The 'ego' is the AI ​​program that fills out the autopilot of the human-avatar bio-robot

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Who it article about soulless people (NPCs) may have already understood that the term "consciousness" or "soul" can be compared to a wireless connection between a brain interface with an avatar in a simulation. The avatar in the simulation is, as it were, controlled externally and is therefore inspired. In that article I spoke briefly about the AI ​​program that runs the brain of the avatar. In this article I want to elaborate on that. The title actually betrays my vision on this: The 'ego' is the AI ​​program that fills in the autopilot of the human-avatar bio-robot. Let me explain that further below.

If we assume that our human bodies (including brain) are avatars in a simulation, then there is a line somewhere with an original player; what we call inspiration. In the linked article I also explained that there are many soulless avatars (NPCs) walking around. So those are avatars that are not operated externally. Yet those people are perfectly capable of experiencing any kind of emotion, fulfilling high-quality thought processes (studying, making a career, etc.) and being able to enjoy art and music. In that article I also made a comparison with robots from the Netflix series 'Real Humans' and referred to the film Transcendence. For the sake of convenience, let's assume that artificial intelligence (AI) will reach the 'human intelligence' level in the near future. Then you could give a robot a brain and nobody will be able to see the difference with a 'real human' anymore.

It may remain difficult for the average reader to see that we live in a simulation, because everything we touch, see, smell, hear and taste is really lifelike. That is a big misunderstanding. If you zoom in with a super microscope on the chair on which you are sitting or on the table behind which you read this, you end up with huge empty spaces between the individual elements of the molecules and the atoms that make them up. And if you do a quantum physics experiment (the double slits experiment), then it appears that matter only exists if there is an observer. This is reminiscent of VR glasses, where the world behind you does not exist, as long as you do not turn your head there. In a multi-player simulation, the observation for each player must also be linked. It is useful to delve deeper into the theoretical explanation behind the simulation, by going to the item 'the simulation' here on the website and learning to understand the theory behind it.

Assuming that you observe a simulation, therefore, you are not your human avatar (your body with brain), but you are the external player who observes and plays this simulation through your human avatar. My position is therefore that there are many human avatars walking around who do not have such external control and where there is no external observer / player. In all cases, however, the human avatar is artificially intelligent. This artificial intelligence (AI) is, as it were, programmed into the bio-brain of the human avatar. The basic program is already in the DNA and is transferred via the reproduction process of the avatars (the self-replicating process of conception, pregnancy and birth) to the next avatar. The initial programming of that brain is through the parent avatars and through the programming process through everything that absorbs the senses of the avatar. The programming process is then taken over by society.

This avatar brain AI program is so advanced that it is apparently the best input to listen to. It is what we call "ego" in popular psychology. I prefer to call it the AI ​​program that controls our bio-avatar.

Because we are surrounded by human avatars with a very strong and impressive ego AI program and we also see the success of these avatars as the way to go higher, we tend to take the programming process and the AI ​​in our biobrain into the determining role to fulfill our lives.

However, if we always keep in mind that that AI program basically comes from the builder of this simulation (even though that human intelligence AI seems to be learning more and therefore becoming smarter) then we will learn to distinguish between decisions who makes our human avatar based on the AI ​​program or decisions based on the wireless soul connection with our 'original self'.

You could argue that the AI ​​program of our avatar-bio brain might be better able to make the right decisions within this simulation, but then you assume that the 'original player' would not be smart enough or would not have the overview. Let's assume that the player has a better overview (can oversee the total playing field) and therefore can make better decisions. Isn't it better to bypass the AI ​​program of our avatar-bio brain (and the program that is locked in the DNA)? Isn't it better to listen to the soul connection again and to trust that?

That is difficult, because the AI ​​program is happy to take over the management again and again. If the majority of the population around you is unrestrained and therefore lives on its AI program, you will be inclined to opt for complete surrender to your AI program. In fact, you are programmed from an early age to - especially if you do have that wireless soul connection - not to listen to that connection. You will be programmed to listen to your bio-brain AI programming. Your bio-brain AI program is trained from an early age and you (your avatar) are rewarded or punished in this training process. That is what the education system is for and that is why we see this education system starting at an increasingly young age.

It is therefore important that you rediscover your wireless soul connection and then it is important that you allow that wireless soul connection to take control. The AI ​​program that runs your bio-avatar makes you believe that this simulation is mega important. Start discovering that you are playing a simulation and listen to your original via your wireless soul connection!


