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Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema already left yesterday hint that a total lockdown for Amsterdam will come as no surprise. On 18 March De Telegraaf reported that the police are already preparing for a complete lockdown. The report in the Telegraaf of yesterday evening that the flu epidemic is also back, seems to say that the problem is now double, because with the coronavirus that seems to be spreading in Brabant and also the flu epidemic, Rutte will have the alibi to opt for a complete lockdown.

What does that mean in concrete terms? This means that you are not allowed to leave your house, checkpoints are everywhere and you are arrested if you have any doubts or possible indications that you might have the virus or that you are not following the regulations (orders). I described what it means in detail here.

Please spread messages like this via Bloomberg, who state that 99% of people who have the virus in Italy already had other illnesses and that the package insert of the drug being administered states that it can lead to heart problems due to an increase in red blood cells, you are at risk of imprisonment. In South Africa they have already introduced that rule and you can go to prison for 6 months if you distribute messages that contradict the official lecture. All rights are of course taken away from this.

If this happens to you in the Netherlands, you will probably also have to take compulsory medication. Legislation has already been passed in the Netherlands. That law entered into force on 1 January 2020: the compulsory GGZ Act. If you do not cooperate, you will probably have to go into the isolation cell until you swallow the pills. You must also accept the syringe in your body, because that is stated in the law.

The term 'total lockdown' is nothing more or less than 'martial law', also known as 'state of emergency'. We are then under siege from our own army and hordes of police officers and enforcers. In recent years they have been trained not to look at humanity, but simply to carry out assignments. "Befehl ist befehl!

We supposedly always had large shortages of blue on the street. That blue uniform has since been replaced by a military-like uniform with a very aggressive appearance, bat, pepper spray, tasers and of course the famous firearm. How long will it be before the large numbers of enforcers also receive a firearm? earlier I predicted that the army will probably be deployed and there is a good chance that this is also the reason that an American force arrived in Vlissingen last week. They will probably assist in several EU countries.

Everything I've predicted so far has come true. So you can no longer label me as a paranoid or conspiracy thinker. The reverse is the case. Anyone who thought I was a doom thinker is now at home and experiencing what I predicted exactly. You can read the articles from the past few weeks.

I was able to make these predictions because I see through the master script. I described that master script in my book. For everyone who has read that book I have some additions written. It is essential that you understand that master script and that you really read that book from cover to cover. In that book, which I published late last year, I predicted that there would be another pandemic to push through mandatory vaccination worldwide.

In the article of March 18 I also explained how this coronavirus outbreak is the short cut to a technocratic communist regime. On November 25, 2019, I described how capitalism and bogus democracy have always been the preparation for this communism. It is also worthwhile to click on that link and read that article.

If you now think that things are going to be okay and that democracy will be back in a few weeks and you will have all your freedoms back, I would like to remind you that we also had the climate problem. After all, we had to get rid of CO2 emissions very quickly in order not to die out within 12 years. Once we are used to driving and flying in a few months' time, there may be a report showing how fantastic those measures have been for the measured CO2 levels and we have the latest alibi to maintain the state of emergency .

Chaos is coming and the Telegraaf announced in the aforementioned March 18 message (about police being prepared for a lockdown) that people are expected to lose their understanding and patience at some point. Then they are ready to act with a hard hand. The 'strong arm'.

It is predictable that people will panic, because not everyone has enough food and cash will be banned. This means that you have to pay with pin (if you already get through the long lines for the supermarkets) and some employees and self-employed people will be left without money because the promised state aid will take several weeks to months due to the bureaucracy .

Do you remember the recent chaos at the tax office? That played in July 2019 yet. So if the state suddenly takes all kinds of new measures and has to set up a completely new administrative system to give people a basic income, can you expect that this will all go smoothly now? No of course not. It all becomes very complicated in practice. And when people run out of money, they run out of food. You can guess what people who are hungry will do.

The question that many will ask in the near future is: “Was the corona virus actually so dangerous that it was worth all this?"

