actual people. And we also have a large network of Unofficial employee that drums the witness drum when needed.

Media are pre-eminently the propaganda channel of governments and they show you people and images that they can (and want to) show you to guide your perception of the world. From social media we have (through the same media) the impression that there are entire Russian troll armies that influence the mood on Facebook and Twitter with fake profiles, but that this is due to the established order happens as well, of course, is denied. In fact, you can certainly say that all technical means exist to literally set everything in scene and realize the control of perception via both the media and social media down to the finest details. It is also possible that a PsyOp simply works with compromised people. This can apply to both perpetrators and victims (and witnesses). The money bag has to shake somewhat, because you have to give people a new identity and existence in a distant country where necessary. However, the importance and impact of such operations is great and so you can expect that it may cost a little. After all, it is about the irreversible introduction of police state measures that can be used to control millions.

However, when we see images of grieving relatives or relatives, the emotion quickly takes over and we prefer to throw the concept that there is a PsyOp in the trash anyway. You have my blessing, but I think it is important to realize that technically and financially there is nothing to stand in the way of playing with mass fake news through the mainstream channels. After all, it comes from the tax pot.

It was, in any case, remarkable that there was talk of a national public transport strike and that many of them simply stayed at home. The location of the attack was also a remarkable one, because it was actually quite a corner (why don't you choose the center?). Moreover, the impact of a possible attack on a strike day is of course not expected to be as great as if you chose a normal working day and a busy location. The stories of the witnesses are very vague, creating the impression that they are no longer so keen, but what exactly happened? Was the woman shot from the tram and then they saw the woman lying there? So did Gökmen Tanis shoot through the window from the tram? The one hears plop plop plop (silencer) and the other heard pang pang pang (no damper). So you shoot someone from the tram; then the emergency brake is pulled (or the tram driver brakes), but the woman was already next to (or behind?) the tram and then everyone goes outside and Gökmen starts shooting again? How did that woman get out of the tram? And why would she walk outside the tram in the middle of an 24 Oktoberplein? Or did she jump out while the doors were still closed? Or did Tanis shoot at her outside the tram and then get in (while the doors were closed and the tram was running) and then get out again? Strange (if not impossible) and vague story, don't you think?


Witness Daniel Molenaar plays a more important role in this story. By the way, why are there only 2 witnesses in the media? Surely the tram (on public transport strike day) had more passengers who saw something? Daniel Molenaar is a very interesting witness. He has followed a course at the University of Utrecht and not just a course. He studied New Media and Digital Culture. He must therefore know the necessary about how you deep fakes can make, but that aside. The University of Utrecht is the stronghold of Prof. dr. dr. Beatrice de Graaf (a noble name of course). In 2004 she obtained her PhD at the University of Utrecht on a dissertation about the GDR, which is particularly interesting, because this was the era of the Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter. People who actually played a double role for the East German secret service. The idea that this is not happening in the Netherlands and that this phenomenon has completely disappeared is perhaps the biggest illusion that we have to break through.

The other witness is a boy named Nicky van Grinsven. This witness may spin the 'Allah Akbar' story. He has heard this Gökmen Tanis say (in contrast to Daniel Molenaar). Tanis must have been a bad shooter to get Nicky on 15 meters (witness his story at News hour). If you're shooting, do it right, you would say. But the Allah Akbar story is nice food for the confusion "Is it terror now or not and is it perhaps a crazy ex-jihadist?". And that is nice food for stirring up the left versus right force field in politics (and the sheep) they keep voting on the false hope of parties who might actually represent them this time).

We can state with certainty that such an attack reaffirms the need for terrorist measures. Some new tools have also been introduced, such as uploading phone images to a police site (and not to scoial media; read 'censorship'), the introduction of and a Facebook safety check button with which you can let your friends know in 1x that you are still alive (read 'big data'). For the first time, the police used drones to search for the perpetrator and the government was able to test how well citizens remained inside after a call and implementation of the 5 threat level. In recent years, people have become accustomed to threat codes through weather reports (code yellow, code red, etc.) and now with "real terror".

