The economic crash that has been predicted here is coming up: Merry Christmas

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Not only did I December last year the prediction that the American (and therefore the world) economy would fall. I also did this during the Donald Trump elections. The interest rate increase of the FED, the American central bank, of last week seems to have given the last push. The stock markets have been coming down for months and there is no hope anymore.

I predicted that Trump would be used to implode the debt bubble blown up by the central banks. The loans, of hundreds of billions of printed money, which were provided to large companies without interest, were used for years to buy up their own shares, so that the economy seemed to be doing well. After all, people tend to see the stock exchanges as a measure of economic prosperity. That was all fake. The price rises were not based on the companies' excellent results, but simply the result of buying up their own shares with 'free money'. Trump can now be appointed as the culprit for what the central banks have created, but that was his job.

Politicians are only pawns in the big game. In several articles I once again explained that the American empire (planned) is doomed to crash. We are going to see a major shift, in which the Ottoman empire will start to recover. I have also predicted this for several years (before anyone wrote about it). This will be accompanied by the loss of US power.

It's almost time. I had expected November 2018, but it is stretched and extended for a while. However, count on Venezuelan states starting in the US; to Europe. Our wallet will be hit hard. And where one giant falls, the other giant will rise from his hundred years of sleep. The Ottoman Empire is under Erdogan on the eve of a takeover of Europe. First, however, the chaos has to be a good one. Under Erdogan we see a similar military structure in Turkey as we saw in the XIX-XIX of the last century under Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Everything is planned. Under Adolf Hitler the alibi was created for the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine. This was necessary to fight the Muslim world against the hair. That too will come to a climax in the coming period. With the crumbling power of the US, Israel will be more dependent on itself. NATO is also threatening to fall apart.

All this fits seamlessly into Albert Pike's script from 1871, in which he, in his letter to companion Giuseppe Mazzini, predicted three world wars. The first two of them have come true. The third is now in the making, but will (unlike what many proclaim) not be a war between NATO and Russia. The third world war will revolve around Jerusalem. This war will take place after the capture of Europe by Turkey. Then the Islamic Caliphate will move to Jerusalem under the leadership of Erdogan.

In the meantime, we may still consider that Israel will try to rebuild the temple. That will all be corn on the windmill for the religious end-time battle, as predicted in the great religious writings. That also indicates that there is a unfolding script.

I have been reporting for several years that 2023 is likely to be the year in which the Ottoman Empire must have been restored. Do you read this article at Zerohedge, to see the confirmation of this year and to confirm the role of Erdogan. If that Ottoman empire is to get the full size as described, it automatically means that Israel will be attacked. That is the coming 4 year to come.

In the meantime, however, we have to worry about a collapsing world economy for the short term. That will lead to chaos as never before. The yellow vests protests are just a taste. Moreover; I think that movement is now being pushed to make the flame beat. A total financial crash and the falling of the dollar (with the euro in its wake) will put everything to a halt. This means that we will see in the US and in Europe what we have seen in Venezuela in recent years: hyperinflation and empty shelves.

Not a nice Christmas message, but I predicted it a long time ago so you could have prepared yourself, were it not that many consider Martin Vrijland a weird conspiracy thinker. No worries: this crash is planned and is not only intended to realize a power shift, but also to introduce a new financial system. That will probably be a crypto currency system. Or that the bitcoin will be or a completely new crypto coin is not hard to set. In any case, however, we will see a flight to the Bitcoin if people fear that banks will fall. And that this is going to happen is irrevocable. Bail-in, bail-out (citizen pays). You know it.

In my view, therefore, it is time to hoard and do so especially for a very long period, because the coming crisis will be heavier and deeper than ever before. Meanwhile I wish you a nice turkey and a nice new year. In the meantime, please do not forget to support the messenger by means of a donation or by becoming a member.