The biggest questions many face are: What can I do? How should I deal with all these strict measures? How can I respond if I disagree with something?

I can only fully answer those questions if you have read my book. One thing is clear: you have the basic right to complete freedom!

The new technocratic communist state, now spreading over you under the guise of "coronavirus lockdown", will try to take away all these rights if you don't do what it wants. This means that you will be arrested if you do not cooperate. I can't make it more beautiful than it is. I spent 7 years of my life to warn Dutch people and (due to the online smear campaigns) I lost almost everything. I knew this was going to come and tried to warn. But there is hope! There is very powerful hope!

In the next part of this article, I will explain that hope and also describe exactly what you can do. I can only give that description to anyone who has already read the book, because without that essential basic understanding you cannot understand what I am writing. You must first know what the master script is and you must first understand the essence of what is happening. So read first the book and then read the rest of this article.

Note: It may be my last article, because I have left the Netherlands for a few years now and I am in a country where the total lockdown is already in effect and I could be arrested any time. So if you no longer see any new articles appearing on this website, you know this is the case.

To continue reading this article, you can become a member by clicking on the 'your support' button. This gives you access to the rest of this article. This threshold is necessary because you must have read the book first. You are already a member from € 2 / month and thus support me to continue the fight for your freedom.

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  1. DHBoom wrote:

    Book bought! I suspect and hope many will follow. Personally, I am already in fierce defense when I read that I am going to be so shocked and other countries are already shocked. On other news sites I also read reactions to criticism of what the king is going to say tonight, reactions like: “Why are people always so rebellious when something is going to be said by the king, just let it come over you” EUH, No! critical thinking is allowed!

  2. Harry freeze wrote:

    The “Mister Smith” effect is now also fully effective because people are so frightened and believe everything that politics, media, scholars etc say (including people who were already awakening and already criticized government and MSM thrown all the way back into their old sleep state. They now believe the MSM 100% again and overnight they have turned their criticism in the government into a blind faith for the same government.

    This means that you also have to realize that 99% of the people around you will try to fight and attack you as fanatically as the so-called “authorities”, as soon as they realize that you don't believe the narrative and in defense want to go.

    I have already experienced this when I expressed just a little bit of doubt about the danger of the corona virus. I was verbally attacked very hard by people that I had to "shut up" and that I had to realize that the corona virus was very dangerous and that I should be ashamed of my thoughts.

    I was also attacked hard online when I indicated that the performance of Minister Bruins might have been noticed by high omes in “Holllywood” and that he could perhaps follow in the footsteps of the “unfortunate” R. Hauer. I was immediately attacked (perhaps by an IM) that I had to take my words back and that he would figure out who I was and where I lived and prepare myself for a visit from him and his friends. Many others also “admittedly” did not attack me as threatening to my reaction when our very good minister passed out.

  3. frameworks wrote:

    Helicopter money as proposed in various countries is the key to the digital money system. People who lose their income due to the Corona virus and a money amount is promised when they choose… .., will choose to accept the amount under the conditions, so digital cash with the track and trace facilities.

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      This is followed by a small “most likely fake news” message in the largest fake news newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf (online version). One person (it was mentioned by name and shame that it was a Muslim to also reinforce the we-they contradictions, that rotten Muslims etc) had coughed in the face of a police officer and is apparently immediately sentenced to 10 weeks in prison convicted.

      This is to massage (condition) the spirits for future real legislation in which coughing in public can lead to imprisonment (this can be introduced permanently and also apply to coughing with flu, etc.).

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Yes, I read it. I am especially grateful to send out the signal: “With a little joke or a little rebellious behavior you go to jail. Get used to it." And yes, the stigmatization of Muslims is also doing well again. After all, the flame will soon have to hit the pan once chaos breaks out. They want an uprising and they want a civil war between the natives and the Islamic part of the population (after which Erdogan will put things in order).