In the meantime, arguments have emerged that there was reason to think of terror, because Gökmen's brother could be associated with an extremist Caliphate club from Turkey (see here). That is of course to keep up the confusion and to keep the door open to terror. That Gökmen no relationship with the victims, there is also another argument for the terror option (but why then targeted 1 person attacks?). In addition, there is (this time no passport) a note found in the Renault Clio that Gökmen would have used to get away. Quote RTL News: In the red Renault Clio that chief suspect Gökmen T. used after the attack, a note was found that would indicate this, reports the Public Prosecution Service. "The nature of the facts" would also confirm that. Gökmen was of course sniffed with coke and forgot to take an important note with him in the stress. We will see what is made of this again. Of course we also have the story of the girlfriend who knows Gökmen as a coke snorer and also the broadcast of Pauw & Jinek showed yesterday a picture of a fickle unpredictable man who used a lot of drugs and alcohol. And so the entire media riot is turned away from a well-to-do discussion about whether or not to terrorize, while the systems have been well tested for a day and the usefulness of the police state has once again been rubbed into it.

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  1. Sun wrote:

    Good that you're so on top of it. Get the slaves out of their trance. It will be difficult though. Is it already known who the lawyer is in this case? A lawyer who has good contacts with the State? Who gets involved more often? It pays to be friends with the state.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I'd rather call it media hypnosis. People are hypnosis of the hypnosis device that literally puts them under hypnosis with arguments and images (in which the back and forth movement is an important method). Hence the swinging back and forth with stories about terror or relational problems etcetera. Hence the rotating circles at the NOS news and the back and forth of the newsreader and weatherman / woman.

      How do you tell people under hypnosis that they are eating a sour lemon while the hypnotist tells them it is a warm sweet mango? With Rasti Rostelli, that is of course all very funny, but few realize in real life that we are being hypnosis and programmed in real life.

  2. Sun wrote:

    True, Milton Erickson, a pioneer expert in hypnosis, has been working hard on that. Avoiding the conscious by addressing the unconscious. This was later refined by Tavistock and of course it is applied by the usual suspects to condition society, to socially engineer (brainwash) with their psychologists, think tanks working at various ministries, etc.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    Just discuss this at the coffee counter, instead of terror or family issues (you don't know it)

    Just discuss this:

    The fact that the Vimeo channel is closed at the most independent site in the Netherlands indicates a dictatorship pur sang.

    The bloodiest videos from other sites and horrible images are on Vimeo and let's not even talk about the funzige porn sites, which can remain channels.
    They all stay on the internet all channels with such dirty movies that make your brain get sick. Sometimes too horrible for children ...


    The Vimeo channel of Heer Vrijland was removed from the internet this week, without warning as he himself indicated in the previous article.

    That is more than proof that we live in a totalitarian dictatorship.

    The media people who have the power should be re-elected once and for all (instead of the fake political theater groups) vote all rotten apples from Medialand and let's have an election about that, because come on we now know that politics (theater groups) ) paws up to the Jinek Pauw and the Nieuwkerkjes shows, De Media washes our brains.
    They can show the bloodiest films on TV and the internet

    But the Lord Vrijland's Vimeo channel is completely eliminated without notice, worthy of a democratic country, WOULD YOU SAY

  4. Iberi wrote:

    This highly sophisticated operation in Utrecht is linked to the operation in New Zealand. I therefore expect similar operations and escalations, especially in the West, in the run-up to 2023 in the coming years. The media will ensure a growing anti-Turkish sentiment among the population.

  5. Iberi wrote:

    And voila! And where does this puppet come out with !? What to despise was ..

  6. No wrote:

    I was still wondering if 18 March is a special day?
    3 years ago on 22 March there was the attack on Zaventem. When I wanted to look back on that date, I found the following vague story about that attack:

  7. SalmonInClick wrote:

    No RTL Bertelsmann AG, Tanis acted on behalf of the AIVD who in turn swear allegiance to Willy 🙂

  8. Riffian wrote:

    An important Muslim scholar who says what is happening worldwide has to do with the run-up to the 3 world war and he claims that Istanbul (Constantinople) will play a central role in this. Divide and rule so .. wait what they come up with on Friday the 22e, Tower Bridge, West Coast USA? Who will say ..

