The fantastic concert of Marco Borsato in the Kuip in Rotterdam!

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Not that I have been there, but it has to be reported: the media were yesterday full of the fantastic concert by Marco Borsato in De Kuip. All the big names of today were there: Davina Michelle, Maan, André Hazes, Lil 'Kleine, Armin van Buren and perhaps I will forget a few more. Why does it have to be mentioned? Because it revolves around the concept of bread and games and it is interesting to see how tens of thousands of people are so busy celebrating while the prison walls are being built around them. However, most do not experience this as prison walls, as they are part of the mason's team, supplier, manager or guard of the new prison. It is an invisible prison without physical stones and without visible bars and so hardly anyone sees it. That is so negative and we do not want to be infected with negativity.

I don't know if you like the movie T have seen it and actually I recommend watching as few films, series and TV as possible, because that will put you under hypnosis. However, that film is about the awakening from that hypnosis, but only and only for the protagonist Truman (played by Jim Carrey). The Truman Show of our reality is a little more comprehensive and many more people are working with it and there are also many more people who are being held in this false reality. It is the reality that is coordinated by a small percentage of the population and many who are part of the Truman Show director have no idea of ​​it themselves. This is because the clockwork consists of several radars and parts. Because people only form a radar in the whole, they themselves do not see that they are part of the timepiece of the company list and deception. The top layer that is aware of it is the hard core and we cannot catch it for having a conscience; otherwise they would not direct this process.

Perhaps you are a new reader here and you find it all nonsense. You do not think you are in a kind of Truman Show at all. You will probably find that 'negativism' and you want to stay away from negative people. You will also find a show like that of Marco Borsato and his fellow artists probably just wonderful professional entertainment and pure pleasure (depending on your taste of course). You may even be proud of the large productions that the Netherlands still manages to put down. You may know that the Romans also gave the people bread and games, but you are fine with that; you just enjoy it. "We are all very well together!" You think the thought that a prison would form around us is probably nonsense. In fact, this probably applies to most people. That is the effect that you see in the video below. Look for the sake of it. It is also a funny video, because people under hypnosis think that they are eating a sweet juicy mango. So they literally do not taste the acid of the lemon in which they bite.

Oh you don't believe you're being kept under hypnosis? At first, Truman did not realize that he was being held in a false reality until he began to notice remarkable things. Now you can also say: "I don't want to see those remarkable things and I think it's fine the way I live now." Moreover, the guards of the Trumans Show (the builders of the entire radar work that maintains this) have (very cleverly) ensured that people who think critically are stigmatized into 'conspiracy thinkers',' right ',' nationalistic '' anti- globalization ',' anti-climate measures', 'people who believe that the earth is flat', etc., so you don't want to belong to that group. Then read it this article for a detailed explanation of how they did this.

So if you were to stand on that stage of hypnotist Rasti Rostelli and I would stand up and shout that you are eating a sour lemon and that your tooth enamel is being affected; if I would point out to you the yellow skin and the seeds as proof that it is a lemon, you would remind me to leave and keep my mouth shut. After all, you know for sure that you are eating a warm juicy mango. So you do not want to hear me and you are among the group that is under hypnosis with you, who also does not want to hear me. Nobody wants to hear that they are actually eating a lemon. Together you laugh at me and you scorn me.

However, the evidence is pretty clear, but you don't want to and can't see it because your brain is by-passing the information. However, the lemon is so sour:

  1. Governments apply fake news, TV production techniques, through deepfakes and software techniques psychological operations (PsyOps) so that you embrace legislation that any citizen can get off the street without the intervention of a psychiatrist or judge (see this article en this explanation on it). Down with the dissidents!
  2. An 5G network is being built that enables governments to make humans part of a digital control system, whereby DNA can be modified online and the human brain can hang online (reading and writing functionality). This gives them total control over the population. The legislation for this is being prepared through fake news psychological operations that must pave the way for the acceptance of DNA databases, disposal of the human body (organ donation law). The brain connection is sold to the masses via on the one hand the threat that artificial intelligence (AI) will overtake us and pose a threat, so that we can connect better with it (Elon Musk) and on the other hand by giving the new generation the opportunity to learn faster and, for example, through the game and porn industry.
  3. Governments are working on a globalization project that uses opposites or dualism. You must think of the US against Russia / China, but also of dualism in politics. This is the appearance of the left versus right or the old established order and "innovative political movements." In this article I explain how, for example, national politics work through controlled opposition.
  4. Governments worldwide push transgender (LGBTI) propaganda because they are pursuing a transgender-transhuman world population. A population in which the heterosexual biological standard is replaced by a gender-neutral standard (starting with all kinds of mix forms called LGBTI); That population will no longer be able to reproduce in a natural way and so that control will also lie with the state. The gender neutral variant is also of a religious nature (Luciferian, rainbow). The new Luciferian world order in the making strives for 1 world religion, 1 gender (gender neutral and transhuman) and 1 world government.

The list above is only a brief summary of the citric acid that you consume. There is much more going on, but this is a small impression.

I ask you to come out of your hypnosis and shake up the people who are standing with you on the Rasti Rostelli stage. The Marco Borsato's of this world are there to keep you under hypnosis through beautiful distractions and shows. Secretly or without being aware of it, they contribute to the big agenda.

You might ask: If Marco Borsato deliberately participated in transgender propaganda through Davina Michelle (see this article), would he still be so proud of his work and be so happy with a thickly filled bank account, knowing that his own children might choose a sex change in a few years? Is John de Mol, owner of the ANP, happy with all those billions in his bank account or is he sweating at night when he dreams he is responsible for PsyOp fake news productions? Will we be as happy in a few years as we live under a totalitarian control system? By that time, however, you no longer have the freedom of mind (literally, because your brain is online) to be able to think of this.

You no longer need to get your eyes closed. You should also not expect that the Truman Show builders will suddenly be well ahead of you in the future. They want total control of the world population controlled from the cloud. So you have to make the change yourself! read here how you do that.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    The most important message from the Truth man show is that you have to overcome the fear of coming loose. At the end of the film he comes to the wall that he has to climb over to be free. Once at the top he has to enter the dark from the (artificial) light. You first have to go through the dark to get to the real light.

    It sounds too good to be true that we are climbing over the ice wall that surrounds our earth to discover the other 33 continents. There is only one problem that you are still in the same human physical state that you have now. This is the trap of the flat earth theory, it still keeps you trapped in the state you are currently in.

    I think there is only one way out and that is through death (fear).

    We would rather not think about that for too long, so it is nice that a party is regularly organized.

    Today is red 🎈😉

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The flat earth theory is a false corruption (disinformation) of the crushed (lower) dimension in which we (think) we live. The point is that we discover that we live in a Luciferian simulation (lower dimension).

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Where "life" is not the right word. We observe the (multi player) simulation and our (perceiving and playing along) soul is the one with the controler in hand.

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