The European elections and the FvD safety net ('rapes by immigrants' example)

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In your eyes it may not matter, but the video that Thierry Baudet posted on his Twitter this morning is, to me, pure propaganda with a double bottom. To start with, I think the people in the video are all about transgender people and we recognize (as mentioned earlier on the site) the names that end with an 'a'; what the new standard for the transgender people. We have to believe those rapes. I do not believe it. In addition, it is about framing 'Muslim immigrants' as a threat to the indigenous Western population.

Here again we clearly recognize the game of controlled sham opposition. It is clear that Europe is being flooded with immigrants, but the people who are being chased this way by wars cannot do anything about it themselves. There is a bigger agenda behind that and Thierry Baudet will not stop it for you.

Thierry only represents the force field that we see growing throughout Europe. It is the controlled force field on the right that we see in all neighboring countries and the group that will soon be blamed for the failure of Brexit and all the economic chaos that this will cause. They are the Brexit, Nexit, Frexit (and you name it) representatives. They channel anti-EU sentiment. They can even fuel it. They are also used to guide criticism of climate policy and other issues into a safety net. Various polls always show that there is great anti-EU sentiment among the population. Measuring is knowing and therefore these safety nets are set up firmly. If the following grows a little too fast, there are the intermediate bombs that are activated. We saw that recently with it thunder in the FvD summit.

Click on the blue link to read my more detailed explanation of how controlled opposition works. We can clearly see from Thierry's tweet that he is a pawn of power deployed as a safety net strategist. Eventually, when that net of fish has been hoisted aboard the ship, the bombs in the double bottom will be activated and the group that was aboard that ship will be mocked and nailed to the pillory. In this way, people deal definitively with the critical group and 'conspiracy thoughts' (the stigma). Thierry Baudet is the brand that is used together with all those other European politicians on the right to mark that group of people. When the bill comes, no one ever dares to make a sound of criticism again, because it is then linked to the Baudet brand (and its European companions) and the extreme right. Handy and smart, but that is the purpose of controlled opposition. In the meantime, some illegal advertising and getting used to the new trans standard may also take place.


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  1. RA Imthorn. wrote:

    Are there really so few people who don't see this?
    Really incredible.
    I talk a lot with people around me, who have comments and comments, but if you start puncturing the news, they will comment on me.
    That is why I prefer to stay on the plain, and let everyone cook until well.

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