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    It is not only Turkey that will rise again, but the entire east will rise again like a phoenix. The Hegelian game at macro level, Russia, China and Iran (Israel secretly in the background) are busy repairing the old side route. That is what the war in Syria (Afghanistan) was all about and where NATO got the worst of it. It is the McKinder plan, which Zbigniew Brzezinski later elaborated on and from which Al Qaeda / Isis originated, which has thus failed. Control over the Eurasian continent has finally come into the hands of the East, hence here in the EU the cry for a European army. NATO will disintegrate with the withdrawal of the US in Syria / Afghanistan and later Turkey. The last convulsions we see with the provocation of the Ukraine in the Sea of ​​Azov, previously MH-17 / 370 .. (Malaysia also joined the One Belt, One Road ..)

    Jerusalem will become the central point in the New World Order, the US and the West will be integrated into the new Communist system (Communitarianism) with the control grid at a later date (after the collapse). The technocracy is born and the SMART Cities will shoot like mushrooms with the stolen DARPA tech from the west (Talpiot).

  2. Riffian wrote:

    This piece cuts wood, the crisis is exactly what they are trying to accomplish

    Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis
    - Niccolo Machiavelli

    It is clear that the elites want to promulgate more quantitative easing programs. From the view of the elites, the previous rounds of global QE have been wildly successful and they are now eager to expand the size and magnitude of their future plans.

    Indeed, the money can be used for this system, but it is also used by the elites to buy surreptitiously. I can imagine a world where the central banks acquire stocks, corporate bonds, our mortgages, real estate, mining and production interests, skyscrapers, bridges, shipping infrastructure, and toll roads.

    In order to implement their unconventional monetary programs, these elites need to manufacture one crisis after another. I look at the economic dislocations, credit market implosion, manufactured geopolitical friction, and popping asset bubbles as part of the plan.

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Dear people, you have to be careful when you see such reports in the msm. Code word QE

    'QE should not be a standard tool'

    Knot also entered into the conversation with the daily newspaper at the end of the European Central Bank (ECB) purchase program. He mentions the effects of the monetary policy measure, including "reducing the differences between north and south" and "supporting the economic recovery".

    The long-term interest rate is still kept low by the purchase of bonds by the European Central Bank (ECB). With this monthly buy-back program of 15 billion, the ECB hopes to stimulate the economy. The program will stop 2019 in January.

  4. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    I could not find the youtube anymore, so I uploaded it here.

  5. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Economic collapse news. A zombie corporation is a corporation whose profits are less than interest expenses. In a study by the BIS it showed just how bad zombie corporations had become that was in 2015. 2015 is before the Interest Hike campaign. If they were unable to service their debts then, just imagine what the change in 6-month LIBOR from 0.38% to 2.9% has done to them. Just think what it's done to the firms that were not zombies at 0.38%, but are now at 2.9%. Either way prepare for waves of bankruptcies as more and more corporations measure the end of their debt fueled frenzy.

  6. Camera 2 wrote:

    Many people respond here, including me, and the many who visit this site do so for a reason that everyone knows. Some look along because they feel that they have fallen through the basket and have a conscience and others look unscrupulously so that their own skin is not exposed. But luckily people also read that how alarming it is with our (so-called) society and Martin analyzes that already six years for those who are interested.

    In any case, having said that in intro, I would like to give Martin a big compliment that, despite all that conscience, these creatures have nevertheless left their backs up to now for all readers and can look back with a proud attitude this year 2018.
    Martin a happy New Year and everyone (with exception to the unscrupulous, I'm not a jesus) and a good New Year

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Thank you faithful friend and thank you to all other readers and commenters.
      For you it was also a tough year and I respect you with a capital letter.
      Happy New Year!

  7. Sun wrote:

    Shortly. Best wishes for the new year to Martin and to all ttruth counters!

    Not intended for the slaves who maintain the system.

  8. Mindsupply wrote:

    Hi Martin, I do not wish you a good year, because the real new year has not started yet. That starts on 1 April. We've all fooled .. 😉

    Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for your good articles for the last more off-season year .. 😉

    I will therefore continue to support you with gold in the coming (fake) year (that's what many more people should do!). I really do that with great pleasure. You have become indispensable as (almost the only) real site that still makes independent sound. Stay strong..

    Furthermore, I can recommend this site to everyone who reads here: , where the global chessboard is also well set out. Lots of reading pleasure.

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