The deepfake 'ghost family' PsyOp for taking away all your liberties and introduction 'thought police' (part 3)

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Ghost family, ghost father, ghost son. Ghost ghost will soon be found in the ghost garden, because the ghost story must remain exciting and "credible". A PsyOp introducing George Orwell's thought police and being able to look behind every front door without a search warrant. The story is put on your mind every day by De Telegraaf; the newspaper that also supported the regime that carried out raids in '40 /' 45. And that raid legislation is coming again today.

That the raid legislation is coming soon became apparent during the first Peacock broadcast about this ghost story. The Janny Knol, deputy police chief (gender unknown), told me that the police had previously been to the ghost farm because there was a suspicion of the presence of a weed plantation. But, she said, the police couldn't look inside, because the ghost father wouldn't let them in. You already know that new legislation is being worked on here that should remove the barrier to look behind the front door, so we will also create space for raids in the current time. Round-ups in which everyone who proclaims deviating ideas can be picked up.

"Ah, Vrijland, aren't you going a bit far now? Aren't you going a little crazy?"Have you ever asked the same question about media reports? Are you ever critical of the well-paid perception managers and their well-paid, yes, nodding table guests; types like Jeroen Pauw? "Well, sometimes they are quite critical!”Yes, they act in a direction that distracts you from the big lie and keeps the basic story going. Have you not yet realized? This entire story is probably nothing more than a psychological operation (PsyOp), such as in part 1, part 2 en part 3 of my articles. It would do well if you read those articles and shares, so that no one can say:Wir haben es cousin wished"

Spooky son Jan, you know that son who knocked back 5 beers to raise a big alarm about the "unlawful deprivation of liberty" by father, now plays the role of putting the LGBTI agenda on the map. Because we immediately have one of the important topics, for which the state will provide you with later on the psycholance may throw into the cell for observation. For example, if you have any objections to LGBTI propaganda in primary schools, you will from now on be linked to the ghost father from this ghost story. After all, he took his children out of school and he was for a male-female relationship. This is clear from his beautiful deepfake videos, according to De Telegraaf:

It is clear from the sermons of Gerrit Jan van D. what his view is of healthy relationships. According to God's order, a man should enter into a relationship with a woman. If you do not do that, then you are in 'dirty love', then you stand spiritually up to your ankles in the 'sewage water', says Van D. in one of his sermons.

It is very clever and sophisticated programming that we are witnessing. Father Gerrit Jan (who is 'ghost father') has 'ghost views' and apparently has something against gays. And that of course was the trigger for son Jan, who dreamed of an escape to Canada (or he has already been there, that is not clear, because nothing is clear). The PsyOp image is sketched that the father wanted to raise the children heteronormatively and let ghost son Jan be gay. Jan wanted to escape the regime of father "John Eagle", that's the image. He probably even fell in love with the bartender in Ruinerwold. That nice bartender who helped him call the police.


The people are being massaged ready for the introduction of George Orwell's thought police. Few Dutch people who will be against that. In fact, many will find it fine that people with deviant thoughts, for example heteronormativity (the heterosexual as the norm) is the view to be locked up in a re-education camp (GGZ care provision). And for that it is very handy that the police no longer need a search warrant, but can just come in. Father Gerrit Jan reportedly brought his children from the home school group because they were going to follow the rules of the state. This probably indicates that his children were taught LGBTI normativity and he did not agree with this. So if in the future you find it inappropriate that your children in primary school should listen to a drag queen who tells them that they are not a boy or a girl, but that they can still choose their gender and you say something about that, then you are a potential dissident. This ghost family PsyOp has already taken care of that.

So we see the preparation of raid legislation, but because it is no longer called and because the people are brought into acceptance mode through a psychological operation, no one will contradict the introduction of this thought police and its raid methods.

Thinking of Holland, I see wide rivers moving slowly through infinite lowlands, rows of unthinkable sparse poplars standing like tall feathers at the end; and in the vast space sunken farms scattered throughout the country, tree groups, villages, truncated towers, churches and elms in a grand context. the air hangs low and the sun is slowly smothered in gray multicolored vapors, and in all regions the voice of the Telegraaf is embraced and heard without criticism.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    In the context of strange and spooky

    The strange mystery surrounding a so-called double murder? since a suspect was arrested
    because of the finding of two lifeless bodies on the Martin Luther KingLaan in Diemen.

    What is a logical question, why were they found by whom and how? , everything stays in the unknown, spooky, haunted house scenes.

    It seems to be a chapter four episode of a soap, NL is small.

    The suspect never opened the door meer and more and why there were no ambulances, after all there were two !!! to regret the dead, resuscitated and dozens of questions ...

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Ah, yes it was time again for a new message in the Telegraaf .. would they keep an eye on my Facebook timeline?

    The script is nicely put together:
    (free to read in Incognito mode of the Google Chrome browser)

    I believe that half of the church in the Netherlands believes in angels and demons. In fact, billions of people in the world believe in angels, demons or jinns (according to Islam).
    That said we are waiting for the next Pauw broadcast where a cult expert will explain how exceptional the ideas of John Eagle were!

    Where is Peter R. in this story? Oh yes, that will of course be called in if DNA testing is to be done for the ghost mother found! (but that's just an idea about what the script sequence will look like)

  3. Keyboarde wrote:

    One of my conclusions after reading the recent articles on this website:
    We must all see to it that, among other things, the following rights are not taken away from us, because these rights will always be threatened by persons and institutions who are looking for more power and power:

    - the right to refuse a house search without a court order

    - right to home education option (possibly under certain quality conditions)

    - right to refuse vaccinations

    - the right to self-defense

    - the right to film officials in office as long as you do not disturb them in their work

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      But above all: the right to 'think what you want'
      The introduction of the thought police.

      Mind you, the man believed in "ghosts." About 5 billion people in the world do that. Christians in angels and demons, Muslims ditto and evangelical Christians believe that the Lord sent His Holy Spirit on Pentecost. We therefore have a Whitsun holiday.

  4. Keyboarde wrote:

    Thanks for the addition, it always comes down to that.
    Every individual has the right to think / believe what he or she wants, as well as the right to act accordingly, as long as this does not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

    The logic of morality is not that difficult for thinking people, and you don't have to agree with each other in the details.

  5. Keyboarde wrote:

    And just about the news item itself, it is indeed ridiculous how large / detailed the reporting on this is, and this indeed indicates an underlying intention. Whether this intention is to entertain the overworked people in the evening hours, or to encourage changes in legislation, is no idea. The fact remains that we must safeguard our rights and that you plead for this I think is a good thing.

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    look it is solved, it doesn't have to be that hard people. Simply take out and test….

  7. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    Special events lately. Nowadays, after the Anne Faber case, the judge has also received a dual role as a psychologist. Commercial companies are now assigned a dual role as police ...

  8. Camera 2 wrote:

    Mother van Ruinerwold not buried, but secretly cremated according to the Telegraaf, via via
    According to the telegraaf
    The crematorium releases a special file, what should we do there again?
    by. The mother is not buried, but according to the crystal ball of the Telegraaf.
    Not buried in the garden but cremated with a so-called "special file".
    We are not allowed to bring out details, but?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      People with a Christian outlook on life do not usually cremate because of the belief in 're-easting'.
      But they read with this, so it's waiting for the next spin ..

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