The debate between Mark Rutte and Thierry Baudet proves that you should not vote

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It by Jeroen Pauw in the Red Hat in Amsterdam coordinated act (also called debate) between Mark Rutte and Thierry Baudet, was, in my opinion, the great proof that we are dealing with top actors. Top actors who professionally close your eyes. In the debate we saw two well-trained chat makers who both gave living proof that it doesn't matter who you vote for, but that you can only move from ship A to ship B of the same fleet, with that fleet always heading in the same direction. The FvD ship seems to want to sail a completely new course than the VVD ship, but that is just the illusion that Thierry Baudet has to create to lure you into his safety net; the safety net that I have already discussed so much here on the site.

To measure is to know and for many years there has been a great undercurrent of sentiment in the Netherlands that totally disagrees with the policies of the Dutch government. Big data analyzes can make this easily transparent and no matter how much you do your best through propagandistic perception-driven reporting on radio, TV and newspapers; that group never really becomes smaller. You must therefore always ensure that you have an interpreter for that group. The murder of Pim Fortuyn did not really help, and the launch of Geert Wilders and the linking of his party to extreme statements such as "fewer Moroccans" did not really help either. It is also a phenomenon that Europe is taking a broad role.


Thierry Baudet was allowed to show yesterday, in cooperation with Mark Rutte, how the safety net strategy works and how both men steal under the flag of the same fleet master. That is why both call at the end of the debate to go to the polls for real and sure. Such a debate is nothing more than high-quality acting. You can almost compare it to the wrestling matches that we know from American TV, where the actors know exactly what hits they can give and which profit and loss points can be made. It is acting in which the profit and loss points are agreed in advance; although the discussion seems to be spontaneous and fierce and big blows are being made.

That large undercurrent of people who know they are being lied to by governments year after year, regardless of which party they vote for, is growing across Europe. So if you want to keep things together, you have to catch that group. I call that the safety net strategy here. So you need a ship with a captain on board to throw out the bait for those fish that are planning to swim against the current. If the political leader (actor) who represents this group gains a little too much support, you activate some intermediate bombs here and there to weaken the group. Broadly speaking, however, the strategy is now the same throughout Europe (and even the US): you first make that group grow enormously, stigmatize it into nationalists, protectionists, critics (with the stigma conspiracy thinking) and right. Then you let those political movements make a profit, so that they get a lot of attention from the masses. Then you make them ultimately responsible for economic and social failure and in 1x you deal on a large scale with criticism from society and you can convince the mass that there is only 1 right path and that is that of globalization and centralization of power.


That is why we all see that those political leaders are linked to stigmas. Those stigmas are created deliberately (through media statements) and last night we saw how Mark Rutte was allowed to stick these stamps on Thierry Baudet. In fact, those stamps are affixed to you, the voter. That is precisely the intention. You will be classified into a brand. You will be highlighted. Your ideas are linked to a predetermined brand via the media and via the hyped political trends. That brand is right, unfriendly to women, anti-EU (or nationalist), fencing around the country (borders closed), anti-Islam, own country, own currency and own trade interests first, climate hoax believers and believers in conspiracy theories (such as on the field of falsification of history). It is the Brexit, Nexit, Frexit (etcetera) group that can gain support throughout Europe.

The gut feelings live with large groups and soon therefore must be dealt with on a large scale with that sentiment that is linked to this brand. If you have been able to link everything to one and the same brand and you first allow that group to grow, you can eventually activate the built-in bombs and sink the ship. You can then destroy the entire fleet of safety net vessels (which has received the same brand throughout Europe and the US).

You take care of some scandals here and there, so that the interim contamination of the new brand already occurs. These can be political riots of all kinds, but above all political administrative arguments, stigmas of unfriendliness, etc. Ultimately, however, the intention is to make the group (the new brand) responsible for a major economic and social failure. The Brexit serves this purpose. That was also the reason why the Brexit referendum before leaving the EU was allowed to win. That is the reason that Theresa May, in conjunction with all British politicians (actors), may and must make the Brexit process fail. In figures and in all sorts of side effects, the Brexit must definitively turn a blind spot on the right-wing group (the new brand that can be linked to all kinds of ideas). The safety net ship (the entire safety net fleet of the new brand) must be sunk so that the drowning people can be hoisted on board the old fleet. The old fleet that drives you neatly towards globalization and centralization of power.

The only way to expose the political actors is to stop walking to the polls and undermine the system in its foundation. Thierry Baudet is just the safety net strategist who must represent the sound (the brand) that appeals to the large undercurrent. It is the sentiment that people know is alive, but what needs to be marked, so that that brand can later be blamed for all problems and the brand can be sunk on the right and the drowning people can be pulled back onto the ships of the old trusted fleet. to become. They will be ridiculed and they will leave it out of their minds to ever criticize again.

If you really want something to change, you must definitely give up your confidence in politics. The change does not come by continuing to vote for actors (literally actors) who have to catch you. The change comes when you put down your work, no longer walk to the polls and drive the perception managers of media and politics out of their strongholds. You should not expect the change from above, because they are the cause of the problems and voting for a next safety net strategist will not bring the change again. It will only sink the safety net ship. You must take action yourself. It is time for radical change and a revolution such as described here.

The least you can do is share this article as much as possible! Then you have certainly made a start.

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  1. Neimheid wrote:

    Quick response and most importantly ... good piece

  2. guppy wrote:

    You are right neither of these two is going to save us.

    Rutte simply says that we cannot leave the EU because of the Dutch banks. Here is the solution if you have a government that cares about the people, you take over the banks and eliminate them. The money that went to Greece did not save the Greek people but the Dutch and German banks. It doesn't matter that people lie crooked and commit suicide or die from simple illnesses. That ABN amro made two billion profit a year while it was owned by the state is also not discussed. This bank was sold for much less, while the Dutch population could have earned just two billion a year.

    As long as our so-called leaders do not reset the financial system and tackle the slave chain or debt, they are there for the system.

    Most of the west works a minimum of 3 days a week for the banks that have loaned you hot air. As a result, there is not enough money left to pay for everything and the mother must also get to work. Do the children look good at the father's government. The hard-working fathers and mothers end up at the mother's care state.

    There is only one solution and that is to stop voting and pay.

    Whoever appears on the scene, they all have the task of keeping us on the slave chain.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Yes, of course suddenly the PVDA wins ... hahaha how is that possible?

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The sinking of the "right" fleet has begun:

    Loss of vote, 'only on the edges of large cities' (subliminal for 'edge phenomenon'), see here:

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