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    So that works out well, eh, Trollongren, don't you see that these civil servants have the best interests for the bastards ..?

    “The CTIVD sent a request to the House of Representatives in November to also be able to view and discuss state secret information that is distributed between countries. By reducing confidentiality, the five watchdogs want to sharpen their surveillance of the secret services. "

    • Sun wrote:

      I have to laugh at that as if security services are showing the back of their tongue to the 'supervisors' AND to ministers. In addition, 'supervisors' do not want to know everything because they then have knowledge of crimes and will even become complicit in crimes, etc. Who controls the 'supervisors'? Puppet show.

  10. mb. wrote:

    Little bit of beard color (photo parool)

  11. Manuel Chaguaceda wrote:

    Very interesting analysis but let's first patiently wait for the 'single bullet' version… 😉


    "Escape car" was from a disaster tourist! offender flee casually write a letter to "brothers"? then the offender pays a bill with the phone of a "friend"?

  13. Manuel Chaguaceda wrote:

    Sometimes you no longer know if something is accidental. Raid Trumanlaan. American president or Trumanshow? Attack mosque in Christchurch. Mosque and Christ Church?

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      Thank you very much, although the hoaxes are presented more and more watertight
      analysis makes a lot of sense and the Media / Power is afraid of it, minute 18, 35 can't get any clearer

  14. AnOpen wrote:

    Terrorists who aim to kill as many people as possible are often mentioned. This terrorist struck in a quiet place, where you would not expect it. What is striking is that they do not strike at the Gay pride, Remembrance Day or King's Day for example. As a real terrorist you would do your actions in the middle of the crowd. Just like a Call of Duty, you approach it like the New Zealand psyop. And even if you are as opposed to humanity as IS, why don't you pick up a nuclear power plant? Push through the security, hostage one employee who starts the chain reaction or otherwise inflate that reactor. They apparently did that with oil pipelines, but that is also possible at the feet of high-voltage pylons and installations such as at Nuon. But then all of a sudden it doesn't happen. During such a holiday it could then change into an uncontrolled chaos, they must remain in control otherwise it will not go as planned.

  15. okkie wrote:

    What strikes me is that very little is known about the victims. Even the newspapers hardly write about it. Where a model had recently died and an article was written about every day, nothing is written about these "victims". 1 of it is one 19-year-old Roos Verschuur .. But when I Google this name, I find almost no information about her. You can expect that an 19-year-old who was born and raised in a technological era is active on Social Media. No Facebook account, no instagram account, no snapchat account. The only photos you see on Google are the photos that the newspapers used.
    No girlfriends who post a joint photo with her with texts such as I will miss you etc etc.
    or I search completely wrong. But this case stinks on all sides.

  16. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Oow so we can't know who it is, so we can't check if it actually exists?

    • gronz23 wrote:

      Her name is Melanie (AD), do they also do express? Doing something vague about the person, who then supposedly actually appears to exist after a little fumbling. The Ms Martje Foundation has removed all kinds of messages (in which I referred to the director of the foundation, her own father) ... another woman talked about a sister and mother of Roos who would also be there. She has nice family, so 'the neighbor arranges everything'. Dirk Kleppe (director) and the funeral director René Werner have a past as financial adviser .. Father René Verschuur has FB but only 1 other Verschuur, one aunt Lenie, who also has no other Verschuurs. Last photo father with daughter is from 2014….

  17. Sun wrote:

    Well, why is the law on 'privacy' adopted? Not to protect the citizen, but so that the government can keep as much as it pleases a secret from the ordinary population what the government is doing.
    I see that the victim, so I call her, has hired a usual suspect's lawyer. What do they know where to find each other so that the script can be continued?

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