The double murder of Gina and Marinus in Pathé cinema Groningen

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"I'm really shocked. That something like that happens in a cinema, a place where everyone sometimes sits to watch a movie. This is weird.That was the reaction of city councilor Marjet Woldhuis of council fraction 100% Groningen. And that is also the shock effect that is needed to be able to implement new legislation if we are again dealing with the next PsyOp. Of course that cannot be said; you can't even think about it. That is terrible for the bereaved and the troll army (which monitors the social media discussion) will throw itself on you. Yet in this age of deepfake technology, we must trust that we are not being played by the state and its media to introduce legislation that would otherwise never be accepted.

A while ago there was talk of legislation whereby people could be locked up without the intervention of a judge or psychiatrist. A petition from this site and some other resistance from society at the time made that second chamber of actors' association bill from Edith Schippers. The time was not yet ripe for it. The people first had to see the necessity. If the Ruinerwold 'spooky family' has led to the removal of the threshold to be able to look behind every front door and as neighbors or friends soon the psycholance are allowed to call and this bill is also accepted, everyone can end up in a GGZ institution and never come back. Because there you can be thrown into an isolation cell without any ground for observation and you get some medication to be observed to see if you are going crazy.

"Yes, but Vrijland. This murder really happened. I know people who live nearby.","I knew the people personally","I have friends who lived next to them","I know people who were their colleagues","I know the family","there are many condolences","otherwise come to the funeral yourself, then you will see it","I know the owner of the company","outrageous for the relatives!","I happen to know that this Mr. Ergün really existsAnd so there will be many responses. It can all be true, but now that we know about the existence of deepfakes and we know that social media is also monitored by professional reactors, we no longer know for sure. Moreover, the protagonists may also have been offered a bag of money and have a new identity in Argentina, but that aside. Deepfakes can make any character, including entire history, appear realistic (read here how that works). You can also work with an actor as perpetrator, so you don't know. You can't say it. Everything we know, we know through media and social media. From a technical point of view it is quite possible to put PsyOps together and if you can introduce legislation that would normally never be accepted, you have achieved your goal.

This case could just as easily lead to the acceptance mode for picking up any difficult thinker or anyone who does not cooperate with state policy. Then you have laid the foundation for a fascist police state in a neat woolen jacket: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

We are already used to the police asking us for our identification. That also happened under the '40 /' 45 regime. I remember a time when you could just walk on the street without a passport or ID and no one ever asked about it. Never, never, not for years! It was just a non-existent subject; something superfluous. You didn't even carry a passport or ID with you. The youth of today is used to having their ID always in their pocket, due to all kinds of legislation that enforced it. Identify when selling drinks, when entering a disco and many other cases. And we think it's normal, because there were once problems that necessitated the introduction of that duty. And that is exactly what we see. In a psychological operation (PsyOp), a problem of major social impact is always created, then the response is triggered (via Television programs such as Pauw and social media discussions) and then the solution is offered. That is always new stricter legislation: more police state.

In the near future, not only not displaying your ID is a crime, but you can also be plucked out of your house without pardon and without giving any reason. Then you can end up in a GGZ room without windows and you can be given a remedy that makes you feel a little dizzy. If, after a few hours, you have been sitting in that room without windows and you start to show some abnormal behavior (for example, you become claustrophobic), it may mean that you will definitely go into the GGZ mall mill. No rooster crowing at it. And you have embraced all the legislation that made that possible, because it was so necessary; for Pathé murders, for Anne Faber, for Ruinerwold, for, for, for. It looks like a horror movie a place where everyone sometimes sits to watch a movie.

We bet you also think in the video below: "The man must have earned it, he must have shown suspicious behavior."


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    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The number 33 is a reference to the secret societies of which all leaders in politics, justice, law and media are part.

      They are the ones who maintain the Trumanshow: The reality as you perceive it.

  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Mind you..also the movie posted in this article of an arrest by the police in Michigan after not showing ID, can just be set to let the viewers get used to the police state and scare you to be arrested if you don't cooperate .