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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Echoes or Genesis

    Yet, there's a familiar ring to the idea that there's a simulator, or creator, who does care about us. Similarly, the idea of ​​a superior being forging a simulated universe parallels the notion of a deity creating the world - for example, as described in the Book of Genesis.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In this case, I don't think the builder of this simulation "does care about us". See the article under the last link in the article.

      The fact that the simulation theory is pushed in a certain sense has to do with the fact that people want to lower the threshold to suck in humanity the singularity of the Luciferian AI: in the virus system

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        Once upon a time, harvesting energy through manipulation is inherent in the reality in which we now live. We are just being tortured spiritually.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The AI ​​human avatar is now busy building a new simulation with avatars that can do the same as our current human avatar:

    Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's ongoing Machine Common Sense project, which aims to model human common sense at the level of an 18-month-old child. Mansinghka is one of the principal investigators on this project.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Remains heavy matter to understand intellectually and emotionally what the boys want from the script. I think there is a search for a way to live after you / death by uploading your / consciousness to a matrix that is now being developed by these script boys. Well, they are actually trying to copy Their master and perhaps escape Lucifer / death by switching to another matrix / dimension. I think this is short-sighted because that created dimension exists by the grace of the system / frameworks / parameters that makes Lucifer / death possible.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    In the near future, the avatar man will be programmed even better by the robots that do not suffer from any soul connections with their original (such as the biological human avatars that may still have), so that new-born avatars who have a soul connection are even better at learn to listen to their AI program and the Luciferian Ai (who runs this simulation) gains even more control:

    It is time that we put a stop to the Luciferian virus system.

  5. guppy wrote:

    I think this simulation is a delay (of light). What we observe is a thing of the past, hence you can easily predict the future. We observe this because we are logged in. The matrix film was very hot in many ways. In the end, Neo can leave the matrix, but his ego and the love for his girl pull him back into the game. Difficult choice if you think as limited as the current person. Let go, then we are free and redeemed. I have to say that I have a hard time with that. One thing is certain, I will not start artificial interventions and then die and not an eternal repeat on this level.

    We can certainly enjoy the neutrality of the original and the original knows that evil is history.

    We have had to observe this to keep the future pure.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The first matrix film was primarily intended to show that the matrix is ​​an infinite loop and that it is better not to resist. That also revolved around a sort of savior (Neo, the one).
      A film full of truth with a twist that makes us believe that a savior is needed again. It is not necessary there. And the matriz is also not invincible. It is a virus system and the man with the white beard (Lucifer, the builder) can also just be slapped.
      The most important thing, however, is the discovery that you cannot live in a simulation. Your original is always outside and observes. A simulation is a test case. A simulation is a simulation. You are not your body avatar.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        In short: the film the matrix had to create the illusion that it is all very exciting and complicated to overcome this virus system. A kind of superhero (Neo) is needed for that; a new Jesus Christ.
        No, nonsense. As soon as you remember who you are you are already there.

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The followers of the script take an advance on the result, if we follow the goal of transhumanism then we become the ultimate slaves.

  7. Supernova wrote:

    Nice piece! From a spiritual point of view, they call this process awakening. Reconnecting with that part or parts of you that live / live in other dimensions. Your true Self, whatever name you want to give it. It is also a kind of reminder about who you are. There are also people who fall asleep again after waking up. And there are people who can talk about it because they think they understand some of the concepts but are not really awake to their true self. Whoever is awake simply understands / sees it.

    I like the way you describe it, almost more technically, but both are true. As I see it, the non-animated people are a part to assist the others in their awakening. It is just so beautiful that these non-animated people simply do 'their thing'. (until his awakening) They are not even aware that they are part of a larger program. I myself think that politicians and people on the world stage actually have absolutely no knowledge of the game in which they are. They only play their (unconscious) role. They can only live according to the program. This world is exactly as it should be and does what it should do. Nothing to change. If you come to an awakening or have experienced this, then it is important to me to restore that connection with Your true self and to live who you really are. Then you can also assist others in their awakening.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The spiritual describes it in a certain way, because at that time the technical insight did not yet exist that we literally live in a simulation. The imagery can now be converted to literal. We look through our body (through this avatar) / play along in this simulation.
      The double slits experiment shows it. The universe also acts as a computer code. We "live in" a large (Luciferian virus) program.

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