        • Berna B wrote:

          Hi! . Thanks for all the articles you write and make us more aware Martin. I am a new member and have some questions for you. What do you advise Muslims to do in this situation? Do you think weapons will be used in this war, will it be physical? Do you also know how long we can be locked up in the Netherlands. In other words, within the borders of Europe? This will also be a problem for those who have family outside of Europe and so for I don't know how long time can't see including me. This is also likely to upset people with time. do you think this situation can already happen this summer? Or more towards 2023? Which country will be left out and people not vaccinated? Do you think we can run from the vaccination? Also something personal. You said you're in a lockdown country. Have you not been able to see that yourself before or were you unable to leave it for other reasons? No idea where it will stay safe either. An island with few people or something? or a country that will be milder? thanks in advance 🙂

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Thank you. Read the articles from the past 2 weeks and you will find answers to your questions. I also recommend reading the book, because that forms the basis; also for muslims.

            I did not leave because I did not have the financial means, but also because I knew that it does not matter where in the world you are. This crown virus is a reflection of Lucifer's plan (see book).

          • Camera 2 wrote:

            Where would you like to be. On an uninhabited island

            And also pay attention to minute 1; 58 “achieved a syringe of anti flu”

          • verdo wrote:

            Thanks. Have you already ordered your book? I'm never reading books anyway, now it has to come

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    During the Council of Ministers, ministers are setting a good example today: they are neatly spaced.


    "Pay attention to each other"

    "Be neat"

    "Stick to the rules or else things will go wrong"

    "Pay attention to each other"


  5. Sun wrote:

    In fact, we are already in a dictatorship because there are NO real ones
    opposition exists. Again everyone is silent, heroes on slippers.
    I say to Martin and the posters on this site, you are the real heroes. Martin just keep going that's your job on this earth, given by 'god' or whoever it is.
    Although I am not 'Christian' I still want to refer to
    Ephesians 6:11 briefly summarized for we wrestle nog against flesh and blood but against the rulers of darkness.
    The choice between good and evil. People always choose the right thing, although that path is the most difficult.

  6. The Innocence wrote:

    "Please note: this may be my last article."

    Still, I hope you can stay out of the clutches of the real virus. We are all under the viewers, we are all going through hard times. May the force be with you.

    Take care and thank you.

  7. guppy wrote:

    Martin your articles and the responses will still rumble in these dimensions. Nothing can be done about this anymore, this is called development. The anti virus has already been made, we have not fallen for the low frequencies.

    When people put puzzles together it becomes unexpectedly big and rises above everything and everyone, including the gods of this earth!

    In this way we come into contact with the original father of our thoughts and make contact with the real God outside this underworld. It cannot come here because the frequencies here are too low. Only we can show the true God through real light, love and truth.

    That is why this world will hate us, but we walk over misery and do not sink under water.

    Know who you are and where you come from.

    Orange above, the sun is above. We come from much further, don't let yourself talk down!


    Listen carefully, it is our language and it has always been there!

  8. guppy wrote:

    As for xanders, xandernieuws falls as far as I am concerned. Can I say that a Christian site can be more positive than just sowing misery?

    I had posted a positive comment but will not be posted, probably due to a technical error 😉

    Headline in the sand news

    We have to choose: old world, we are the prick.
    or it is finished we stand above misery.

  9. Harry freeze wrote:

    I can't imagine that xander news is not a controlled opposition (but could be wrong) because I can't imagine someone who's awake to think critically (this is a big problem for 99% of the population and that gardens directly into the world) and independent news falls for this top-down global mass hysteria hoax.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In view of the promotion of the coronavirus fear (a la political right of the Netherlands), I can only conclude that Xander has attempted to shift into my camp at an early stage in order to catch readers' direction. He now shows his true face.

      • Sun wrote:

        Well, that shouldn't surprise us. The vast majority that it propagates are of which you know. They use the 'illuminati' mannequins for fear propaganda to give ordinary people a negative feeling. They like that for their plans. It is striking that none of them, yes, those who have the 'virus' and propagate actually die.
        Apparently they do not want to push that act to the limit. People don't fall for their bad plans and stay positive. When it is resolved, truth commissions from the common people will come to their trade and walk as happened in South Africa. This is possible if the common people want it.

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