    It is a good example of the more and more intrusive police state, as we are increasingly seeing in the Netherlands. You will accept all the legislation that is required for this, because you blindly take over the 'problems of major social impact' from the media.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The population seems to be prepared for pardon imprisonment of potentially "confused persons" (which could be a label for almost everyone ... in the former Soviet Union it was called dissidents)

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I think that Ergün S's character is based on Kramer from Seinfeld 😉

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    “The woman, whose husband has been admitted to the hospital, describes the neighborhood as quite on its own. "It is mainly 'living and letting live' here. No hassle with each other or gossip about each other. At every home they do have a piece of land of their own and you live there in particular. For the people who were killed, exactly the same applied. "

    Yeah yeah .. so the neighbors didn't really know them .. or really not ..
    Well you don't know, do you?

  5. SandinG wrote:

    Such a live production in a cinema ... great
    Pathé ©

  6. Camera 2 wrote:

    De Telegraaf is the glass globe and enceclopedia, every day,

    How is that possible?
    De Telegraaf knows EVERYTHING? always ! straight away !

    Super Columbo's, Sherlock Holmes they have there.

    They know they were cleaners in that cinema.

    They know from the de Spook children (in Drente) that they are super educated and the telegraaf is the only one who can read the screened facebook posts of the children. (open link below with incognito modes)

    but don't forget Amsterdam, Hugo de Groot square.

    Johny van de H and welly and Schoolenberg have the diamond ball that nobody else has, they are the Agatha Christie's race of the world, all history they know immediately. (that is of course meant to be cynical)

    I want to bet for a pack of milk, send Johny van de H away for a pack of milk, and he comes back with a bottle of coke, it's just in the animal. Perhaps Matthijs N would come back with a six-pack of fristies, then he would have done his best for his best.

    De Telegraaf always knows Everything within a few hours! is not it great

  7. Keyboarde wrote:

    Can add to my list: the right to refuse admission to a psychiatric institution without a court order must be protected.

    The right to refuse medication must always be valid regardless of what a judge thinks.
    (physical and mental self-determination)

    I'm curious how many rights of this list about 10 years are still valid, nice indicator of the current state of affairs of society.

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The AD reports: "GGZ wanted to force suspect cinema murders to be treated". Like I said: "Problem, Reaction, Solution" towards the Edith Schippers bill from the previous government. PsyOp?

  9. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    EASILY The Most ARROGANT, Childish Cop You've Ever Seen !,

  10. Camera 2 wrote:

    Just to the point.

    The blogger's article (Martin Vrijland here) has already shown us a great deal that the event is downright
    is unreliable and that is confirmed by the disinfo in combination with
    omitting various important facts.


    does Marinus not have a surname?
    and why doesn't Gina have a last name? but age
    doesn't the son have an internship in Korea?
    and the daughter either?
    Why does a silent journey seem ridiculous, it seems to us, also important for processing.

    Why is everything known about the perpetrator and almost nothing about the victims, it is impossible

    People are baffled? according to the article below (link) according to the neighbor, what do you say neighbor, it is goddamn HORRIBLE if it is really true, what is baffled, you are baffled when a wasp eats the syrup from your pancake, but you are horrified by it A terrible event.

    Sober Groningers make your voice heard, it stinks!

  11. Camera 2 wrote:

    Forget why, you wonder, there is no sweetheart
    photo of the cleaning couple Marinus & Gina in the Bios van Pathee in Groningen….
    Well and so many more questions that are open

  12. adje wrote:

    Well, my brother-in-law is a manager in that cinema and was friends with the couple.
    I will ask if he thinks it's a psy-op or not.
    Not seen time on the beach anyway. Greetings!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      What is your brother-in-law's name, then can I call him? And had you not already asked that at the time it happened Adje?
      So you know he was friends with the couple, but haven't talked to him about it yet?
      How do you know he was friends with the couple?
      And if they do exist and he was friends with them (which, in my opinion, is already separate, because usually managers are not directly friends with cleaners), then it is still possible that it is a PsyOp.
      Is Adje perhaps a rat?

      • Sun wrote:

        I have just been out and do not know 'Adje', any previous comments have not been seen. It is not impossible that he is one of the boys of the script or acts as a servant for the boys of the script, the schemers and the deceivers . They are very good at that because the population swallows everything.

  13. Fresh wind wrote:

    True or false ... psy-op or not
    "Never let a good go to waste crisis"
    Not my quote .... But everything has been said with it.
    Moreover; deliberately not preventing and / or facilitating is the same as committing!

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